Friday, February 8, 2019

Monster Hunter World

Here's a 3D fix for Monster Hunter World I created at the time of the game's release, but never got around to uploading here on the blog. Fixed most of the issues in the game, however one of the issues was the game rendered certain parts of the game's environment in 2D. I fixed those, however the game thinks when they are in 2D they are in the correct placement in the world, so when adjusting their position to look correct to us, it causes the shadows that those objects cast to be shifted. For the most part, those shadows get shifted to be off screen, so you mostly won't notice it, but you might notice some places there should be more shadows that aren't there, or shadows disappearing off in the distance (kinda like reverse pop in). Couldn't quite find another solution, which is why I never got around to posting this fix, but I hope to start playing this game again soon and may get lucky.


-2D geometry (all)
-Directional and point lighting (all). *Note: Because this game uses tile lighting, although these are fixed they do clip at the sides at further distances.
-Ground decals (all)
-Water (base + Ancient forest)
-Sun/moon shader
-HUD adjusted to depth

Key bindings:

F1 - Set convergence to 50 (low)
F2 - Set convergence to 250 (high)
\ - Disables the HUD
] - Adjusts the HUD depth
Caps lock or Xbox L3 + R3 - Toggles between "Game mode" and "Menu/cutscene" presets. Game mode is high convergence and high depth of HUD, and Menu/cutscene mode is low convergence and 0 depth on HUD elements

Download: Monster Hunter World fix v1.0

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  1. Oh man it is Xmas today. Xcom- MKx. and now this. I dont even have this game. But oh my...

    thanks dude!!! :)

  2. i added the latest fix and it looks absolutely sublime really good fix, however unfortunately the game is unplayable framerate for me and i dont know why, as all other games play no problem (with 3d and fix) i have a 1070 and even if i turn everything off, i get single digit framerate, really jarring, killer instinct on the other hand i can play maxed out and it never goes below 60fps, has anyone else got this working with the latest fix and a smooth framerate?

    1. look into enabling the mod that fixes the over use of CPU cycles this game does. I used to have to run this in SLI with glitches but now one card is fine after that fix. Sorry I did this long ago and not sure where the link is.

  3. oops apologies ignore the framerate comment i responded to the wrong fix (meant to do mortal kombat) sorry

  4. Thanks for a great fix. Cool game. You're awesome guys!

  5. Thanks for the Fix. Sadly the some Patch broke it. Hud is 2D only, Stars/Skybox at night is incorrect, some plants are black at distance, Water has some issues to. And something i would call "Fog" is sometimes distracting the eyes. It´s still playable, but i would be very grateful if you could look at these Issues :)