Sunday, January 19, 2020

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot -- Fixed using UE4-Universal Fix 2
— Created and assembled by Losti —
 Made with and for the 3D-Vision Community 

  • This Game is fixed using UE4-Universal Fix 2
  • Tested by Losti. AutoConvergence and AutoDepth HUD working fine.

Download and Usage instructions:


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  2. Hi, thanks for the efforts. I followed the instructions and it would go to not responding quickly after clicking launch. I am sure it is a minor problem but I am not sure what.

    1. Not happening for me here, sorry. I can’t help you. Try it without the fix if this will happen too, its ap problem of your system.

      PLEASE NOTE: Loading a game using Universal Fix 2 the first time, even if you load a new area will may take a while, that’s written in the description!!