Saturday, November 12, 2022

Final Fantasy XIV - Endwalker updated

Geo 11 Fix Version 1.0 on 2022-11-12

This is an entirely remade fix for Final Fantasy 14 and ported to Geo11 for various additional features and compatibility.

Fixed via Regex:
-Specular highlights
-Water effects
-Screenspace reflections

Additional Features:
-Adjustable static HUD depth (with independent settings for in-game and cutscene HUDs)
-In-world HUD elements adjusted to 3D depth


1. Download: Geo 11 Fix v1.0
2. Extract zip file to the folder: ...\SquareEnix\FINAL FANTASY XIV - A Realm Reborn\game
3. In game settings: 
    -Mouse cursor to software
    -Highly recommend to turn off displaying your own character's nameplate
4. Key bindings:
Key Setting
\ Disable HUD
Shift + \ Cycle through 4 autodepth HUD settings
CTRL + \ Disable footprints in sand
[ or ] Adjust HUD depth
Shift + [ or ] Adjust Nameplate Text left/right
CTRL + [ or ]     Adjust Nameplate depth

Tools Used & Special Thanks:
-Geo11 + 3DMigoto - Thanks to all 3DMigoto and Geo11 developers

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  1. Thank you for your hard work.

    I use 4K line interlacing polarized filter 3DTV and NVIDIA GTX1080.

    I have applied for support to NVIDIA. 3DTVplay requires 4K 60hz support.

    Currently 3DTVplay only supports 1080 resolution 24hz and 720 resolution 60hz.

    I just want NVIDIA to support 4K60hz 3D mode as soon as possible.

  2. There is a huge frame rate drop (about 40 to 50%) when the fix is active compared to the vanilla 3D vision.
    Is this normal?


    1. Could be because of moving all nameplates to depth. Does it help if you disable that Alt-] ? The texture filtering feature in 3Dmigoto can be expensive in terms of performance. If you are using SLI, it's a known problem.

  3. Let me start by saying I love the work you've done. The game looks incredible and all of the fixes work perfectly in an MMO setting. However, even when Nvidia 3D vision is turned off I get ridiculously low fps with this fix. The main menu for example I can get up to 300 something frames normally and I only get 55 instead. (Yes I'm aware 3D caps it) Menus are also broken and extend their options beyond the actual window they're provided in. There used to be an old FFXIV helixmod profile years ago during Heavensward that I used that gave me good performance, however it didn't have any of the UI fixes and whatnot you've incorporated. Are these issues purely because of the release of Shadowbringers? I can deal with the window issue, but the framerate is just unplayable dropping to sub-30 fps in the majority of areas and fights even on the lowest settings.

  4. Updates would be welcome for this! I'm experiencing similar performance issues. I can get 90-120fps as a flat game @ 1440p, but struggle to stay north of 25 in 3D @ 720p. Feels like more performance loss than would be typical for a 3D game. The in-game effects seem to render well, having sampled some of the content (doing roulettes and seeing ARR, HW, SB, and ShB dungeons, running around ShB zones). I wonder if one or more of the shader fixes are outdated and causing lag?

  5. The only thing that might be a performance hog is having all the HUD stuff, like nameplates and in-game icons having their depth calculated. You can try disabling that by pressing Alt + ] and see if that helps.

    FYI, I was able to get 50-60FPS at 1440P, and 30FPS at 4K on a single 1080Ti, and either a 6600K or 7700K CPU (not sure which I had at the time) overclocked to 4.8Ghz or 4.9Ghz respectively, and a full 60FPS @ 4K when I added a 2nd 1080 Ti in SLI. If you're not familiar with the 3D Vision CPU bottleneck bug, please take a moment to try to find the discussion about that on the Gefore forums to understand that many games already incur a larger than normal performance penalty in 3D due to it, and with this game being VERY CPU intensive, especially in the main cities (my FPS would drop down into the 30-50's range), if you have a weaker CPU than I do/did then that's probably your biggest culprit. You could also try uninstalling the fix and try running the game in 3D, which of course will look awful but the idea is to see how your performance is without the fix. If it's about the same then you know it's not the fix at all.

    I haven't had an active sub in this game since well before Shadowbringers, and although I have a mild interest in resubbing one day for the new content, that's probably not going to happen anytime soon, if ever. Getting back into an MMO requires a certain mindset and dedication, and these days I prefer to keep my gaming more casual. I'm also currently out of work, so I'm not really in a position to be paying for a sub/expansion. If people want to see an update anytime soon, then I'd have to see some donations towards that. Fixes take time and effort, which already is a lot to ask when I've got a lot of newer projects of interest... I'm not also going out of pocket (when my income is currently extremely limited) to make it happen.

  6. Hi, I tried to install this mod but it doesn't seem to work. I was looking at the pictures you uploaded and noticed that the effect in not really there in my game. I installed the mod with the 3D Fix Manager App. Is there something I have to change within the app?

    1. This has been working for other people, including running in HelixVision which is based off of 3DFM. I've only looked into the Steam version, and it looks to only be setup for that version.

      You can find the d3dx.ini file, and set the hunting=1, and it will show the green overlay of 3Dmigoto onscreen. That will tell if you the fix is installed in the right place.

    2. Hey, I know there was an answer here to my Question, but it is gone now? I wanted to try out the hint with the ini file to make it see if 3d is configured properly.

    3. Oh sorry, my browser did not show me the reply xD Now I'll try it. Thanks in advance!

  7. Ok, that did not work. Maybe it helps if I tell you how I play FFXIV:

    I do not possess the Steam Version only the SE version. I must manually start the game with the launcher. It is impossible for me to configure the Fix so it starts the Launcher and not directly the game. 3d Fix Manager swaps the fix with the profile of the Witcher 3. If I activate the "Hunting mode" in 3d Fix manager it does not show up within the game.

    Any means to get it running? Thanks in advance!

    1. I don't own FFXIV through Steam either, I played it just fine with the launcher. 3DFM has been known to botch installs for certain games, and I think that's where the problem may lie. Try uninstalling the fix and reinstalling it manually using the instructions above.

    2. Based on looking into this last week, I think that FFXIV changed the paths to the game in recent updates. Their launcher is now 100% required, and you can no longer launch via the dx11.exe, it gives an error message and says to use the boot.exe.

      Edit the profile for the game by double clicking on the name in the left pane, or Edit in lower left.

      Changes the paths to match the game setup. I'm not sure what is correct here, because the demo does not appear to follow the same structure as the game. Check the install folder name, and also the subfolder where the fix is installed.

      Pretty sure this is working for other people, but hard to tell. One way to bypass the problem is to run the launcher directly from Steam first, then login. Then launch the game from 3DFM/HelixVision.

    3. Thank you both for your help. I actually managed to get it running now ;)
      It was indeed 3D Fix Manager's fault that it did not work. I used the instructions above before already but I have forgotten to uninstall the fix via 3D Fix Manager first. Of course the FPS drop is real but at least I can enjoy now the game in 3D :P

  8. When I run FFXIV normally, it doesn't trigger 3D Vision at all--so there's nothing to be fixed. Elsehwere I read the suggestion to use NVIDIA Profile Inspector to change ffxiv_dx11.exe to another profile (in this case, FFXIII-2's). This works, but looks messy. With this fix applied... it just looks differently messy. I'm supposing using a nonstandard profile is part of the problem. What profile are you guys using? Or is there a way to make the FFXIV one properly trigger 3D Vision?

  9. So when I try to launch the game using the Helix launcher, I get a crash after I try logging in (before launcher terminates) because of "an unexpected error."

    Naturally, I wanted to try some fixes. I found a Reddit post ( detailing some workaround, where I launch the launcher through Steam first, and use the Helix launcher after the actual game starts, provided I "edit the profile. Game launcher Options = Start via Game Exe".

    Unfortunately, I believe this guide is outdated because there is no way to change any game paths. The same fix was mentioned by bo3b on January, but once again, outdated because there is no way to change game paths.

    There IS a way to change game paths in the Compatibility Mode Unleashed category under profile settings, but there is ZERO mention of CMU or "Compatibility Mode Unleashed" on this blog post or anywhere online that has HelixMod/HelixVision and Final Fantasy XIV/FFXIV within the same webpage. Meaning the only way to change any game paths is NOT the way to "change the game path to the game exe".

    So... What gives? I've tried running the game both using and NOT using 3DFM's 3D fixes and also using and NOT using the fix on this website, but every single time I try something, whenever I press Play in VR, 3DFM rears it's ugly head and patches it automatically.

    I've been working on this for about a week now and to this day I have not seen a single photon of functional FFXIV gameplay in 3D from my Oculus Rift S using HelixVision.

    In short: The guides are oudated, the fixes breaks the game, and I am incredibly sad/frustrated.

    1. Best place for HelixVision support will always be on the Steam forums. I guarantee you will get answer there.

      I also tend to gloss over any 'anonymous' posts because if people have no interest in longer term help/support I'm much less inclined to spend my time helping.

      However- for this problem, this was introduced by the FF devs around that time, when they changed the launching approach altogether. For what it's worth at this late date- HelixVision has been fully updated, and the game will launch correctly and run in HelixVision, out of Steam or standalone version.

  10. Well if it was FTP I would have a look sorry it did not work for you but there is a line you add when the game has a launcher in HV Fixes data.

  11. Hi All,

    Anyone getting "A fatal DirectX error has occured. 1100002" ? when 3D vision kicked in?

  12. Would love to at least see an update for the auto-depth HUD elements- damage text, nameplates, and all other elements the auto depth code interacted with no longer seems to work. A lot of the shader fixes do still seem intact even on the current version, but combat, especially in a trial or alliance raid, is distracting with all of those items at a fixed depth.