Friday, March 10, 2017

Lord of the Rings:Online DX11


This is my W.I.P v1 of LOTRO 3D Migoto fix for Win10, it should still work for Win 7 too.. I am using v1.2.56 of Migoto 32bit, it does  work rather well..

Now, Frst off I am not sure if a Profile Switch is needed but I had a Unique problem with nThusim, LOTRO and Migoto being able to start..

I would first test without switching the Profile, but if you do need to use one I used Alien:Isolation..'


You can set the other  graphics setting  to your liking and as high as they can go on your PC.. The Following could be either On or Off, you will have to decide as another user no problems with them ON..
But be sure to turn OFF Post Processing..

1. High Quality Lighting : OFF
2. Specular Lighting : OFF
3. DX10 Distant Landscape Lighting : OFF
4. 3D Portrait : OFF
5. Refresh Rate : Auto


I also added a Hotkey to Toggle the HUD UI. There are 4 Presets and can be Toggled with the
Minus key on the Numpad keys, "-",  this should be universal for all Keyboards worldwide. If you have issues toggling the HUD Please Let me know..

here is the Download link to v1.0.7:

v1.0.7 LOTRO 3D Fix.7z

UPDATE: 1.6.1= Small update to Sky in Angmar night, Nameplates over Stable master. Plus a few other minor fixes..

UPDATE: 1.6.2, I removed the Zero separation for the Toggle so now there should always be a 3D effect always on which can still be toggled..


now mainly what was Broke is the Day and Night Sky along with the clouds and Stars.. The HUD and UI was also broke but it is available with preset toggle function to set to depth.
Hopefully all these are fixed now but if you notice any problem with any of the above Please leave a note here..


EDIT v1.6: I double checked the fixes on the clouds and redid them all.. there were a few that had the old code and were still broke.. I think for sure now all the clouds are fixed right I hope. if you see any clouds that are broke please let me know where you saw them on the map like Gondor or wherever and possibly what kind of clouds (Storm or Day/night Clouds)

 I also have a fix for the Cursor.. Now the bad news it involves a Payware Program called Cursor Node.. I used Cursor Node to eliminate the Ingame cursor and set a hotkey to turn it on and off when needed..

NOTE: Now you do NOT need to get this program if you can live with the Original mouse cursor being there on top of another cursor being there.. One Cursor will be Stereoscopic the other will be 2D (The Original).

Link to Cursor Node PAYWARE Program..

I also used a LOTRO Addon Called: Mouse Cursor Highlighter Advanced by Fortunis (of Laurelin) Slightly Modded by me. here is a link to this Addon:

Link to Addon MCHA

You can use LOTRO Plugin Compendium to install the Addons in LOTRO. you can Download it here:

LOTRO Plugin Compendium

Now, to put it all together we will be modifying some files but no sweat should be pretty simple to do..
Once you Download all the items here there are 3 Downloads..  Firstly Install Cursor Node (But ONLY if you Paid for it and want to use it PLEASE READ the note above)
Then Install LOTRO Plugin Compendium this will allow you to install MCHA.. OK Now lets configure the MCHA so it uses the 3 Software cursors I made up..

Download the following Zip file. it will have 1 Folder and 2 Files when unzipped.. You will be Unzipping it too this Location which is in MY DOCUMENTS

"Documents/The Lord of the Rings Online/Plugins/Fortunis/MCHA"

Here is the ZIP File:

3DMigoto Mouse Fix.7z

Unzip it too the specified location above and overwite the Folder "Images", "Main.Lua and "OptionsWindows.Lua".. this will put in the required mouse cursors we will use and sets the Main Lua to use the 3 tga files..

You have 3 Mouse pointers to choose from. To bring up the MHCA Menu in game goto the Chat box and type "/MHCA" without the Quotes and it will bring up the menu.. There are a few options there where you can choose the zize color and such..

To Pick between the 3 Mouse cursurs select Mouse Cursor Select in the MHCA Menu and there should be 3 cursors too choose from..


Now let's install Cursor Node (This is Optional) Once you install it run the Program.. You will notice the TABS up at the Top Select "Cursor"
Now select the Cursor you want to use which will be "DOT" by Default I think it is on Arrow there is a dropdown menu to use..

Once you chose DOT goto the slider and move it all the way to the left.. Now on the Top Tabs goto HotKey select your Hotkey Combo there which will turn off the ingame mouse cursor.. I used "SHIFT" & "CTRL"..


EDIT: there maybe some Broken Sky/clouds still. I will need to play one day and go through the rest of the skies.. Also on Some menus the mouse pointer is not entirely accurate. I don't think I can fix this but for the most part the new mouse cursor is pretty accurate..

I hope you enjoy the fix.


  1. Thanks, Nephilim! Good to see that someone is working on a fix for LOTRO. Still I have some difficulties to get it started. After choosing the server, the game simply doesn't start at all. Instead, a sequence of beeps is played via the speakers. No error message! Do you have any ideas what could cause this? Could it be some anti-cheat software or something like that? (I'm using Win 10 Pro. Switching the NVidia Profiles didn't help).

    Best regards,

  2. I had that happen and had to do the fix all over as some shader got screwed up and I could not isoloate it .. let me check the version I uploaded..

  3. OK The v1.1 it should be the correct and a working version of the fix.. I might have goofed and uploaded the wrong shaderfix folder.. let me know if it does not work or any problems with it.. A

    Also you may need not remove the NVidia Profile that is a last resort if the game does not load after launching..

    1. Thanks for the quick action, Nephilim! Unfortunately, I have the same problems with the new version, too. Could that be caused by the in-game graphics settings which I used before the installation of the 3D fix?

      Best regards,

  4. Also I have not had any issues with anticheat that was not the problem.. thnx

  5. Did you have AnitAliasing on or set the Refresh rate too 120hz specifically?? If so uninstall the fix and go in and set your settings.. But I am not sure why when launching the game it is creating beeps??

  6. Which Video drivers are you using??

  7. I'm using a GTX 770 with driver version 378.78. I did a fresh installation of the game, deactivated anti-aliasing and reduced the refresh rate. The problem persists.

    Anyhow, thanks for the help! Don't mind! I'm going to play it without the 3D fix.


  8. Well you should just try setting the Refresh rate to Auto.. Those drivers should work but I had issues with them.. Currently I am using 376.33 NVidia drivers.. Do you still get those beeps when running the game??

    that is strange you get them and I do not, I am unsure what causes that.. We just need to keep chipping away I hope you are not giving up as I would like to get this solved.. I will repost over at GeForce Forums and see what the experts have to say OK..

  9. Auto refresh rate was my starting point. Yes, the beeps are still coming when I try to start the game.

    I prefer not to downgrade my drivers, as I had some troubles with it in the past. This problem occurs also with the version 378.49.

    Yes, you can repost it to ask the experts. Maybe, they have an idea what to do.

    By the way, I'm using a 64bit system.

  10. is it win 7? Sorry it is not working for you and the experts have yet to chime in as to what could cause that behavior.. I thought it was the version I uploaded but it can't be that..

  11. No, I'm using Windows 10 Pro, Version 1607 (Build 14393.953). This is the first time that I have such an issue with a 3D fix.

    BR Torsten

  12. Btw: The beeps come from the loudspeakers, not from the PC speaker. There are two different beeps involved, like the musical notes A and E. The patterns are either
    A A A
    A E E A E A

    This is probably an error message from the graphics card, but I don't know what it means.

    BR Torsten

  13. yes like I said I had the beeps too beforte whan I first made the fix, but something with the fix was amiss and I totally deleted that fix and restarted from scratch.. I am just unsure after I carefully took the fix from the game folder directly and pasted it into its own folder and zipped it..

    Yes I am unsure what is going on either weird it works fine on my PC the only thing I see different are probally the graphics drivers..

  14. I tried the old graphics drivers. For me, it doesn't work with version 376.33. Same problem.

    Maybe a dumb question: Did you try the unzipped files or do you work with the original files (without zipping)?

    BR Torsten

  15. Do you mean for me to DL the fix here and try that?? If so I will try that thnx

  16. OK I DL and installed the fix from here and when I started LOTRO I had the beeps. So I looked into it and I think I found the problem.. I Uploaded v1.2 and it should be good now Please try it and let me know if it works..

    Also I found a fix for the Cursor I just need to fine tune the fix and get it write up for here.. But there is a Payware Program involved.. Was the only fix I could do but at least it works now..

  17. It does start now! No beeps anymore. Thanks for the help.

    The sky is now as far away as the horizon. The depth of the HUD is unchanged for me.

    However, the fix messes quite some things up, for me:
    - separation is jumping back and forth, depending on the direction of view
    - some objects are temporarily rendering in the wrong distance

    Anyway, this is W.I.P., as you wrote. I think this is a very promising start.

    BR Torsten

  18. you have to change the depth of the HUD with the LEft Bracket key it is a toggle with 5 presets.. Seperation should not be jumping back and forth.. Which Objects are rendering at the wrong distance?? yes it is a WIP but works fine for me..

    I may have some issues with the sky that is why we test ;) I appreciate your feedback..

  19. OH Make sure you are not in Compatibility Mode by default.. If you changed the PRofile check to see Hit "ALT+ CTRL + F11 to switch compatibility mode..

  20. When I e.g. look upwards, the sky box jumps to a larger separation. The rendering at wrong distance is difficult to describe. I did a 3D screenshot, but I don't know how to upload it here.

  21. Hmm I redid the skyboxes they should be at the correct depth now.. I am unsure why it goes to a larger speration maybe because I had it on Infinity..

    I can upload the current refix if you want it.. you can post the screenshot over at GeForce Forums in my lotro thread here is the link:

    Also you can change the Stereoscopic screenshot to a JPG and put it on that forum I can change it back to stereo so I can see.. Screenshots are the best way to see what you see. I would appreciate it.. Hey You are like my Beta Tester ;) thank you for helping you will even get a mention for the fix..

  22. OK I figured out a Possible fix for the Keyboards differences Torsten.. What I am going to do is change the keypress to the Minus Key on the Numpad.. I seen the dfferent keyboards and seen a Picture of yours..

    So the New Keypress will be the Minus Key on the Numpad keypress we will see if that works..

  23. I uploaded the new version Keyboard should be fixed and the clouds and sky well they should be too. but there may be a few clouds not fixed.. will need to do some more testing..