Friday, January 18, 2013

Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

Fix By Eincrou

Updated: January 21, 2013

The apparent bad shadow on the wall in the center-left of the image is actually an anomaly caused by smoke rising from a disabled van. The bullet spark light flash renders in one eye.

Created using Steam version. Game version v1.03.101 (336)


NVIDIA has rated this game "Good" on their stereoscopic compatibility list.  I agree that it's pretty decent, but it wouldn't be too great of an experience to play this in S3D.  The HUD, including the crosshair, all render at screen depth, of course.  The NVIDIA stereoscopic laser sight is enabled by default, but the in-game crosshair is large and can't be disabled.  Smoke effects cause a nasty halo around objects and realtime shadows are a disaster.

This fix solves the uncomfortable interface by giving depth to all HUD elements and makes the ingame crosshair usable.  The bad shadows have been disabled, so you don't have to worry about turning down your shadow settings to low.

I can't fix the poorly rendering smoke effects, and they are too important to gameplay to disable.  It would be cheating to be able to throw smoke grenades and not be required to use thermal optics to see through it.  I couldn't fix the halos without getting rid of smoke altogether.

This fix:

  1. Menus and HUD render with depth.
  2. The main in-game crosshairs render with a lot of depth, and are usable.  This includes the regular crosshair and the blind fire crosshair.  You can disable the NVIDIA stereoscopic laser sight. Also, see #4 in Problems Not Fixed.
  3. Bad shadows disabled.
  4. Minor improvement to fog/smoke halo-ing around gun muzzle.
  5. Objective indicator renders with high depth.

Problems not fixed:

  1. Shadows are disabled, rather than fixed to render properly.
  2. Major fog/smoke haloing around objects.
  3. Scopes and iron sights are difficult to use because they render close, but your target may be far away.  Focusing on your target causes double vision on the scope. The AutoHotkey method might be useful in this situation.  
  4. Flash from bullet strikes on the environment renders in one eye. Visible in the second screenshot. These flashes are quick, so they aren't too annoying.

Change Log:

  •  v3: (2013-01-21)
    • Recoded depth fixes to use the values defined for Const3 in DX9Settings.ini.  This makes it easier for users to customize HUD depth.
    • Reenabled disabled shader that causes gun muzzle halo. Disabling this caused graphical artifacts.
    • Added two more textures related to the objective marker.
    • Disabled another bad shadow shader.
  • v2: (2013-01-18)
    • Changed objective marker to render at the same high depth as the crosshair.
  • v1: (2013-01-18)
    • Initial fix


1. Extract the zip file to the same location as R6Vegas2_Game.exe.  For me, this is:
[...]\Steam\steamapps\common\Rainbow Six Vegas 2\Binaries\ 
2. Press the . (period) key to enable HUD and menu depth.

3. OPTIONAL: If you want to have an better time with scopes and iron sights, use the AutoHotkey method.  By default, aim down sights is middle mouse button in this game, so bear that in mind.  I have never tried AutoHotkey.

Custom User Interface Depth:

You can set the UI depth to whatever you want by modifying the Const3 value under each preset.  This has to be a floating point value, converted to hexadecimal.  There are two presets, so you can have two different depths.

For this fix, the crosshair is coded to automatically render with slightly more than twice the depth of the UI, so your crosshair should be usable as long as you don't choose an extreme value for UI depth.

Online Floating Point to Hex Converter

Preset Hotkeys:

This fix uses hotkeys to control the depth of the user interface. Tthe depth is off when the game starts. The default settings are:
  • Preset 1 Key: , (comma) Default: 0 depth.
  • Preset 2 Key: . (period) Default: 0.4 depth.



  1. Hello!
    Could you please help me with advice, what can be source of the problem (see 3d screenshots below)!1367&authkey=!AJkK37n7RHTYYx4&v=3&ithint=photo%2c.jps - with fix!1368&authkey=!ABIiRpQxHcKcprY&v=3&ithint=photo%2c.jps - without fix

    Nvidia 3d vision rating for this game is good. But this isn't good. As far as I can see, 3d isn't working correctly at all!
    I have win 8.1. I've already tried to reinstall game, disable ingame overlay (steam) and reinstall nvidia drivers. It didn't help

    1. Also, in other games (Fallout NV, Legend of Grimrock, Battlefield 3, Dead Space 3 etc) 3d is working correctly, such a problem is only in this game

    2. I reinstalled the game and had the same problem. The game won't render stereoscopically with current drivers 337.50. Strangely, though, the interface depth fix still works. The rest of the game is 2D and has corrupted graphics.

      I have no idea what's going on. You should make a post in the 3D Vision section of the GeForce forums, since this problem is with 3D Vision, rather than the Helix mod.

    3. Thank you! I'll try post there

  2. Dear guys at Helixmod.

    I really hope there is a chance to fix Rainbow Six Siege, would be amazing.