Monday, November 3, 2014

Lords of the Fallen

This fix has been superseded by a more complete fix found here.

Fix by Helifax

This fix has been superseded by a more complete fix found here.

  More Screenshots at: Lords Of the Fallen - 3DVisionLive Gallery [Update] - Pushed Hud+UI into depth. Can be controlled from d3dx.ini file under [Constants]. Fixes: - Removed Static shadows exterior/interior - Removed Dynamic shadows exterior/interior - Removed volumetric fog/smoke that was rendering in one eye only - Removed some lens-flares that are rendering in one eye only - Removed some weird reflections in some places. - Removed Blood Pools that were at wrong depth. - For some reason I cannot push the hud into depth. instead of rendering each eye with the offset is rendering in both eyes the same offset.... - Exterior: looks good. - Interior: You will get weird reflections that pop into place when you get next to them. (Like in Dark Souls 2) If I disable the shader for this the whole scene turns black/unlit. So far I wasn't able to fix it... (between the crashes, Stereo rendering not working properly and so on...) Known issue (most likely on non-SLI setups): - When starting the game 3D Vision kicks in. - You load a game but there is no 3D, instead a flat image in both eyes. This is a driver/game problem ?! The workaround I found is to: - Leave 3D Enabled (don't press CTRL+T) or the game will crash - Hit ALT+ENTER to go to window mode - Hit ALT+ENTER again to get back to fullscreen. Now the game should render correctly in 3D. ARCHIVE - Install: Place the content of the archive in "Lords Of The Fallen\bin" folder. - Profile: Use default "Lords of the Fallen" profile using nvidia Inspector. - In-game: Set shadows to either "LOW" or "HIGH". Medium setting is not working properly...


  1. Don't work for me, 2D and 3D with the archive !!!

  2. Cool, thanks a lot! 3d with disabled effects > 2d.

  3. Helix mod for shadow of mordor please

    1. Fix it yourself. This page is for Lords of the Fallen, show some respect.

    2. There is just no pleasing some people is there. Thanks for all your hard work Helifax.

  4. Thankyou so much been holding of playing this in hope you did something. your hard work is very much appreciated .

  5. I know is not perfect... Since I couldn't make more than this unfortunately without completely break the game lighting rendering part:( Most of the time it should work almost perfect though. There are some areas (in-door areas) where the lights are simply popping in the approx right place. However I found out that using a higher convergence makes this less visible... The convergence setting that I use is :
    - During the Loading Screen increase the convergence so that the "card" in the middle of the screen pops out of screen just a bit.:)
    Hope this helps.

  6. Thank you it certainly did..

  7. Hi Helifax, first of all thanks for your great work!
    The game crashes instantly as I launch it with your fix. Actually is the first problem I meet with your solutions :( Any idea?
    I run the game on windows 8.1 64 bit, i5 4670K, GTX 780.

    1. Hmm that is weird... For me the game crashes after around 5-60 minutes with or without the fix:)) Tried a lot of settings and SLI bits and profiles.. still crashes (even with the latest Steam Update that was supposed to fix these crashes -_-).
      I does this on my desktop and laptop as definitely something fishy with the game...

      In your case, does the game crashes when trying to play the into movies? If you disable the intro movies (can't remember the +command you need to add in steam) does it still crash? Reason I ask if people report multiple crashes all over the place...even at start-up...
      I can't see what the fix would crash the game.... I haven't tested it on Win 8.1 (Still using Win 7 x64 not to have other problems with 3D Vision) but this shouldn't affect the startup of the game....

      If is still crashing with the into movies disabled, try deleting the ShaderFixes folder (D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Lords Of The Fallen\bin).
      If is not crashing then a shader is doing something funky and I can investigate...
      If is still crashing try renaming d3d11.dll to something else and start the game... If I works there is a problem with the wrapper and I can ask bo3b to investigate this issue;))

      Hope this helps

    2. Thanks a lot for your attention, Helifax :)
      For the random crashes: try disabling GPU or "automatic" physX, and set CPU. If you haven't tried it, on my PC I've resolved the issue in this way.

      However, my problem is the d3d11.dll file: if I delete the shaderfixes folder the crash is still there, as the game starts, but it doesn't when I rename the dll.

      I've tried all these things:
      -installed "clearly" latest and old drivers and checked both Visual C++ and DX;
      -added the code in the command line of steam (+com_skipIntroVideo 1), deleted/renamed the videos in the video folder.
      -checked the game cache on steam.
      -tried to change main screen size in 1920*1080 in settings.ini and in your d3dx.ini.
      -Other things that I don't remember, crying my pain on all the internet :D

      Hope you can help me, and thanks again: I've Oculus DK2, and I love it, but I also think that 3D vision is still the best solution, if you want a full HD stereoscopic effect. For the same reason, I love your work and I often write about you and Helix on the italian PC magazine I work for. God bless you, man ;)

    3. Try the new archive. Hopefully this version of the wrapper will not crash:)
      Let me know if it works out;))

  8. You made it!! Now it works! Plenty of thanks :)

  9. Hi Helifax, is possible in the future you can fix the shadows?

    thanks for the fix!! ;)

  10. The download link is broken... though I'm guessing that's just due to this fix being superseded?

  11. Thank you for all job you do (did) here!!
    So sad for me today, i wanted to play this game in 3D, but the archive is broken... :-(

    1. You probably want to use the latest version instead, which fixes the effects, instead of disabling them.

      Newest Version Here

      (I also fixed the .rar link above)