Thursday, May 24, 2012

HOW TO GUIDE - Map Right Mouse Click to Convergence Presets

This short HowTo shows how to use AutoHotkeys with the Helix preset capability to bind the Right Mouse Click to the keys for setting convergence (and separation) presets through the Helix DLL.  This would be useful functionality in FPS games where pressing the right mouse key changes the view, perhaps a scope or sniper scope, and for which a different convergence setting might be required

- Download and install AutoHotkey
- Download the short script for binding Right Mouse Clicks to key presets RightMouseBind.ahk

Edit the Script to Map to Your Key Presets
Open the script in Autohotkey
It looks like this:

send "0"

RButton up:: 
send "9"
SendEvent {RButton up}

- Change the two numbers "0" and "9" to be the key bindings for your presets.
- The first number ("0" in the above example) is the setting you want to switch to when pressing Right Mouse
- The second number is the default setting you want to return to when releasing Right Mouse
- Save the script

Running the Script and Playing the Game
- Start the script in AutoHotkey

(NOTE - once this script is running, pressing the right mouse button will send key strokes to whatever the active window is!  So start the game straight after running the script)

- Start the game
- It should work...

Example Video
A short video shows about 25s of footage in Dead Space:
- Default convergence is 'high'
- When right mouse is clicked down (and held), the "aim mode" is activated, and the convergence is switched instantly to a lower value
- When the right mouse is released, and aim mode turned off, the convergence is switched back to the default higher value.


  1. Works very nice. With singularity when you go into gun sights. The gun is way to close to camera. So if you use convergence its very hard to aim. With this you can use nice convergence settings and still use gun sight.

  2. I am doing a Let's Play for hunted and using this right now (with middle click) So I can go good convergence but when in "Story scenes" I can drop it so It doesnt go crazy with close up shots.

  3. I tried using this for Borderlands 2 but it doesn't work properly. It does change de convergence and depth settings accordingly to what I saved (Ctrl F7), but in game, the right click isn't recognized ! That way, when I right click, I'm not going into gunsight or aiming mode =/
    And if I try, in the game, to assign the right click, it's replaced with the character "...

    1. look at the bottom of the borderlands 2 comments. script was remade.

    2. search for artox and look for me saying it.

    3. nm im stupid was arioch...just here

      MouseClick, right,,,,,D,
      Send {0}

      $RButton Up::
      MouseClick, right,,,,,U,
      Send {9}

      Open dx9settings.ini PASTE this in general(at bottom)
      Preset4Key = 57
      Preset5Key = 48

      Paste this at very bottom.


  4. Anyone able to get this working with Black Ops 2? I've tried every possible way I can think of but it refuses to work. I'm also using the Helix NVAPI fix to unlock convergence, maybe it's interfering with this somehow (although unlocked convergence is needed to adjust the different convergence values for the right mouse script)?

    1. Just heard that Black Ops 2 is a DX11 title so no wonder it's not working. Is there a way to get this script working with DX11 games btw?