Sunday, December 4, 2016

Far Cry Primal



Update v1.1

This update is primarily aimed at improving the performance on SLI systems. Running at 2560x1440 with water quality set to 'High', I see improvements from 29fps in v1.0 to 55fps in v1.1, and with water quality set to 'Very High' I see improvements from 10fps in v1.0 to 50fps in v1.1!

Note that enabling the SBS/TAB custom shader will still have a significant impact to the framerate in SLI (stay tuned - improvements to halve the cost and limit it to when SBS/TAB is actually being used are planned).

For single GPU users there is still an improvement - the crosshair should now be less "jumpy", and will prefer to stay behind small objects like grass or foliage.

  • Updated to 3DMigoto 1.2.50
  • Driver profile is automatically updated on launch.
  • Downscale depth buffer to 1/16th resolution for crosshair depth calculations to improve SLI framerate, and make crosshair less "jumpy".
  • Downscale reflections to 1/2 their original resolution before swapping eyes, and limit operation to once per frame to drastically improve SLI framerate (reducing water quality slightly will also make an additional improvement to SLI framerate).


  • Volumetric fog completely and accurately fixed and looks awesome in 3D :)
    • Shadow volumes (e.g. cast from trees)
    • Light volumes (e.g. in caves)
    • Camp fires
    • Density near mountains
    • Density near cliffs
    • Density in sky
  • Specular highlights are fixed accurately!
  • Lights / Shadows
    • Tile Lighting
    • Directional
    • Ambient
    • Physical
  • Water reflections
    • Real reflections outdoors (using stereo reversal technique)
    • Environment map reflections in caves
  • Ambient Occlusion
    • Normal map artefacts
    • Disabled false velocity smearing
  • Auto crosshair added
  • Enemy & animal tags
  • Mask of Krati crystals around edge of screen moved to fixed depth
  • Halos
  • Lens flares
  • Vignette pushed to depth
  • Hunter vision yellow outline fade out at edge of screen lined up better
  • Underwater caustics
  • Decals
  • Bloom


  1. Unpack the zip file to the Far Cry Primal\bin directory

  2. Launch the game. The first time you run it (and again after any driver update) you will get a UAC prompt for Rundll32 to install the driver profile - choose yes.

  3. Disable Motion Blur in the settings

  4. If using SLI, lower the water quality to 'High' to improve the framerate and reduce stuttering.

HUD Modes

Two different automatic HUD modes are provided:

The default mode will adjust the entire HUD based on the centre of the screen, which is well suited to general gameplay so that the crosshair will line up with the target.

The second mode will try to adjust the HUD to be mostly in front of anything on the screen. This mode is intended for use in cutscenes to help make the subtitles easier to read.

The ~ key can be used to toggle between both of these modes. If you would prefer to use a fixed depth HUD, you can do so by editing the d3dx.ini - x2 sets the mode and x sets the fixed depth for mode 0.

Convergence Presets

Press backslash to cycle between two convergence presets - a low preset recommended for most of the game, and a high preset intended for use in the Legend of the Mammoth DLC.

Side-by-Side / Top-and-Bottom Output Modes

This fix is bundled with the new SBS / TAB output mode support in 3DMigoto. To enable it, edit the d3dx.ini, find the [Present] section and uncomment the following line by removing the semicolon from the start:

run = CustomShader3DVision2SBS

Then, in game press F11 to cycle output modes. If using 3D TV Play, set the nvidia control panel to output checkerboard to remove the 720p limitation.


There are some reports that recent drivers are causing issues for some people. If you have trouble, 361.91 and 362.00 are known to work for this game.

I may revisit the game later to improve the HUD like I did in FC4, but this is quite playable as is.

Known Issues

  • Vignette underwater is not lined up with the edge of the screen (related to the HUD), but is a pretty minor issue.

  • Some of the cutscenes have excessive sparkles at the far left of the screen.

  • Some of the reflections are not accurate in 2D, and therefore not accurate in 3D either. The river near the village is probably the worst for this as from certain camera angles plants can be seen stretched across the water. This is a game bug.

  • If you use an unusual resolution, the fog in some areas (such as while obtaining the Owl guide) may be cut off the right of the screen. This occurs even in 2D and is a game bug. 1920x1080 and 1280x720 both work fine.

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This mod is created with 3DMigoto (by Bo3b, Chiri & myself) and uses Flugan's assembler


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    1. Please only post comments relevant to the game in question here, as no one will see it otherwise. Since there is no relevant post, I suggest using the forums:

  2. Yes yes! Let's be the caveman ^_^ Always wanted a game like this ;)) (Still remember the 80-90 Caveman game ^_^)

    Big thank you DSS!!!

  3. my left eye seems to be showing only a white screen with some black dots moving along...

    1. I saw someone posting about getting this to work on VR devices so I assume you might be one of them.

      Do you have 3D vision? This is required.

    2. Sounds like the game isn't assigned to the correct profile - make sure you follow the installation instructions.

    3. hmm.... I did.... set it up as farcry primal, but even in the vanilla game, if I run straight to 3D, it had the same issue....

    4. "set it up as farcry primal" - It needs to be assigned to the "Far Cry 4" profile, not "Far Cry Primal" (if that profile worked there wouldn't be any reason to change it). The "Max Payne 3" profile works as well.

    5. thanks a lot, I changed it to far cry 4 settings just now, but it simply just doesn't show up as 3D at all @@

    6. thanks a lot, I changed it to far cry 4 settings just now, but it simply just doesn't show up as 3D at all @@

    7. fixed it! it looks AMAZING! thanks!!!

    8. HI DARKSTARSWORD great work really !! but i have some trouble So i have 3dvision vorpx and the oculus dk2 i ve changed to far cry 4 profile i install the 3dvision fix in the farcry primal/bin directory; So i start vorpx then i start the game but i haven't got the 3d effect in the rift. the keys ~ and \ seems doesn t work : i can't see any difference, i uncomment the line to use F11 and that work but Could you explain step by step how could you use 3dvision with the rift. (like Hoopermation) i haven't got any depth vision it s seems that vorpx run alone ... thank you

    9. I don't have a VR headset so I can't try it or give you any instructions and I have no idea how well it works (Hoopermation still had some broken effects in VR). I haven't seen any detailed instructions of using our fixes with the rift, but Hoopermation's explanation for what he did is here: . There's also some more detailed instructions to get it working with TrinusVR: . If you get it working feel free to write up some instructions.

  4. Thank you so much for this great work. I just patreon you and with great pleasure.

  5. Right on fellas, I was having difficulty with the white left eye too, so dammit if I didn't have to go out and learn something. I'm too old and lazy to learn things, but thanks to you, I managed. Still, I hate that halo effect I always get around things that are too close up, an issue I noted with other Far Cry games as well. I guess I could turn down the depth, but...nah. I'll suffer unless you bright young English speakers want to give me a hint for that as well.

    Thanks again. Sincerely.

    1. That sounds like you have Compatibility Mode enabled, which is the fake 3D. You'll want to disable that using Ctrl-Alt-F11, after Enabling Advanced In Game Settings in the stereo control panel. Use Ctrl-Alt-Ins to see what mode you are in.

    2. Right on, will check it out, and thanks.

  6. Hi!
    Thanks so much for this fix. Its working great.
    I've tried both the Far Cry Primal profile and the Far Cry 4 profile.
    The Far Cry 4 profile just kills my fps (down to 20-25fps alot of the time).
    However the Far Cry Primal profile runs smoothly between 30-60 and with no visual problems.
    Running SLI 2xGTX980.
    Just a heads up that the Far Cry Primal profile might work for some.
    At least 3 hours in ;)

    1. If the FCPrimal profile is working for you feel free to use it - it is incredibly obvious if the profile is broken from the moment you get into the game.

  7. Hallo,
    how can I reassign the "~" - key to switch between hud-modes? This key is not working for me perhaps because of my german keyboard layout. In the d3dx config it says "key = 'x2", what does that mean?
    Thanks for your help.

  8. Make sure you are using an editor which correctly shows the newlines - "key = `" and "x2 = 2" should be on two separate lines.

    As per the documentation in the d3dx.ini:

    ; Key bindings: For A-Z and 0-9 on the number row, just use that single
    ; character. For everything else (including mouse buttons), use the virtual key
    ; name (with or without the VK_ prefix) or hex code from this article:

    1. Thx, I got it.
      Taking "WordPad" instead of "Editor" showed me the lines correctly.
      Changing the key "'" to "p" and it worked fine.
      Great 3D-fix!

  9. Great job !
    Thanks a lot.

  10. Wow! The timing for the update is INCREDIBLE! I just started playing Far Cry Primal YESTERDAY :)))
    Thanks a lot!!

    1. I was very excited to see that fix 1.1 is intended for SLI performance improvements. However, with updated fix I see exactly the same FPS and each GPU usage stays at 50% (980 Ti). I have clean-installed 376.09 drivers and removed old fix before installing updated version. Any help?

      P.S. "Driver profile is automatically updated on launch." - this is AMAZING!!!

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    3. Bet you are hitting a CPU bottleneck.
      The SLI fix is only when you are running "exotic" resolutions above 1440p (as stated in the beginning of the fix;) ).
      The game is pretty CPU bound as it tends to use 100% of my CPU2 core and the rest are just hovering around.

    4. I see. Sounds very feasible. Thanks, Helifax! Game runs pretty well on my system maxed out, though. So no tears there! :D Superb fix and superb game (so far). Far Cry Primal is worth to be named 3D Vision Showcase game, IMO :)

  11. Big thank you DSS for this fix;) Runs awesome now;)
    Really really appreciated!!!

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  13. Getting improved framerates using SLI with the new fix - thanks!

  14. Great job!
    thanks a lot
    much better than nvidia compatibity mode

    a french fan

  15. what key is backslash?? i want to cycle through the convergence presets

  16. Folks I am hoping someone has some advice on how to resolve an issue I am having with Far Cry Primal. It was working beautifully for about 40 hours, and I had a game crash where I needed to kill the game exe. After starting again, it asked for permission to install the driver. When back in the game, the shadows are now big globs, objects render at incorrect distances, and there are shimmery effects. I tried removing the patch, rebooting, running the game, installing the patch again but it didn't help. Is there some sort of shader cache I can reset? You folks did an awesome job with this fix and I'd sure like to get it working again.

    1. I found the problem. Windows 10 decided to install a new driver while I was in game. I had stepped away to eat dinner and left the game running, just paused on the menu screen. When I came back - presto - the game had crashed because Microsoft thought it was a good time to apply a new video driver without my permission. Unreal. So, no worries folks. This one is all on MS.

  17. So what is this mod all about? I dont know it. Please tell me, does this boost the FPS im a Low spec pc user? Tell me please if this could help me add more fps to the game? and can you please make a mod where the grass is lesser? Grass gives me low fps because theres so many of them.?

    1. Way off the mark - this mod, like every other mod on this site, is for playing in stereoscopic 3D.

  18. you might be interessted in the GUI for Dunia Tools so you can create a "real" mod for Primal? ;)

    1. I'm not sure if you understand what this mod does vs. what those tools allow?

  19. I cant download the mod from any of the both links

    1. They are working for me... Try a different web browser maybe?

    2. As a data point- also working fine for me. Chrome, US west coast. DarkStarSword is in Australia.

  20. do I have to install anything else prior to copying the files where the instructions say I must?

    I heard terms I'm not familiar with such as 3d migoto?

    1. So I went ahead and followed the instructions. I'm using a 2560x1440 monitor with a gtx 1080 (single card not SLI) with every settings maxed. Oddly, my FPS has dropped massively after installing this fix.

      Prior to installing this, I was running 3d vision (nvidia's default settings) and was getting a solid 60 fps. Now I'm hovering around 30-40 fps.

      Is there a way to fix this? I tried lowering the water quality and even the shadow quality and its not working

    2. Most likely you were using Compatibility Mode before, fake 3D. After this fix is installed, it's real geometry 3D, which takes twice as much performance, as it draws for each eye. CM is sometimes not terrible, but adds some weird haloing around up close items, and typically lacking in depth. The real fix here will look a lot better.

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    1. I forgot to mention this is @ 1440p

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  22. yes I did notice there is a huge difference in how much objects pop now. So...
    How does one get 60 fps with a gtx 1080 with this fix?

    Cause unless I lower everything down to medium and some settings to low... its keeps hovering around 30-40fps. and thats with a beast of a computer here. a gtx 1080 and an i7 7700k at 5ghz

    this is @ 1440p
    its a single GPU not sli.
    Should I use 1.0 instead of 1.1?

    1. Should be no difference in performance from 1.0 to 1.1 version. DarkStarSword notes in the description that he gets 55 fps with SLI 970, which has better performance than a single 1080 (at 1440p). Getting higher than you are is not likely unless you change the resolution. Also look for an AA and disable it. At 1440p you don't really need AA.

      Check the Nvidia geforce page for settings. They probably did a breakdown of what impacts performance.

      Most likely you are actually CPU bound here though. Check your GPU usage and see if it's maxing. If not, you are CPU bound, even at 5Ghz. Basically, games suck at multithreading, so extra cores don't matter, only single core performance.

  23. I'll try the 362.00 drivers just in case the most recent ones aren't good for primal