Monday, March 20, 2017

Half Life 2:Update



Updated 23.03.2017:
- fixed red booth issues in first chapter instead almost invisible far chimneys

Fixed: Hud + crosshair depth (toggle with F1, F2, F3, F4), many geometry issues
Known Issues:
1. In couple of scenes far and near objects lies in one texture - so I had to choose to fix or not to fix this texture
2. After swimming under water reflections becomes broken - just Alt+Tab the game and press P to set custom convergence level
1. Install Update Mod from here:
2. Try to start - if you see black screen instead menu you should do the following:
- change desktop resolution to 1280x1024
- run the game
- set 1920x1080 in game settings
- return desktop resolution
3. Unzip Half Life 2 to game folder

P.S. It seems to me that fix will work correctly on standard game, but you should either disable autocrosshair Ctrl+F12 either rename or delete 8AA7BCD8.txt from ShaderOverride/VertexShaders folder (as for me I don't like autocrosshair)


  1. Awesome, thanks! I love me some Half Life 2

  2. great stuff. is it impossible to fix the combine glass? I see it's still broken in the first after screenshot. is there a shader?

  3. Yes, it,s pixel shader - much more difficult to fix them, you should understand how 3d works, which variable you should fix, what method you should use. Fixing vertex shaders very easy - you should find variable that "mov" to output "o0" and change it in 2 variations (plus or minus)

  4. Hi. resetting custom convergence after going under water is a bit rough for me, when I alt tab and hit 'p' then I cannot get back into the game and have to restart it. Not sure if there is another way around this. Windows 10 if that makes a difference.

    1. ok figured it out. make the game windowed with no border.