Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Gal*Gun: Double Peace

Download the fix: 3Dfix-GalGun+Double+Peace-2016-11-09.zip


  • Various automatic HUD depth adjustments (refer to Keys below)
  • Shadows
  • God Rays
  • Halos


Extract the zip file under:

....\GalGun Double Peace\Binaries\Win64

Open GalGun Double Peace\Engine\Config\BaseEngine.ini and search for:


Change it to True:



  • ~ = Toggle between two convergence presets
  • 1 = HUD to 2D screen depth (use for menus)
  • 2 = HUD to first vertex depth (selected by default, recommended for gameplay)
  • 3 = HUD to individual vertex depth (like 2, but HUD elements may be more skewed)
  • 4 = HUD to mouse depth (Periodically move the mouse to all four sides to calibrate)
  • 5 = HUD to depth of screen center

Known Issues

Parts of the HUD will break when a HUD adjustment is active.

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  1. funny how there are no comments for this game but I'm pretty sure a lot of people play it with or without 3D :p