Saturday, February 6, 2016

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams and expansion (DX9)

Fix made by 4everAwake for the water shader that appears with the setting "Shaders: High" and "Shaders: Medium". Then I applied a very similar fix for the shader that appears with "Shaders: Low" and tested the game and the expansion with the fix applied. It works for both the main game and Rise of the Owlverlord (note: they use different installation folders).

- Water refraction. Things seen through water were at incorrect depth (with more separation). Now they are correct.

Remaining issues
- None.

- Download this file and extract its contents in the root folder of the game (where "GSGameExe_DX9.exe" is).
- Launch the game in DirectX 9 mode through the launcher or directly through "GSGameExe_DX9.exe".

Recommended settings
- Disabling vsync in the game configuration and then forcing it with Nvidia Inspector made the frame pacing perfect in my case (using maximum pre-rendered frames = 1 in Nvidia Inspector).


  1. I think something might be wrong with the file. Keep getting errors.
    ! C:\Users\admin 2\Downloads\Giana_Sisters_TD_RotO_DX9_fix(1).zip: Unknown method in d3d9.dll
    ! C:\Users\admin 2\Downloads\Giana_Sisters_TD_RotO_DX9_fix(1).zip: Unknown method in ShaderOverride\VertexShaders\1A3B9092.txt
    ! C:\Users\admin 2\Downloads\Giana_Sisters_TD_RotO_DX9_fix(1).zip: Unknown method in ShaderOverride\VertexShaders\21236434.txt

    1. Not sure what you are seeing there. File downloads fine for me, and opens like a normal zip file.

    2. Just in case, I have just downloaded the file, decompressed it and overwrote the files in my HDD. The game is working fine without errors.

      I compressed it with 7z. Try with that program, if you didn't already.

    3. Same here the file downloads and opens fine but I can't extract the files using Windows native support or using Universal Extractor

    4. Is this because of long file name?
      I can just fine. Rename it to

    5. Works fine here.

  2. Thanks I just downloaded from the original tread from another site.
    The Hud elements aren't matching up to well, but the game itself is great looking. Is that normal for the hud to be off?

    1. Yes. HUD elements that appear ingame are at a high depth. I have only modified them in the DX11 version of the game (I will release the fix when it's complete, at a future date), because I have more experience with DX11 games than with DX9 games.

  3. Could you make a mod for me with this method to remove the hud from Giana Sisters? (For the dx9 version of the game.) I tried, but I couldn't even load the game when using the d3d9.dll. It would just crash after a few seconds. Since you got it to work though, I'm hoping you can remove the hud for me.