Saturday, January 10, 2015

DreadOut (Act 0 & 1) [BROKEN]

This fix is currently broken due to an update that changed the game to use borderless windowed full screen mode. Unfortunately, that makes it impossible to fix the camera, which is pretty central to this game, rendering it pretty much unplayable in 3D :-(

Download the fix:


  • Shadows fixed
  • Halos fixed on all surfaces (slight variation of the usual technique to allow fog to continue to work on affected shaders)
  • Image on camera-phone is now 3D (necessary to avoid rendering artefacts)
  • Convergence preset provided in-game to place the camera at a usable depth
  • Slight depth adjustment to the book in the pause menu to line up with the UI

Known Issues

  • Mouse cursor depth cannot be adjusted as the game uses a hardware cursor. Hold Q to reduce 3D in the menus to allow for easier selection.

  • If you find the image on the phone camera looks wrong (2D, doubled or tripled image, flickering, black areas or broken shadows), put the camera away and open it again. If you find that this is happening a lot try alt+tabbing out of the game and back in, or quit and restart the game. If you are in a tight spot and don't have time to put the camera away, holding Q will temporarily set the separation to 1% which will make the image on the camera mostly usable.

  • Some shadows are broken in some of the cutscenes in Act 2 - these would need additional features in Helix mod to fix.

Installation (64bit)

  1. Extract the zip file to the game directory

Installation (32bit)

  1. Extract the zip file to the game directory
  2. Replace the d3d9.dll with the one in the 32bit directory


I played the game on the highest available quality setting ("Fantastic") at 1920x1080. If you see any rendering issues or the camera is in 2D, switch to these settings (I don't know if there are any issues on other settings - I haven't checked).

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  1. Thank you VERY much! I just wonder, WHY this game? It's has average score of only 56 on Metacritic... But anyway, THANKS!

    1. Why this one? Simple - I wanted to play it and needed a break from trying to crack the brick wall that is Far Cry 4 on a non-SLI system :)

      The great news is - with bo3b's shaderhacker school, anyone can start learning how to fix the games they want to play:

    2. Gets 9/10 on Steam, so don't put too much weight into Metacritic.

      More to the point- some games that you might never otherwise play are irresistible when in 3D. Can't tell you the number of games that become impossibly good simply by being taken to 3D.

      Lastly, games that are fixed is always going to seem to be a bit random simply because people fixing games have different interests, and the big unknowns of whether games can even BE fixed. But as DarkStarSword notes- join us! Then you can fix stuff that interests you, and also contribute.

    3. Your explanation makes GREAT sense! :) As I told before, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
      As for bo3b's tool, that's perfect there is guys like HIM, how made those tools, and it's superb there is guys like YOU, who make good use of them! Maybe 3D Vision is not dead, after all...
      P.S. What about SLI version of Far Cry 4? As I happen to have SLI and happen to wait for Far Cry 4 fix since the day it was released! :D
      It's nice to hear you making some progress on that, this is pretty good news! ;) Thanks again!
      P.P.S. Will definitely wait for Far Cry 4 being fixed, since Shadow or Mordor, which took a while to fix, is INCREDIBLE in 3D!

    4. mike_ar69 is currently working on a fix for Far Cry 4 for SLI systems, you can follow our progress here:

      FC4 has a mono depth buffer causing one eye issues all over the place, but we can get around it with a profile change for SLI. Unfortunately the same thing doesn't work on non-SLI and we have yet to find a solution.

  2. Thanks DarkStarSword for your efforts.

  3. Thanks DarkStarSword for the fix. It works great, only I am getting a line of I think debug info displayed in red at the top of the screen and I can't get rid of it. Do you have a solution for this please?

  4. Oops - sorry about that, looks like I got the debug and release versions of the 64bit DLL mixed up. Download again and it should be fixed (alternatively, pause/break is the key to toggle that text off).

  5. This fix is currently broken due to an update that changed the game to use borderless windowed full screen mode. Unfortunately, that makes it impossible to fix the camera, which is pretty central to this game, rendering it pretty much unplayable in 3D :-(

    1. Hi, DarkStarSword. First of all, You have no Idea How much I Respect and Appreciate your Presence among us, the Gaming Community in General, and The 3D Gaming one in particular. Straight to the point, I have successfully got the game to work in Stereoscopic mode using a software called TriDef. Amazingly enough, Even the Phone camera works flawlessly. I have barely played the game yet, So I Might encounter flaws in the future, but it is a good start so far. By the way, the Version of the game I Have installed Is that one that does not go in True Fullscreen mode whatever (stuck in borderless, fake fullscreen mode).

    2. That's not surprising - when I said "impossible" I meant with the current version of Helix Mod and the 3D Vision driver. Extending these could make it possible, but as they are both closed source I cannot do so (I can actually fix these issues with the open source 3DMigoto today, but that requires forcing DX11 and several effects in the game break by forcing that), or using totally different software like Tridef could make it possible.

      Do shadows (both directional & point/spot lights) work with Tridef? Looking through the list of supported games I don't see any I recognise as Unity and based on my knowledge of what is required to get shadows working in Unity I can't see how they would manage it with Tridef's approach unless they have added code specifically to deal with Unity games. Maybe I'm a bit of a perfectionist but TBH this game just doesn't seem worthwhile playing if they have disabled shadows.

    3. I See your point. I have thought to myself, too that you must have thought of other alternatives that go beyond being stopped by an Always-Windowed game, And I'm very wishful to find out of you experimenting with them one day.

      Unfortunately, now that I think of it, I don't remember seeing any Shadows when I played the game. By the way, It's Because you are a Perfectionist that most of your Fixes are perfect.

    4. Tridef auto disables broken effects. Even subtle effects. Like I remember in one hitman the entire ocean was missing.

      He is installed an old version as well. Which is the problem since further acts won't work.

    5. UPDATE: As of TriDef 6.7, The Shadows Work. The only thing is, you can't get both of them (Point/Spotlight and Directional shadows) to work simultaneously. In other words, activating the standard 3D Mode Allows Directional Shadows to render, but not the Spot/Point light shadow. And if you resort to "Power 3D" mode, Spot/Point light Shadows will render, but the Directional ones will disappear. A Side note: The Spot/point light shadows are slightly less visible than Normally would be.

      P.S: I might not have the Game in "Fantastic" settings for I still can't notice any Anti-Aliasing. Other Graphical settings may also not be working for me.