Sunday, December 4, 2016

Unravel (DX11)

I re-fix the WIP created by 4everAwake (some game update broke it), so all the credits goes to him.
I tweak the lights shaders to fix some black textures and removing the DOF effect don't remove the water.

Before i post here i talk with 4everAwake if is ok with him...all enjoy this amazing game....really is an amazing game and S3D looks awesome. Removing the DOF effects is the best thing done in this fix....why hide the beauty of the landscape.

- Remove DOF, default OFF (toogle with "X" key...believe will not use DOF)
- Fixes character shadows & fixes interior lights
- Fixes various 2D effects (dust trails, sparks, fog)
- Disables vignette effect when the camera zooms in on picture frames

Know Issues (nothing game breaking):
- Specular highlights & water reflections look incorrect
- Various water effects are 2D (water splashes, crashing waves,.. etc)

- "1" key or Xbox LB button for low convergence (read the book or picture frames)
- "2" key for medium convergence (gameplay one)
- "3" key for High convergence (gameplay one)
- Xbox RB button cycle between medium and high convergence

- Extract .zip where the .EXE is located
- Start the game, when "Rundll32" prompt appear, press "Yes". This is only for the first launch.




  1. Thank you for the great update!
    This community is so freaking awesome

  2. Awesome, DHR! Thank you very much! This game is INCREDIBLE, and with 3D Vision it's a true MASTERPIECE! :)

  3. I was waiting for thissssssssss..Thank you Awesome

  4. Thank you, DHR. This game brings so much 3D joy to my eyes, it feels like it should be illegal!

  5. Thank you so much for this! Seconding "Anonymous"'s comment, I appreciate this community so much for keeping 3D alive even on relatively obscure games such as this!

  6. Thankyou DHR for this D.amn H.ot R.elease ;)
    Thankyou 4everAwake for initial fix.
    Thankyou Nvidia and game developers for abandoning 3d vision.... long live 3d!!

  7. Very nice experience (game may seem a bit childish but it's not so much..)

    THNX for the fix all of you 3d masters.

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  9. It seems the fix does not work anymore. After copying the files and starting the game, no "Rundll32" prompt appeared.
    And the keys shortcuts does nothing...

    1. That suggests that you did not install the fix properly. If the shortcut keys are not active, the fix is not active. Use Uninstall.bat to remove the fix completely, and try again.

  10. When I get into game at title screen. The DOF is off and it looks great. I can press the "X" key and it turns it back on or back off again. However... once I start a new game and get past the first cutscene. I get Yarny on the table and just about the time I get off the table the game just freezes. I can still hear music and sounds and move around but the image is frozen and I have to ALT-F4 to end the game. Without this fix my game does not crash like this. Any ideas?

  11. Could you please update the fix. It does not work anymore with Nvidia driver 430.64 and newer. With driver 388.00 there was no issue. The game won't start anymore as it conflicts with nvwgf2umx.dll

    1. Is there a reason you require 430.64? I just tested this using Win10 1803, Driver 419.67 and it was working perfectly. I would expect 425.31 to work fine as well, and would be surprised if the 430.64 version causes problems.

      I don't think there is anything wrong with the fix. Best bet is to install 425.31 using DDU.

  12. 430.64 is the driver I downloaded for Rage 2. Already rolled back to 388.00 to play through Unravel without DoF again. Thanks for your reply anyway.

  13. Replies
    1. The goal of this mod is to fix broken effects when running it in stereoscopic 3D mode. This is unfortunately only setup for NVidia 3D Vision, so won't work if you are thinking it will give 3D for AMD cards.