Monday, December 16, 2019

The Takeover

Nice little homage to side-scrolling beat em ups from the 90's, like Streets of Rage. Man, this one brought back memories.... Cleaned it up a bit to make it 3D ready.

*update* adjusted presets to make viewing of the stage start more comfortable.

3D Fix Details

  • Made stereo some 2D elements.
  • Removed worthless and ugly 2D screen depth camera lens effects.
User Interface
  • Gameplay HUD/Convergence toggle. 


1. Download The Takeover

2. Extract to: location where The Takeover.exe exists

3. Add following Launch options to steam Properties > General > Launch options -window-mode exclusive

4.  Keybinds ] or Xbox RB to cycle gameplay depth modes.

note: If you want to watch the opening cinematic do not use depth toggle until title screen.

- Please forward any donations to one of the important developers keeping this important tech alive. B03b, Dark Star Sword. Or active shader hackers. Dj-RK, Masterotaku, Losti, ect....

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