Sunday, August 11, 2019

Grim Dawn

3D Vision fix for Grim Dawn in DX11 mode, with lots of hotkeys that improve playability. It includes "dynamic" HUD options (check the F6 hotkey).

Important update (2019-08-12): fix updated for the HOTFIX 1 version. This update fixes the deferred rendering mode (which performs better), as well as refixing the HUD and other functions. Now everything has been moved to regex, trying to avoid future game updates from breaking the fix. New "n" hotkey.

Important update (2019-06-28): fix updated for the version. Now with something that makes the mouse cursor not disappear when a future update breaks the fix, if that happens again (I will keep updating the fix anyway).

Very important update (2019-06-08): fix updated for the version (I have also played and tested the Forgotten Gods expansion), with some new shaders, improvements, better use of hotkeys, and easier to use fix (now you can play comfortably without using any hotkey). Changes:
- 3Dmigoto updated to 1.3.16. Don't change the version if you don't know what you're doing. You could easily break the mouse and HUD.
- Post processing no longer conflicts with HUD depth.
- The HUD is now more dynamic and changes with the camera zoom level.
- Automatic preset for easy to use main menu, and gameplay has dynamic HUD and mouse by default.
- HUD depth no longer affects damage numbers and letter that already had their own depth.
- Solved some lighting clipping issues.
- Night skybox in one area of Forgotten Gods now at more depth.

Important update (2018-02-23): the game update changed the hash of most shaders, so I had to do the fix again. This time using regex to avoid this problem in the future. Only the HUD shaders are manual (they didn't change). Download the fix again from the installation instructions, and if you still use or roll back to game versions below this one, get the old fix here.
Note: the devs increased the resolution of special effects. Switch your settings around if you don't see them in higher resolution yet (I had to do that).

Update (2017-12-23): fix reuploaded to use 3Dmigoto 1.2.68 build. Good performance increase.

Update (older) (2017-10-30): fix reuploaded to use an official 3Dmigoto 1.2.67 build.

- Water reflections at all graphics settings levels.
- Fire, spells effects, blood, acid, rifts... All special effects in the game.
- Post processing.
- HUD at depth.
- Some lighting clipping.

Known issues
- Aether crystals and a certain kind of glass don't seem to have the correct fixing formula, which works in this same shader for other effects (transparency of ghosts, for example).
- The mouse cursor will be darker than without the fix because it has full opacity now.
- When talking to NPCs, their faces appear in a window that has fixed depth and its content is sensitive to convergence. A bit annoying but I didn't find a way to fix it (it uses the same render target as the main game so I can't make it 2D).
- To make the HUD easier to read and avoid clipping, I had to allow it to overflow some menus. If you prefer to see clipping instead, open "d3dx.ini" and delete all "disable_scissor = 1" lines in ShaderOverride blocks that don't start with "[ShaderOverrideLighting". Sadly, this can't be toggled with a hotkey. As of the fix for the version, I just set "rasterizer_disable_scissor=1" to not bother fixing each lighting shader manually, so if you set it to 0, graphics won't be perfect.

- Download this file and extract its contents in the "Grim Dawn" folder (it's the root folder), where "Grim Dawn.exe" is. It contains the 32 and 64 bits fixes. At this moment, the files inside the "x64" folder are what are going to be used by the game when you launch it the normal way (64 bits).
- I recommend disabling fullscreen optimizations in the game exe. Every game update will revert this.
- Boot the game and let it overwrite the game profile the first time.

- F1: six convergence presets.
- F2: HUD depth presets. Screen depth by default. Unused with dynamic depth enabled.
- F3: HUD tilting presets. Unused with dynamic depth enabled.
- F4: HUD and mouse cursor toggle. Not disabled by default.
- F5: distance fog toggle, if you want better visibility in some locations. Not disabled by default.
- F6: three presets that make HUD and/or cursor depth convergence and zoom dependant, making them be a little bit above ground level with dynamic depth and tilting (for improved mouse use). By default, both mouse cursor and HUD have dynamic depth. Press it once, and the HUD and mouse will be at screen depth. Press it again, and only the mouse will have dynamic depth. Press it again, and you will be back to fully dynamic.
- b: hold this key to temporarily revert to screen depth HUD and mouse cursor. Useful when you want to interact with menus while you only use mouse cursor dynamic depth.
- n: realistic specular reflections (barely noticeable in this game) toggle. It switches to surface depth. Realistic depth by default.

- Limit your fps to 60 in RTSS to have less mouse input lag.

I will update the fix if a game update breaks it. To notify me about it or to ask questions, better post a comment here:

If you liked the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account:


  1. Didn't played the game yet....but I'll....thanks a lot man!!!


  2. Thanks a lot for all the fixes masterotaku !

  3. a wonderful fix for a wonderful game :) thank you masterotaku !

  4. Thanks very much!! :-D

  5. I tried the fix today, but when I activated 3D I only got a black screen. The game didn't crash, as I could go back to normal deactivating 3D.
    This is with the GOG version, updated to v1.0.3.0.

    1. I found a workaround. It seems that the black screen is caused by using SBS mode and antialising. I disabled antialiasing in the game options, and now it works fine.

  6. 1.0.6 is broken

    1. Just tried this, as the latest version on Steam. Looks to be working fine. Win7 Driver 391.35

    2. Just as bo3b said, it's working fine (I check the game after every update). I went to fight one of the new bosses and everything works with my latest fix. Are you sire you're using the updated fix?

  7. Hi thx for the answer, sorry guys my bad, didn't play the game since a few months so I did not have the latest version of the fix. Working like a charm! Thx again.

  8. Hi masterotaku, for some reason the dynamic HUD doesn't work for me. I don't see the mouse cursor at all when it's enabled(z1= 0 or 1). I only see the mouse cursor when it's completely disabled (z1=2). It's a pity as this is an excellent idea to have the mouse be dynamic. Any idea on how to fix this?

    1. Is your game version ""? Did you download the fix again after I updated it? Does the HUD appear, and if it does, how does it behave with zoom and convergence changes?

      I need all the details you can give me.

  9. As with Diablo II, I'd think 'I'll play for a short while' and end up playing hours. Would have not looked twice at this one, but for a sale. The 3D looks like some mad modeller's miniature kingdom down in the basement. Looks just like minifigs. The DLC is on my wishlist...

  10. @masterotaku The game looks great, except for the 2D menus. They all look skewed, as well as the loading screens. Previous versions of the fix did not have this issue.

    is this something I can tweak on my end?

  11. Hi! The cursor is not visible and shadows seems to be broken on v. Hotfix 1.
    Can you please take a look on this?