Monday, April 8, 2013

Battlefield: Bad Company 2[DX9]

Explanation: This game is rated 3D vision ready and I saw a sale so bought for $5.00. I found it to be unplayable unless playing WAY below my desired settings. The dynamic crosshair/gunsights break with convergence at/exceeding 2D. Basically everything needs to be in depth for it to work. Then I went to find a way to remove crosshair and none exist. I'm not sure if its always been like this but anywho decided to patch it. Basically this patch will give a minimal hud for a much more cinematic/realistic experience without all the 2D hud messages every 10 seconds. If you go to play it and its fine for you just ignore this. Everyone's different but I find it to be too flat to get to work. If you're interested in my optimizations/review/comparison check my blog post HERE

Gun crosshair is removed.
Seperate depth/convergence setting for Gun Sights[Hold right mouse button and find desired setting and click F7]

Gun crosshair removal toggle: Press O to turn crosshair on. Press O again to turn crosshair off.
Cinematic mode. Disables a lot of non vital HUD text. Just click Y once ingame to enable. If you dont like click Y again to disable.[Reload warning/Ammo Counter/Subtitles/etc]

Issues Remaining:
Hud has issues on setup screen/Sniper rifle crosshair gone. Press Y\O to fix.

Latest Patch update:  v795745
Settings: Go into game then. Options->Settings->GamePlay-> UNCHECK Zoom toggle

Install to.../Battlefield Bad Company 2/
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  1. This download is broken, has been literally since three days after it was posted. Thanks!!

    1. Precisely why this is one of my favorite sites. You guys are great!! Thanks again!

    2. I screw up uploading more then anything else lol. Have fun.

  2. This is pretty slick (hud removal via hotkeys). If I also wanted to remove the objective marker, how would I do that, given that I already found\dumped the shader for it?

  3. I'm having a lot Ghosting during the game, even applying all the patches, my patch is the last of the ORIGIN, the game is original, I put all of the proposed adjustments here, and yet the level of ghosting is still high, know how I can do to decrease ? a profile on nvidia inspector?