Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Totalwar Warhammer [DX11]

Special thanks to Mikear69 for its help and support,
Helix of course and all the team of 3dmigoto/flugan  
Bobs, Eqzitara, Darkstarsword,Chiri, Flugan...  and the community
that without them, this would not be posible.

thank you

upload with nvapi64.dll 1.2 2016-07-25

sorry, in sometime i uploaded the 32bits version from 3dmigoto instead of 3dmigoto 64bits 1.2.40, i dont know if that it is the problem or...

notes for testing 1.1 2016-07-17

hi, i continue trying it

Campaign Map. 
The shadows are not good when the cam it is up, 

the best result that i see with the fix it's with Shadow high, in ultra or extreme there is a shadow that i have no fix yet.

Battles Scenes.
I have good result with shadows in high or ultra. 

Battles Scenes unit icons.
I get the depth from the shadows, so i think the shadows must be in ultra or high to see it in stereo.

Snow Scene
There is a problematic shadow, it can be disabled in the d3dx.ini


Far Field
Another problematic shadow, it some scenes

;1a0c75cbb0656b5b-vs_replace.txt FAR FIELD no fix


update 1.1 2016-07-09

minor but important fix, 
hud over unit in battles, now in stereo 

Release 1.0 2016-07-08

Hi, the previous version had a lot problem, ( the game it is being complicated ) 

small History. 

The shadows was good but the main problem that i found it is the effects was only rendered for one eye. I think it is better to play without shadows than without effects, so...

The only solution that i have can found at the moment it is to add 
Setting ID_0x702442fc = 0x1c220024 InternalSettingFlag=V0
to the nvidia profile, and then all the particles are rendered ok, but all the shadows was broken !!! ,

The other setting it is only for compatible mode, 
Setting ID_0x709adada = 0x07f58253 InternalSettingFlag=V0
if you want play only in compatible you can delete the shaderfixer folder if you have problem and try, but it is not real 3d

It is a tedious task try to fix them, one for one, but...
i think i will be fixed.

With this release i would like some feedback if someone can try again, and say me to continue.

New Fixes.
- Lens Flare
- I thinks some problematic Shadows about all in the vegetation, that uffff
- Some Lights, in champion units.

i have only  have time to play the different maps in  battles adventures of karlz Franz, and another but day o normal scenes, no night or snow, or...
 i will continue playing and testing and searching for more shadows.


preRelease 0.99 2016-07-05

hi, this it is a wip, hot hot yet but i would like to share, i have been all weekend totally crazy with it, but i know that i will be fixable, now it is playable )))) 
I have only try the campaign map and the first adventure battle yet, i can not play yet, but i update the fix in nexts days, i hope )))

thanks you 

- main shadows and lights
- floating shadows ufff in battles, it is was terrible to found it grrrr
- particles effects fire, smoke, blood,.. (it need tip for the profile )
- campaign Map 

1delete previous version if you have it. ./ShaderFixers and d3dx.ini

2unpack new version rar  this v1.2
 to XXX:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Total War Warhammer or similar

3. VERY IMPORTANT ( advanced users ), i will post a guide in the next days.

it is necesayr to add the lines that i put in bold, about all the second one, for fix the particles effects. 

Profile "Total War: WARHAMMER"
    ShowOn GeForce
    ProfileType Application
    Executable "launcher/launcher.exe" FindFile="warhammer.exe"
    Executable "warhammer.exe" FindFile="libeay32.dll"
    Setting ID_0x00a06946 = 0x080010f5
    Setting ID_0x1033cec2 = 0x00000002
    Setting ID_0x1033dcd3 = 0x00000004
    Setting ID_0x106d5cff = 0x00000000
    Setting ID_0x10f9dc81 = 0x00000011
    Setting ID_0x701eb457 = 0x2241ab21 InternalSettingFlag=V0
    SettingString ID_0x7049c7ec = "웪ꑌ" InternalSettingFlag=V0
    SettingString ID_0x704d456e = "쪧⃟쁽�㓵傯娶簯鹭瀩딞ᤫ友�빣᱐뼘褲籇謦⑃贡㰉矖粖ꗶ熙胞㖰뫥뚏ᯍ쐙낃锎䭱乃솣᝺ᢌ୶譹壬嫩ͩ囍ᚿ誛㉵跽躭桚ⶎ䂒騷" InternalSettingFlag=V0
    SettingString ID_0x7051e5f5 = "籪鸙" InternalSettingFlag=V0
    Setting ID_0x708db8c5 = 0x5c7c0882 InternalSettingFlag=V0
    Setting ID_0x709a1ddf = 0x4b1cd968 InternalSettingFlag=V0
    Setting ID_0x70edb381 = 0x24208b6c InternalSettingFlag=V0

    Setting ID_0x709adada = 0x07f58253 InternalSettingFlag=V0
    Setting ID_0x702442fc = 0x1c220024 InternalSettingFlag=V0

This it is a fix for dx11 version only 

I recomend my setting for testing, and after go enabling some others options if you want. 
i will post a picture with my setting, better test from low to high

- windows 10
- nvida driver 368.39
- Antialiaising: Disabled
- Visor: 2D
- Vignetter: Disabled
- ssao: Disabled

- shadows and in general: medium or ultra ( better )
- texture filter: Anisotropic x8 x4
- Ambient Shadows: Disabled
- distorsion effect: no tested
- mods: no tested, althought i think it wil work
- dlcs: no tested

Known Issues
- Campaign map not totally fixed, i need to find a better fix for the road, some minimum glitches yes 
- Campaign map, one reflections shadow in the river, the main it is ok now, the game it is playable with it, but it i hope can be fixed.
- Hud Unit, in battles icons  in 2d, i found a aproximation fix for them, but i continue testing
- Snow Scenes, no good yet, there is a main shader that need to be fixed.
- Sure more,... i continue testing and working 
- others scenes, night rain,... no tested yet

you say me guys ))) thanks for testing 


  1. Wow thanks for the fix, hope to try soon.

  2. Thanks for the fix !

    Just bought the game, with blood DLC and i can't get it working good. Shadows, HUD, Roads and water are broken for me in the first Empire introduction battle, i am win 10 x64 Driver 368.81.

    It's me or maybe a patch broke the fix ?

    1. Doesn't sound like the fix is installed right, that sounds like nothing has been fixed. Make sure it's loading by setting calls=1 in d3dx.ini and see if a log file gets created.

      It's also possible that the DLC doesn't use the same shaders, does it work with the regular game?

  3. Hey bo3b thanks for your help (and migoto project).

    Yep indeed, the dll is not loading, no logs created :

    ; Log all API usage

    ; Log Input key actions

    ; Super verbose massive log

    ; Unbuffered logging to avoid missing anything at file end

    ; Force the CPU affinity to use only a single CPU for debugging multi-threaded

    ; Log NVAPI convergence modifications
    ; Log NVAPI separation modifications

    Tried with SLI disabled and without Steam Overlay. Checked with MSI afterburner and it's really using dx11 mode. Hmm....

    XcOM 2 fix it's working on my computer...


    1. Tried with DLC disabled too last line of the above post it's a screen of my game folder.

    2. http://photos.3dvisionlive.com/kankgeforce99/image/57961f55e7e564cf320001c7/

      Hi Dorkirt, i have not had a lot feedback, only other tester with some problems too, i dont know if the game have something special.

      i was using the chaos DLC for the fix, activate it. in the last update i use the last version of 3dmigoto 1.2.40 64bits, i just download again it and i see it working so .... i left a link from my gallery with 2 news uploads with high depth and convergence

      My version it is v1.1.0 Build / 10732.901123

      Can you try the battles that i put in the gallery??, are you trying it as administrator¿? it is rare that it dont load de dll... left me think

    3. seeing your folder, in mine i have this library too nvapi64.dll, hmmm

    4. Yes, the problem there was that somehow Dorkirt installed a 32 bit version of 3Dmigoto. That's why it didn't load or do anything with the 64 bit game.

      I double checked the rar file for the fix, and it looks right.

  4. Finally ! Installed the last migoto 1.2.41 over your install and it works. Don't ask me why :O

  5. Ah, and thanks again for the fix, not a warhammer fan, had all others TW games on day one except this one because that. But i am liking the RPG, story mode, difficulty on this. And that's thanks for your fix, before your fix i was sure on skip this one.

    1. Hi, Did you actually get this working in the end? Three people I asked all said it doesn't work at all, and the author appears to have disappeared. With the sequel soon on the horizon I'd like to see a real fix this time around. No offense to the original author but I am pretty sure this fix was abandoned.

      The sequel is on the horizon and integrates with this engine so I would really like to see a realized fix for this.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. The game is on a slight sale right now and I was going to pick it up if the fix is working..
    Is there a way to disable shadows since there seem to be a lot of notes about shadows not being right. I would rather disable shadows than have semi working ones.
    so 1) Is it working? 2) Shadows busted or can they be disabled? 3) Fix work with DLC?
    If its working i'll buy the game..

  8. Hello
    you have news of the next update to remove the effect of shadows (road and river on the campaign map) there is also a transparency effect of the terrain by playing the battles.
    Thank you very much for your answers above

  9. Somehow there is a vanishing point. effect (terrain is shifting onto itself) while scrolling through the map. Shadows and far end of surrounding are 2D rendered as well. Is this fix working with 3DProfile_Manager?
    Thank you!

  10. This fix as far as I know has never really worked. There maybe a couple of things fixed but it does not appear to have been finished and the author may have disappeared. I see virtually no difference between the fixed version and the game by default apart from some stereoized HUD elements.

    Would be good if we could have a system here somehow to flag off fixes that are not complete or have been broken in updates