Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Planet Alpha V.2.00

Planet Alpha -- Fixed using UE4-Universal Fix 2
— Created and assembled by Losti —
 Made with and for the 3D-Vision Community 

  • This Game is fixed using UE4-Universal Fix 2
  • Tested by Losti
    • Update the fix to UE4-UF2 V 2.0 to get a perfect game now!!
    • NOTE: Activate the In-GameTrouble Shooting Option for the Horizion Sun/Light fix via LCTRL + NUMPAD 2
  • Some incorrect but minor reflection issues, you can use SSR-Sidescfreen fix if you want but its not cool in any situation
  • SUGGESTION: Activate the AO STRENGTH WORKARROUND via LCTRL + NUMPAD0 and set it to 20 %

Download and Usage instructions:

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