Sunday, November 6, 2016


Download the fix: 3Dfix-Firewatch+(DX11)

Update 2016-11-07

The fix has been entirely redone from scratch for the Unity 5.4 update of this game. Be sure to use the uninstall.bat to remove the old version of the fix before installing this one.

  • The UI will now automatically return to screen depth whenever the mouse cursor is visible to make menu navigation easier.

  • Fog (and certain related shadows) are now accurately fixed.


  • Lights
  • Shadows
  • Specular highlights
  • Glow around lights
  • Light shafts
  • Automatically adjust crosshair depth
  • Fog


  1. Extract the zip file to the game directory

  2. If you are on a 32bit OS, replace the DLLs with those in the 32bit directory.

  3. Disable motion blur, as it causes some rendering artefacts.


  • x: Toggle crosshair on and off

  • Backslash: Activate recommended convergence preset

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This mod is created with 3DMigoto (by Bo3b, Chiri & myself) and uses Flugan's assembler


  1. AS I have said many times before, thanks for every fix you and this community releases. Keeps my gaming alive!

  2. Just amazing, so looking forward to playing this game now. Thank you for the fix .

  3. You are the best! Great work again -- gonna pick up this title now.

  4. Works great, SLI too, thanks for this!

  5. This is not working for me. Game boots fine without, with it, I get four very strange beeps from Windows and nothing launches. Files were put into Firewatch Steam folder as instructed. Any ideas?

    1. The beeps are an error from 3DMigoto - enable full debug logging (edit the d3dx.ini file, set calls=1 debug=1 unbuffered=1) then launch the game and refer to the d3d11_log.txt to see what went wrong. I'd also recommend using the uninstall.bat to remove the fix and installing it again - sometimes that clears up trouble with file permissions.

    2. There is no 'set calls' in that document, I checked with CTRL+F.
      Do you mean something in this section?

      ; Log all API usage

      ; Log Input key actions

      ; Super verbose massive log

      ; Unbuffered logging to avoid missing anything at file end

      ; Force the CPU affinity to use only a single CPU for debugging multi-threaded

      ; Log NVAPI convergence modifications
      ; Log NVAPI separation modifications


      Thanks for your reply.

    3. Uninstalling with the bat doesn't work either and reinstalling doesn't work either. But if I just uninstall from the bat the game boots fine.

    4. You are looking at the right section, enable "calls=1", "debug=1" and "unbuffered=1" to get a debug log.

    5. Hello, could you please help me, if I can send you a debug log?

    6. There is link to a log

      Its kind a similar problem like Andreas, two strange beeps and nothing else will happend, I did what you suggest to get thtat debug log and honestly, dont know where is problem...

    7. The two beeps are benign, they most likely mean that the SBS HLSL shaders are not installed in the ShaderFixes folder.

      The log doesn't show any problems, just ends abruptly after loading nvapi64.dll.

      Best bet would be to reinstall your driver, using the DDU tool to make a clean install.

    8. Well, i did that, but nothing change, still its two beeps without any change :/

      I use this and then instal latest ATI drivers.

    9. Ah! Yeah, sorry, none of this works for ATI cards. This is strictly for 3D Vision, which is an NVidia technology.

      The only way to get 3D on AMD cards is to use TriDef. I have no idea if they have a fix for this game.

    10. I quess, this mod, its not compatible with my PC :)

      TriDef not working either, there is no support and generic profile its same + error message about "This game not support Direct 9.0 or X...

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Doesn't work for me. Extracted it to /steamapps/common/Firewatch, and hitting x doesn't remove the reticle. Any help?

    1. the same problem for me

      nothing happens. other game works fine without anything...

  8. When I use this, I only get 30 fps and my GPU usage is only at 50%.
    Sometimes the usage rises a bit and I get about 40 fps, but I actually should get a solid 60 at 100% usage.

    Any ideas?

    Specs: GTX 980, i7 3770k @4.1GHz, 16GB RAM

  9. I've completely redone the fix from scratch for the Unity 5.4 update. Be sure to use uninstall.bat to remove the old version first.

  10. thank you darkstarsword ! i just installed Firewatch yesterday and applied the old fix, and i see today there is a brand new one :)

    is that possible to Firewatch works using 3DSurround ? i tried yesterday but only the "middle" screen was used :(

    1. I'm afraid I don't have any experience with 3D Surround (Helifax is our resident expert on that). It might be worth checking if there are any tricks for other Unity games that might work here.

  11. Odd game as I get 75-100fps in 2d mode, but at the watchtower I get under 20fps in 3D. All the while my processor shows ~30-40% usage and GPU usage is below 50% This is on a GTX1060 with FX8350 processor. Even will all game settings at there lowest the FPS maybe improves 2-3fps.

    Anything I can do, or is this a game that requires a brute force Processor like an I7 to run in 3d at >30fps?

    1. After further looking the game uses all 8 cores fairly evenly in 2d mode, but in 3d mode cores 7 and 8 have zero usage along with the other 6 cores usage dropping lower as well.

      Must still be an Nvidia CPU usage issue in 3dvision.

    2. Definitely sounds like that is CPU bound. Average usage is not important, because a game like this is only going to use two cores. (i3 is their recommended spec.)

      You might try some searches to see if there is a way to lower CPU demand in-game, like game options. And overclock your CPU as much as possible.

    3. Thanks for the input. Even with all in game graphics options to low or off and the resolution down to 720p my CPU is just not fast enough to run this in 3d. Whatever overhead is added (draw calls, etc..) in 3d is just too much.

  12. Fix isn't working for me, the shadows are still ruined.
    The ctrl-alt-insert field also shows its unrated by nvidia ( The standard message ).
    Which makes me suspect the fix isn't loading at all.

    Thinks I tried:
    - Reinstall fix
    - Reinstall game
    - Reinstall Nvidia drivers

    1. Since you have this problem in at least two games, the most likely answer is that your driver is busted. The lack of rating message suggests the profiles are broken.

      Reinstall the drivers, but be sure to use DDU to fully do a clean install.

    2. Unlikely, I just reinstalled my driver using DDU in safe mode 2 days ago. Ive got the following fixes working: Fallout 4, Rocket League, Observer, ABZU, FEAR 2.

      I don't think this is a driver related issue but as you suggested the fixes might be broken for : Life is Strange and this game Firewatch.

    3. Hello.
      I have absolutely the same problems.
      Please... fix the patch.

    4. If you want to try an older version of the game, we've discovered that it is possible to download prior versions from Steam. This gives you the option at least of playing now, instead of waiting patiently for an update. A lot of times the updates don't really matter and just break things.

      See this reddit thread.

  13. I've downloaded 8977686636404907712 manifest. And now can play in 3D.
    Thank you so much! Waiting for the 5.6 engine fix.

  14. Well not working for me, got infinite beeps and no access to the game menu, the 3D seems bugged and all I can do is barely Alt+F4 my game...

  15. DHR's Universal Unity Fix works perfectly with the latest version of Firewatch! Use 3D Fix Manager to install the fix.

  16. I hate you. You are dumb and have no idea how to make a mod. All this mod does is make the game glitch out constantly and makes it so when you quit the game it crashes my entire pc and have to hard reboot. The only reason I downloaded this mod was to turn off the crosshair, but pressing x in-game did nothing. Fuck this mod and you for not knowing how to make it properly.

    1. Well, that's actually really easy to do using our 3Dmigoto tool. But since you are an ass I'm not going to tell you how. Since you are such a genius, making your own mod should be easy.