Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Hitman 2016 (DX11)

Update 11/25:
- A few more fixed shaders add

First, i want to thanks to ishiki for give me this game. THANKS!! really appreciate :).

I have to say this game is awesome...the stages/levels are huge and looks amazing in S3D. My personal opinion is it a better game than Hitman Absolution. If you love Hitman games, i recommend this one for sure.
Also the engine used in this game is an upgrade of the one used in Hitman Absolution (Glacier 2), now all shadows, lights and SSR are made in Compute Fact, i have to fix the Sun position in a compute shader (first time!). All this effects looks better than Absolution, so is indeed an improvement.

- Shadows
- Lights
- Screen Space Reflections
- Normal reflections
- Sun/Sun glow
- Sky / Clouds
- Halos in effects (Fog, smoke, dust, fog, ice, water, others)
- HUD and Crosshair (best compromise)

Know issue:
- One Compute shader responsable for some lights and reflections have a nasty clipping/culling that i can't fix. When is visible is very ugly and is visible in a form of little dark squares on the sides of the offending effect. Reducing depth in NVCP helps. Is the same clipping issue in one source light we have in Hitman Absolution (the issue persist despite the engine upgrade)
- Ep6: Hokkaido is the most anoying episode with the culling/clipping issue :(
- I have disable the mirror reflections. The fix for the swapped eyes is working OK, but when the camera is tilted the mirror reflections looks bad.

- "P" key for recommended convergence
- "O" key cycle Crosshair and Target icons depth
- "K" key cycle some HUD elements depth
- "L" key for navigate in menus (set separation = 0)
- Xbox Controller Back Button for navigate in menus (set separation = 0). Use to enter and exit.

TB and SBS Mode:
- The game support SBS/TB Mode using 3Dmigoto. Remove the ";" in the  ;run = CustomShader3DVision2SBS in the [Present] section of the d3dx.ini. Default TB Mode. F11 to cycle.

**IMPORTANT** Intallation Notes:
We need to install the game in the game folder without the little "TM" (trade mark).Windows/3Dmigoto take that character as "?" (ilegal character for files/folder names) so all shader fixed copied in the ShaderFixed folder are skipped (same as remove the effect). To do this edit the manifest appmanifest_236870.acf in steam for this game and change the "installdir" line from "Hitman TM" to "Hitman" (delete the little TM) and rename the game folder to "Hitman", you need a match between the manifest and the name folder. To do this you have to quit steam. Works for me!

- Follow this instructions to add the "StereoFlagsDX10" in the Game profile, very important!! (link: add StereoFlagsDX10 to profile.pdf)
- Use "Exclusive Fullscreen"
- Extract .zip where the .EXE is located (not the launcher)
- Disable Minimap in game option



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  1. i had a situation with hitman fix please solve it
    hitman is not working in sbs and tb mode how to enable it i followed your procedure but it wont work please help me i am using 3dtv

    1. Sounds like you've purchased this fix... :| "Could you PLEASE look into it" would be much more appropriate, IMO.

    2. My point is how to play hitman in top and bottom mode i tried all steps buy it wont change give me any tutorial to play it

    3. I will assume that there is a language barrier...

      The tutorial is the instructions and installation notes, you have to follow... i'm playing TaB mode only by removing the ";". Extract the files where HITMAN.exe is located, not the launcher.exe.

      And also you need to rename the game name folder to "Hitman" and also in the manifest in steam. Otherwise 3Dmigoto won't work properly!

  2. Thanks a lot, DHR! Maybe I finally will try new Hitman game (and the first Hitman ever) :)

    1. Go ahead! The game is really great and fun to my personal opinion is the best of the serie.

    2. Thanks! Let's check if it is on Steam Autumn sale!.. :D

    3. I afraid I need assistance with the fix as well :| Game won't render anything when fix is copied into EXE folder. It just shows few intro movies and when stays with black screen indefinitely (music is playing on background). I have tried the following:
      - DDU and install 375.95 drivers.
      - Disabling SLI.
      - Disabling background apps, like MSI Afterburner.
      - Tweaking game settings and running on default.
      I did enable StereoFlagDX10 flag for Hitman: Codename 47 profile.
      I did remove TM from game folder.
      Game starts normally if I disable 3D Vision in control panel.
      Any help is greatly appreciated :) Thanks!

    4. Hi Serzhas!
      If you are using win10, try using this hooking method in the d3dx.ini:
      hook=recommended skip_dxgi_factory skip_dxgi_device

      The fix need to be copied where HITMAN.exe is located (retail folder).
      You need to enable the StereoFlag10 in this Hitman game, not Codename 47....this step is very important, without this change the game won't render in S3D.

    5. Thanks, DHR! I will try it tomorrow. Could you please tell me EXACT name of Hitman profile to set StereoFlag10 to? Because Hitman: Codename 47 is the only profile for Hitman games with hitman.exe as target...

    6. In Nvidia Inspector you have to tweak the "Hitman Pro" that also have the "hitman.exe"....very strange.
      For some reason when i execute the game and press CTRL+ALT+INS says "Hitman Pro" in my case.

      Just in case... add the flag in both profiles.

    7. Also using Max Payne 3 profile should case those profile cause some issues because they share the same EXE.

    8. Ah, I see! I used a wrong profile :) Thanks a lot! I could see the proper profile in game, indeed... Stupid me! :)
      THANKS A LOT!!!

    9. Da*m... No luck :| I have removed Hitman: Codename 47 and Hitman Pro (which is 2012 game) profiles completely and added hitman.exe to Max Payne 3 profile. Also I've added hook parameter you've specified to dx3d.ini since I'm on Win 10. Fix is extracted to proper location. Game starts in 3D, but fix seems to not "kick in" since neither of hotkeys are working (e.g. "L") and in the first Story mission I see broken reflections right away.
      Also, it is very interesting that game won't start with 3D Vision enabled unless I first disable 3D Vision in nVidia Control Panel, start the game, then exit and re-enable 3D Vision. After that game will start with 3D for the next launch. Strange...
      Probably I'm out of karma this week (been banned from PSN for no reason). :)

    10. At least now the game start in 3D :)
      If the fix is not kicking in...the probably reason are:
      1) Be sure you extract the fix in the "Retail" folder, where HITMAN.exe is located.
      2) Remember to rename the game folder to "Hitman" and also the manifest, if not 3Dmigoto don't work properly.

      Also you can add this line to d3dx.ini (with the hook line also):

      If you still have issues i will recommend to use win7...dual boot. win10 is a pain in the ass for us 3D players.

  3. Thanks for the fix! How do I download the XML file? it just opens in a webpage as code. Do I have to copy the code and use notepad to make XML file?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. When it opens right click anywhere and select Save As... :)

  4. Thank you guy awesome job as usual.. I hope you work a Mod for Unravel I guess it will look amazing in 3D

    1. Actually, the other guy - 4everAwake - already did a fix for Unravel quite a white ago! It was never released on this blog, since 4everAwake considered it unfinished. But from my experience I'd say it's 90% 3D Vision Ready! :) I have played game in 3D and it was SUPERB!!! Give it a go:

  5. Thanks DHR for your time . I have a little problem that maybe you know , when I run Hitman first time 3D goes perfectly but when I run it second I can't see anything , screen goes black . I need run Hitman with 3D disabled , quit game , enable 3D again and then everything goes perfectly . I must repeat this process everytime I want to play Hitman in 3D , do you know any solution?

    Thanks in advance for all your great work

    1. This is the issue I'm having as well. Kender, was you able to make fix work? Because for me I can't make it "kick in". I've applied all the suggestions DHR made (thanks for that, DHR!!!) but still can't make it work. And going to dual boot with Win 7 (again) is too much of a hassle for one game.

    2. @Kender/Serzhas
      I just upload a new version of the fix with "automatic_mode=1" in the d3dx.ini that should fix that issue.
      One user (Skawen) in the nvidia forum tested and works for him (with a similar issue).

    3. Cool!!! Updated fix works just fine! Thanks A LOT DHR! :)

  6. Thanks again for all your hard work
    One of my favourite series, still can`t believe that they are both possible in 3D Vision :)
    Keep up the great work!

  7. HI! I dont understand...i changed the "installdir" line to "Hitman" and rename the folder to "Hitman" but the game no run anymore...Unable to start game (missing executable)

    1. Hi! you probably do those changes with steam loaded.
      You have to quit/close steam before doing it.

    2. you dont change "installdir" , you go the line on the right "Hitman TM" and erase the TM, otherwise it wont work

  8. How do you get SBS/TaB mode to work in 1080p? It gives the standard "can't support 1080p 3d" message that is specific to the limitations of frame packing over HDMI. My assumption is that this mode was added because frame packing is limited to 720p@60hz or 1080p@24hz, so SBS would allow 1080p@60 only halved horizontally and rescaled, which looks substantially better than 720p in 3d.

    1. Select "HDMI Checkerboard" in the Nvidia Control Panel. With that you will remove the limitation.

    2. Perfect, thanks! One other issue I've noticed is the outlines around people's bodies (including mine)have a weird graphical glitch where the coloration is off in a strange blocky pattern (hard to describe, like a blocky halo around the bodies but it's mostly noticeable in front of reflective surfaces). I'm not sure if it's related to this mod since it happens with or without 3d turned on and I installed the mod immediately after installing the game for the first time. I've tried altering every graphic setting and the issue persists. Have you seen anything like this before?

    3. I just realized you mention this issue in the "known issues" section. That's really unfortunate, as it makes several areas very difficult to look at. Do you know if this is something that could be fixed eventually? Also, I've noticed the "squares" get smaller as I increase supersampling.