Sunday, July 3, 2016

Hand of Fate (DX11 mode)

I found this game rather enjoyable: a nice blend of board/card game mechanics, with combat similar to the Batman: Arkham game series, so I decided to put together a quick fix for this game.

-Lighting / Shadows

Remaining issues:
-The biggest issue is the UI being at a very low depth (right in up at the front of the screen), and unfortunately there are certain elements that do not seem like they can be adjusted. :/ This means that increasing convergence will break UI elements, causing them to separate and obstruct the screen.

To try to remedy this as best as possible, I've created a convergence toggle, that goes between 3 values: 1, 3, and 5, to make it easy to switch back and forth between different values on different screens. You'll want to use the value 1 for whenever you're at the table with the dealer, settings 3 or 5 are for during combat, depending on your preference (and tolerance of the UI being broken). Press either the CapsLock key on a keyboard, or click the Right Thumbstick in on an Xbox 360 controller for this.

I've also set another key toggle on the ] key to push whatever HUD elements that I could push to depth. As far as I'm aware, it's only useful for when looking at your inventory screen.


Downloadfor Unity 5.3 version
Install to: folder containing handoffate.exe

Tools used / Special Thanks :
-3DMigoto - Primary developers: bo3b and DarkStarSword
-Unity 5.3 fix template by DarkStarSword

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  1. Thanks! This encouraged me to try the game, when I wouldn't have otherwise. It's really fun, and the mod works great!