Monday, April 13, 2015

In Verbis Virtus

-shadows, light shafts, halos, lens flares, most bloom effects, crosshair depth

-lens spots, some bloom effects

Remaining Issue(s):
-Some water textures look a little incorrect

-Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into the directory "..\In Verbis Virtus\Binaries\Win32\"

Additional Notes:
  • Press the 'U' key and adjust the convergence to your liking. Press 'F7' to save the convergence setting.
  • Recommended to keep "Lens Flares" enabled in the Video settings as it looks kinda nice.


  1. Can't wait to get home and try it your fix, I bought the game bc it looked gorgeous and was just hoping it was going to work with 3d vision surround. And right out of the box it's pretty darn good so I'm excited to see it in all is 3d glory across 3 monitors

    1. The fix looks beautiful, all of the runes are now displaying at the right depths, only issue I was seeing was a doubling in some water reflections. Thanks so much this game is breathtaking I'm running it in 3d across 3 monitors. Now if I can just say my obee kenu right darth vader might not light saber me. Thanks so much

    2. Thanks for checking out this fix, thesman87. Yeah, I couldn't fix the water reflections since the texture for the water is shared with other items (fixing this will break other things). Also, I'm still in the middle of Chapter 3 (the last chapter?), so if I run into anything else, I'll update this page.

      Obee wan kenu =P

    3. Try adding to dx9settings.ini

      SurfaceCreationModeList = 0;

      DefMode = 1
      ExceptSquare = false
      Usage = 1

    4. Thanks for the suggestion, eqzitara. I tried it and there was no change with regard to the water reflections. But it did change the floor reflections from mono to stereo. (Stereo was off quite a bit, so I left it as mono).