Sunday, December 21, 2014


fix by: 3d4dd

                                                     before                                                                                                            after 
- Halos caused by some water surfaces and fog
- 2D menus and HUD pushed to depth
- Mog clock, speech bubbles, quest and aiming marker placed at correct depth
- god rays fixed

Known Issues:
- some distortion effects during fights look strange (similar to motion blur, etc.)
- some lense flare effects and character portraits for monsters had to be disabled
- sporadic HUD elements are still 2D as fixing them would cause other issues

  • Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into the main folder of the game (e.g. ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\FINAL FANTASY XIII-2\)
  • move d3d9.dll into the folder that contains the game's EXE file (e.g. \Steam\SteamApps\common\FINAL FANTASY XIII-2\alba_data\prog\win\bin\)
  • if You want to reduce Mog to its glow effects (which still indicates its position and the detection of hidden treasures) copy the files from the Mog remover folder into Shaderoverride/PixelShaders/. I really like this character, Kupo! But it looks too strange for me so I have decided to include the option to make it invisible ^^
Additional Notes:
- The game uses the same shaders and even textures for many different purposes that need different kind of fixes. So the fix also detects the actual convergence presets to identify the gameplay situation (main menu, exploration, cut scene, etc.) and uses the correct method. Please make sure to have used the correct hotkey for the actual gameplay situation.
- Depth and convergence presets per hotkey:
"7" - exploration, battles
"8" - cut scenes
"9" - close ups in cut scenes.
You can customize the settings by pressing the hotkey, adjust convergence/depth and save it with Ctrl+F7.
"c" - toggles (a) the preset for the start menus,  Historia Crux and loading screens and (b) the preset for the Crystarium. The game will start with preset (a) so You just have to press "7" after the level was loaded. Please do NOT adjust the convergence and save it when the last hotkey You have used was "c".
- DX9Settings.ini provides information how to change the hotkey assignment and to change the depth of the HUD for the presets (even making it 2D again)
- Toggle light shafts intensity with hotkey "v" (original/reduced/off)
- Toggle HUD in fights with hotkey "p" (on/off)
Many thanks to bo3b's school for shaderhackers and especially DarkStarSword!


  1. and many thanks to you too!

  2. My nvidia 3D vision doesen't turn on with this game even after the fix, what is wrong? I'm using the launcher to launch it. Thank you for help.

  3. Not forgot to add Final Fantasy XIII-2 on Nvidia Panel and just after it should work corretly, however if you use Gedosato, you make verify that your resolution scale not exceed 1920x1080 (2560x1440 bring back error)

  4. A helixmod fix doesn't help to activate 3D vision. As I didn't have Your issue with FF XIII-2 I can't give You advice how to solve it, sorry :( I would suggest to search the forum ( for general topics about activating 3D vision in games. Sometimes You get the advice to add the game to the Aion profile as this activates 3D vision even when the game runs in windowed mode. Don't do this with FF XIII-2 as it will become 2D then (even with activated emitter).

  5. So looking forward to playing this in 3D, thanks!!!

  6. Tried many fixes, FF XIII-2 only in 2d(((( Only starting menu in 3d. Nothing works, NVidia gpu.

  7. I also have problem enabling 3D with this game. Nvidia Vision 2 enables itself just fine on all of the other games but this one. Any guidance on this matter will be appreciated!

  8. has anybody been able to get anything resembling a smooth 120fps out of this?
    if so, what kinda hardware/settings?

  9. The game just simply refuses to work on Windows 10. It will crash all over the place.
    Tried different Nvidia drivers (with and without the fix) and simply loves to crash.
    Use Windows 7, where everything is working perfect!

  10. now it works on Windows 10