Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Witness

Download the fix: 3Dfix-The+Witness-1.0.zip


  • Forces exclusive mode full screen to enable 3D
  • Automatically adjusts mouse cursor depth
  • Reflections
  • 2D Gates
  • 2D Puzzles
  • Light shafts


  1. Unpack the zip file to the game directory

  2. Ensure the full screen option is enabled in the launcher (this is required for the auto cursor).

  3. Set the quality to Medium or High (the auto cursor does not work properly on low).

  4. If you are on a 32bit OS, replace the DLLs with those from the 32bit directory.

Important note about Puzzles

There are a few puzzles in this game that are designed to rely on a 2D perspective and would be difficult to solve in 3D. For these puzzles, hold either Q or the middle mouse button to temporarily reduce the separation so that the solution can be seen.


  • Backslash: Activate recommended convergence
  • Q / Middle Mouse: Hold to temporarily reduce separation for certain puzzles

Known Issues

  • Fog is slightly out
  • Water reflections are slightly out when the camera is tilted

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Yes you can - just take a look in the d3dx.ini and change the Key=q to whatever you want - there's documentation in there showing how to bind it to an xbox button.

  2. Wow, guys... You fixing games faster than I'm able to play them :D
    Thanks a lot for this one!!!

  3. @serzhas i've the same problem :) thx for all !

  4. the witness looks absolutely amazing with nvidia 3D vision on my ASUS VG278HE. great and clear 3D depth, fantastic. thanks a lot for fixing.
    greetz arturo azzurro from

  5. I've just had a rather negative experience with the game's creator, which has de-motivated me to work on his games considerably.

    1. There were two things - he criticised 3D TVs as being "silly" on the forums when I posted this, which I can overlook since lots of people have bad preconceptions about it if they haven't actually tried it themselves. But later when I criticised the design of one of the secrets in this game (spoiler: it involves waiting for an hour, in a similar manner to an equally poorly designed secret in his previous game) I found my criticism had been filtered into a "dumb internet comments" sub-forum and that he had blocked me on Twitter.

      I've removed my Patreon link from this post, because after that experience I can't in good faith accept donations for this particular fix.

    2. He is one of those guys that thinks themselves brilliant and games worked on are 100% made by them [like levine].

      His games are good but once he does something unsuccessful he won't know what to do with himself.

    3. If you have 0 steam rating he assumes your a troll or a pirate. In case you are 0 rating.
      "The OP is Steam Level 0, so this looks like an elaborate troll to me. Moving it to the appropriate forum."

  6. Firstly let me say a thank you for working on this, I got back into 3D gaming because of your patches :)

    I am however having an issue, the game won't launch 3D, I have used the inspector to force 3D but that has not fixed the issue.

    Anyone know why I'm having this problem?

    1. Try Alt+Enter and Ctrl+T - 3DMigoto should be forcing it to use exclusive mode full screen, but there were a couple of times it got a bit finnicky while I was working on it. What version of Windows are you using (and if Win7, with or without KB2670838)?

    2. I'm normally very good with this stuff but currently have a mild flu, not the best time to try and set this up :)

      Turns out my 3d vision had disabled itself, likely when I updated the drivers.

      Works great now! :)

      Thank you very much, you have made me fall in love with my 3D set up! :)

  7. real stereo 3D of the witness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1wDaCXX8bY

  8. Hi, nice work you've done.
    I applied the fix but the water reflection is still off everywhere...
    I don't know if I missed something in the installation or else ?

    1. Sounds like the fix isn't loading - is the stereo mouse cursor working in puzzles, or is that at screen depth as well? Can you open the d3dx.ini and turn on logging (calls=1) - that should create a d3d11_log.txt when you launch the game if 3DMigoto is loading and you should be able to check the log to see if the fix is loading.

  9. Hi,

    Water reflection is still off everywhere for me too.

    Is there any solution?

    Thanks for all your time and your job

  10. Just tried this now using Win10 x64, Driver 378.78, Steam version. The water is broken on the latest update.

    Go to the game in Steam, and in Properties, choose the Betas, and revert to the older- branch. This one works exactly right and looks perfect.

    While you are there, make a backup of your game directory, so that you are in charge of when updates ruin your experience. When it's working, and you are actively playing, make a copy so you can restore it after lame game updates.

    1. Sorry for the necro, but this option seems to have been removed.

    2. Yep. Found an alternate approach that should be more reliable, using download_depot.

      See This Thread

  11. Thanks!! . I have it on Gog and it works perfectly with older version.

  12. I've been playing this one recently, and I'm getting a bit tired of the line puzzles and the inscrutable symbol variants. And the lack of any hints or story arc make it a bit shallow, no matter how hip the designer thinks he is.

    However, I keep playing for one reason only- it looks freakin' epic in 3D. Absolutely a wonder to walk through the environments. Thanks for fixing this one, it's a great experience.

    1. Just don't waste your time trying to find all the secret puzzles... unless you really enjoy listening to the one hour lecture that is (and don't doze off or accidentally click the mouse while you wait)...

  13. @DarkStarSword, What a beautiful fix/game in all it's glory of Surround! :)
    Win7/2x1080ti, 388.59, 5960x1080 Thank You, I needed a place to go walk around.

  14. older version is not available anymore on steam, i'm getting a torrent i says v964 hope it works :(

  15. Replies
    1. wow... thanks, the version i've got have problems with water. i'm downloading with steam trick, great find thanks!! taking version from 4 Feb 2016...

  16. I can't get it to run. 3D doesn't kick in.

    As far as I can tell, the game doesn't go into exclusive Full Screen, even though with the fix installed it should. I'm using Windows 11 and 425.31 and Steam Version of the game.

    I already tried using older version form 4th Feb 2016 (what is suggested above), but it didn't change anything.

    Has anyone any idea?

    Oh another note, I deactivate Auto HDR and later HDR completely, because Windows was always showing some annoying toasts, that I assumed could influence the result. But it didn't work, even without deactivated HDR.

    1. I have to add, if the fix is installed, the game starts with a black screen. And only if I Alt+Tab out of the game and back into, the game works. But I can open Windows XBOX-Overlay, which means, that game is not in exclusive full screen.

      When I'm in the black screen and I press Escape, a Cross fade appears. Which is strange.

      When I have the chance, I will try it again in Windows 10 or Windows 7. Maybe this is a Windows 11 problem.