Thursday, February 4, 2016

Dragons Dogma

Reposting this as it had been taken down

-Lighting / shadows
-Water reflections (mostly)
-Lens flares and sun
-Cloth textures
-Removed vignette effect that renders in 2D
-Bonus: Able to make magical effects and light bloom transparent (I found the effects made fights in tight spaces difficult due to not being able to see through them)
-Also included wmvcore.dll file that fixes video playback issue for Windows 10 users

Not fixed:
-Some lighting reflections at distance or far angles clip slightly

Updated on 2/9/2016 to version 2.0 with update that should fix broken lighting on monitors with high separation



1. Extract archive to game folder location that contains ddda.exe

2. Go into the following file: C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Local\CAPCOM\DRAGONS DOGMA DARK ARISEN\config.ini

and set these lines:


Preset keys:
1. Press the letter 'P' to cycle between 4 different HUD depths. Default is at 60% depth
2. Press the letter 'O' to cycle between 4 different settings for magic effects transparency. Default is 25% of original game's setting.
3. Press the letter 'N' to remove HUD from screen (good for taking screenshots)

Special thanks to:
1. mike_ar69 for his Resident Evil 6 fix that much of this fix was adapted from
2. DarkStarSword for fixing directional shadows and cloth texture fixes
3. Necropants for his game contribution for making this fix
4. bo3b for his tutorial lessons
5. Everyone who tested the fix during it's beta periods and reported back additional fixes needed

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  1. Thanks you Man,good job ;)

  2. Thank you so much. Beautiful. I do however get very bad FPS and looong load times while on 3d any ideas?

    1. You're very welcome!

      The bad FPS is unfortunately due to sub-par optimization, and lack of SLI support (even though the instructions say to set the SLI setting on in the .ini file). A member in the Geforce forums has reported in his testing that turning down the Level of Detail setting to low provided the best performance increase, so you might want to try that.

      The long loading times has been discovered due to enabling V-sync, so turn that off in the game settings, and either limit the FPS or turn on adaptive V-sync in the Nvidia control panel.

    2. Great man. Appreciate all the work you guys do!! You have no idea!

      I remember signing up a petition back in like 2012 to bring this game to Pc, and I even shared it on facebook for all of my friends to sing it. I've always wanted to play it, but I refused to get it on consoles, because I play all of my single player games on 3D now. When it was finally announced I couldn't believe it. I counted the months waiting for it. it was an instant preorder, and so far I haven't been disappointed. So, again, thank you very much for helping make this a reality :)

  3. With huge monsters and monumental buildings game looks spectacular in 3D

  4. Good thanks for the update. Any way to get this to work ResonantENB or any other ENB for the matter?


    1. Yessir! I actually just provided instructions on the Geforce forums the other day for exactly this. I'll copy them over here for you.

      Assuming you already have the 3D Vision fix installed, do the following steps:

      1) Rename the Helix wrapper d3d9.dll file that you've already copied into the Dragon's Dogma folder as d3d9HLX.dll.
      2) Get the ENB version 300 from here
      3) Extract only the d3d9.dll file from the wrapper version folder in the archive and put that in the Dragons Dogma folder.
      4) Get the ENB preset of your choosing (here's the link for the Rudy ENB that I'm currently using: and copy the enblocal.ini & enbseries.ini files and the enbseries folder from the preset archive into the Dragon's Dogma folder.
      5) Edit the enblocal.ini file, and in the Proxy section have the following lines:
      6) Launch the game, when game loads you'll noticed shadows will likely be broken if your ENB uses detailed shadows (all the ones I tried did). To fix that,press Shift + Enter to bring up the ENB menu and remove the checkmark beside Detailed Shadows, and I also remove the checkmarks beside any DOF (don't like using DOF in 3D Vision).
      7) Click Save Configuration, and Press Shift+Enter to close the ENB menu, and it should all be set.

  5. Thank you I assume it worked. but I didnt see much improvement with ENB mode in 3d. I used Ruby. I think it actually looked worse. I was hoping to get more vibrant colors. Thank you DJ for all of your help.

  6. thanks alot for the fix , though it contradicts with the surround fix , any suggestion would be appreciated

  7. For some reason the map does not act like its part of the HUD, it stays in the foreground making it impossible to use the depth settings properly. Even with HUD off the frame of the map stays on screen. Everythings else seems to work well and runs well. Anything I can do to sort this?

    1. That used to be an issue with a previous version of the fix, but that was fixed in the latest version. Haven't played in a while to know if any game updates have broken anything with the fix, but I'll see if I can check that out tomorrow, maybe. Did you try cycling through the HUD depth presets by pressing the 'P' key?

    2. Hey man, thanks for the response! Yes I have used the P key to toggle the depth, only on the "surface" depth does the map render correctly. Everything else goes in depth apart from the frame of the map and the map itself (the map icons go into depth but render doubled due to being on a flat surface). Also turning off the HUD does not remove the map frame (the map does disappear however).

      The game looks amazing with the 3D fix, so I spent last night playing without the map enabled (confusing but pretty). After seeing it in 3D I do not think I could bring myself to play it in 2D. Thanks for making this possible, I have fingers crossed for a map fix as well. :)

  8. Im going to try this, thank you! So far 3d vision looked horrible, artifacts and all kinds of nonsense...