Sunday, March 4, 2012

Prince of Persia 2008

Prince of Persia 2008
Written by: Chiz

3D Vision Live Gallery

Prince of Persia 2008 looks amazing in 3D Vision with a few minor issues with the original release version.  The main issues were the wrong Skybox depth and double image lens/sunflare at incorrect depth.  The UI was also at screen depth.

With HeliX mod, I've set the 2D UI to 3D depths slightly.  I've also fixed the skybox depths for both dark and light skies (may be more I have not tested every zone).   I've also fixed the lens/sun flare so that they are at least focused in 3D, although they will still sit on top of objects (see known issues below).


V1.0 Fixes -    *DOWNLOAD*
  • 2D UI to 3D.  Very mild setting, adjust to your tastes.
  • Skybox depths and storm effects fixed (dark and sunny).
  • Lens/sun flares focused and adjust correctly with convergence changes.

Known Issues -
Lens/sun flare effects still render at the wrong depth, they will appear on top of objects.  This is because they were originally 2D textures that have the wrong z-value, so they will sit on top of other objects.  I doubt this will be fixable and the effect cannot be removed because it shares the same vertex shader as the UI.


  1. I dont know why , but in my pc this game is absolutely flat...
    If i change convergence, it only separate two flat versions of the same picture, the result is no effect... no effect at all, (with or without the fix)

    1. Sounds like a wrong profile not sure when/how/if it happened though.
      Try renaming it to something else. like masseffect2.exe then

      If its a steam game use a guide like on blackmesa/borderlands 2 page.

  2. same issue. it does not work for me either it is flat as well. it doesnt look 3d

  3. I just tried this game, no helix files installed and for me when I turn on 3d the game gets black borders on the sides, one for each eye, so that the middle 4:3 ratio is in 3d and then each eye can see one of the two borders left on the right/left. Totally messed up. Too bad. Pretty game.

  4. Alright, I found a solution its a bit of a pain in the ass.
    If you dont have a steam version just rename to prototype2.exe.
    Otherwise download nvidia inspector.
    Go to prince of persia in profiles tab. Remove princeofpersia.exe . Save
    Go to prince of persia 4 in profiles tab. Remove princeofpersia.exe . Save
    Go to Prototype 2 in profiles tab. Add princeofpersia.exe . Save
    Download our helixmod debugger.
    Install in same folder as game's exe.
    Adjust convergence till you are as close to 1 as possible according to the debugger. Otherwise shadows will be off. Save your settings.
    Now download our release version.

    1. It work fine but, the dof in fight makes all double.... please help me

    2. I fix it myself if someone want the fix tell me here


  5. Thank you for fixing this game, Chiz. The 3D in this game is beautiful.