Saturday, May 30, 2015

War thunder (tank only)

-Loading status ring cursor in external view and sight in sniper view (tanks only)

Remaining Issues:
-some minor glitches in lower left sniper zoomed view
- icon on maps are in 3d

Setup Wer thunder in DX9 mode.
In WarThunder install dir find and modify config.blk to have:
  • renderer3:t="dx9"
  • driver:t="dx9"  
  • d3d9ex:b=no
  • disableFlipEx:b=yes
Head to the properties of the Config file and tick the "Read-Only" box at the bottom of the General tab, to stop the Launcher from making changes to the file.
Download the fix here

Install the fix :
Use JSGME (best choice)
Unzip the fix in your JSGME mod dir. and install it with JSGME.
Unzip the fix and copy the contain of "HelixModWT" in war thunder install dir.

Additional Notes:

Use  "K" key to activate / de activate fix (you may have to press two time the key in order to activate the fix for the first time)

Use "F3" key to cycle trough different convergence settings

The fix are only defined for some areas in order to avoid some glitches because the shaders are not used only for the circle or for the crosshair of the sight (icons, maps,...).
I use some limits that fit my 1920x1080 screen. Maybe you will have to change them because of your screen resolution. You will have to modify Const2, Const3 and Const4 in DX9Settings.ini for that.
Const2 used for status circle and crosshair : it keeps the map in 2D (fix activated if X < Const2)
Const3 and Const4 are used for "sniper view" :they keeps the writing in top left and the status icon in bottom left  in 2D (fix activated if X > Const2 and Y > Const3)
See pictures below.

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  1. Thank you for this man!!
    The game is simply awesome in 3D....but...
    its impossible to aim in sniper least i didnt find a way to configure it right