Monday, February 6, 2012

Automatic Situational Depth/Convergence Changer

1. What is this?
-This is a feature added by Helix into his wrapper. Depending on a certain "situation" convergence and sometimes depth values will automatically change. USUALLY when gameplay/cinematics start.

2. Can it be implemented in every game?
-No, it can only be implemented into certain games.

3. How to turn off this feature? [SEE 6. THE LAST REMNANT]
Search for the term



4. How to use this feature to only change convergence [not depth/seperation]?
- Search for Separation =
Disable it by adding // in front, such as..
//Separation = 0x42c80000

5. Feature is not working correctly. How do I fix it?
-If values arent saving with F7 even after restart of game skip to 7. Manual changes
Please make sure installed in correct folder.
Please make sure your dx9settings.ini is not set for read-only.
Please keep in mind sometimes you may have to restart game once if you wish to apply new settings.

6. The Last Remnant features.
PRES7 = Cinematics  [Does not change depth value]
PRES8 = Travel [Does not change depth value]
PRES9 = Combat [Uses 50% depth]

7. Manual Changes
-Can manually change the values of depth/convergence if for some reason values arent changing/storing. Will require restarting game till you find the values you need... kind of a pain in the ass. I am not sure anyone will need to do this but writing it down in case. Open dx9settings.ini Seperation = [This value is depth] convergence = [this value is convergence]
Go to this site
Type a value into FLOAT then convert it to hex. Paste value. Repeat till you find what you want.

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