Monday, May 13, 2013

Velvet Assassin

Velvet Assassin 
By Eqzitara 

Fixed:Shadows[Profile], crosshair"mode", water, skybox, etc
Optional Hud Depth Setting:
Press F2 Default Hud
Press F3 Increase Hud Depth
Press F4 Increase Hud Depth further
Issues Remaining: Camera may rarely "clip walls" this is an issue with camera's in some third person games. Not a major issue.

If interested in my thoughts/opinions on game check my blog HERE

Required Installation:
-[NON STEAM VERSION]Rename Replay.exe to Borderlands.exe 
-[STEAM VERSION] Download nvidia inspector and remove replay.exe from Velvet Assassin's profile. Then add Replay.exe to Borderland's profile.
-Go to .../Velvet Assassin/FX/PostFX/directional_blur.pfx
Rename the file to null.pfx
-If you crash at game start you need to follow these instructions[Physx] HERE
 Install to.. /Velvet Assassin/

Special thanks to Rendrock[I went to play earlier fix and figured out issue I had when we were talking]
If you like this fix I accept Paypal Donations at EQZITARA@YAHOO.COM or my PATREON.
Please keep in mind I am only one person at helixmod and all donations will go only towards myself.
Thank you for your support.


  1. Picked this up in a sale recently so many thanks for the fix. Great work on this and the site generally. Thank you

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  3. Great job on this fix! Looks great. Bought it based on your ramblings that it was a serious challenge.

    I get a little white flashing at the edge of the screen, maybe a frustrum adjustment is also in order?

    1. Only issue I had was the when camera hit walls. Not sure what that is.

    2. Oh wait
      Try to set maximum pre renderered frames to 1 in nvidia control panel

    3. Only seems to happen in the very first training round. For what it's worth, cycling frustrum twice (ctrl-F11) cleaned it up.

      Thanks again for making this game, it's really punishingly hard and fun. As they say, Cruel, but Fair.

  4. I followed the instructions for the non-steam version. The shadows are fixed. But I'm still having issues with the skybox & reflections rendering @ wrong depth.

    1. The profile fixes shadows. So that part is done right.

      Skybox/reflections is done by fix. Reinstall and make sure installed in proper folder.

  5. Hello,

    I have a big problem with this game with 3D Vision. Indeed, I have ghosting when I change name of exe. I've tried with several name and the only way to have no ghosting is no change the name of exe (but the shadows are broken...)

    Any ideas ? Thanks for answer !

    1. Heres alternate instructions that will just fix shadows.

    2. thanks a lot, I will try this fix :)

    3. It's work well; thank you again !

  6. Thanks for your great work.

    But the fix does not kick in with new nvidia driver (344.65).
    Last working driver (last one i tested) was 340.52.

    Is there anything i (you) can do, exept install the old driver?

    1. I checked this, and I see the same problem. The fix is loading, F2-F4 change the HUD, but it's not working correctly.

      You might try different versions of the HelixDll to see if one works.

    2. I tested different versions of the one work :-(

  7. Hi
    Got a 3d Vision 2 kit for Christmas - best gift EVER :)
    I'm very gratefull for the tremendeus effort from all of you Guys here on Helix..

    To my problem - Velvet Assasin looks stunning but there are issues with the light, it looks like it is allways in the foreground, shining through objects .

    Hope somebody is able to help.

  8. I messed with it a bit, to me the shadows and the sky looked ok but there was a bloom effect that was off, that's what was making the sky look off. I tried using a debug dll to mess with the shaders but for some reason the game looks even worse with the debug, the ground was missing completely. Through a little trial and error I did narrow it down to the Lost1 post effect(FX\PostFX\Lost1.pfx) I just renamed it(.dnu.Lost1.pfx) to disable it and it seemed fine after ... didn't really play much though.