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Fix v 1.3 by Stephen Shepard aka sgsrules (

About the game:

This is one of the best games of 2016 and one of my all time favorite games. It's an incredible game in several aspects, great art direction, graphics, animation, ambiance, sound design and game play. There's no intro, no stupid tutorials, popups, mini maps, quest markers, quick time events, cut scenes, or other bs. From the point you hit start till the very end it's pure uninterrupted game play. It's about 4 or 5 hours long, which may seem short, but the pacing is just right and it keep's it's momentum from start to finish. I wish i could dive back in for a few more hours because of how much i enjoyed it, but at the same time I think that being able to play it in a single play through makes it perfect. I've been gaming for over 30 years and haven't been this impressed with a side stroller since "Out of this World", or most games in general. But simply calling it a side scroller is a bit of a disservice. It's a great experience and it's dark and twisted as hell.  I can't wait to see what Play Dead cooks up next.  I hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

About the fix:

This fix has been a long time in the making. INSIDE was released in 2016 but no one has been able to fix it until now.  This fix enables the game to run in flawless 3D.  The ambiance and art design of the game makes it a showcase title for 3D Vision.  If you haven't played it before you're in for a treat. if you've already played it in 2D it's definitely worth replaying since it looks incredible in 3D.  This fix is a bit unconventional compared to some of the other 3D Vision fixes.  Even though it uses 3D Migoto, it doesn't replace any shaders.  3D Migoto is only used to force the game to run in full-screen mode and to provide some of the underlying code access to some of the 3D Vision parameters.  The stereoscopic code is injected into the engine using Eusth's IPA Unity Injector.  The fix works by making the engine update at 120hz instead of 60hz. It sequentially renders each eye to a separate buffer and time is paused between each eye rendering to keep everything in sync. So the gpu has to do twice as much work as well as the cpu. Nvidia's 3D Vision Automatic mode also incurs a bit of added overhead, even though it's not being used apart from creating the necessary stereo buffers and enabling 3D. Ideally the fix would use Nvidia's 3D Vision Direct mode, but i could never get this to work with the version of Unity that the game uses, so as a workaround it uses 3D Vision automatic.  3D Vision automatic still attempts to inject it's automatic stereo correction code, unfortunately this screws up the stereoscopic rendering. As a workaround the fix uses it's own set of separation and convergence values and "disables" 3D Vision automatic by reducing the separation to 0.  After installing the fix every time the game launches the 3D vision driver's separation will be automatically set to 0.  Do not increase the separation or convergence using the 3D Vision hotkeys! Only use the hotkeys for the fix.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to figure out a way to reliably revert the separation back when exiting the game so you'll have to increase the separation back to your default value. Every effect in the game has been fixed except for the TXAA, which i disabled.  I would highly recommend using Nvidia's DSR to get rid of aliasing.


  1. Download the fix from: INSIDE - 3D Vision Fix
  2. Extract the entire contents of the zip into INISDE's game folder where the executable is located.
  3. Click and drag the INSIDE.exe on top of  IPA.exe.  This will patch the game for 3D vision. If you need to repatch the game a "INSIDE (Patch & Launch)" shortcut is created for convenience sake.  If the game is updated and the fix gets broken you can repatch it using the shortcut or by clicking and dragging the exe on to the IPA.exe 
  4. Once patched make sure you run the game as admin. (Right click, got to properties, compatibility tab enable Run this as Administrator).
  5. After installing the fix, every time the game launches the 3D vision driver's separation will be automatically set to 0. Separation and convergence are adjusted using the fix's hotkeys and can be saved for future use using the fix's save hotkey. Do not increase the separation or convergence using the 3D Vision hotkeys! Only use the hotkeys for the fix. If you accidentally increase the separation using the 3D Vision hotkey simply lower it back all the way. If 3D is not rendering properly lower the Nvidia separation value to 0 manually. On some systems the game might fail to automatically lower the separation to zero.  if this happens make sure the game is run as admin.  If you're using  Windows 10 you might have to lower the separation manually.  
  6. Make sure that no additional apps are enabling vsync or limiting fps below 120.  By default the fix disables Vsync. Since each eye is rendered sequentially the game actually runs at half the reported framerate. E.g. 120Fps is actually running at 60. This may cause some screen tearing on some systems. It's possible to enable Vsync in the ini file. This will get rid of screen tearing but will halve the framerate so if your display runs at 60hz the game will be running at 30 fps. I don't recommend enabling Vsync.
  7. The Default hotkeys are: Decrease separation = 1 (all keys on keyboard not keypad), Increase separation = 2, Decrease convergence = 3, Increase convergence = 4, Save Settings = 5.
  8. Optional: Default hotkeys along with separation and convergence values can be changed in the ini file located at: \INSIDE\Plugins\Unity3DVisionPlugin.ini.  For a full set of available hotkeys refer to
  9. Optional: Since the games built in anti-aliasing (TXAA) is disabled with the fix i would highly recommend using Nvidia's DSR.  Unity games usually only support native resolutions or will try to match your desktop resolution.  So as a workaround, first make sure DSR is enabled. Then before you launch the game change your desktop resolution to the DSR resolution, this will make the DSR resolution available in the game. 
  10. There's a bug near the end of the game where you have to disconnect 4 cables from a blob in a tank of water.  Sometimes 1 or more of these connections are inaccessible since they're inside the blob.  If this happens simply reload the checkpoint, it'll start you off right there so you won't lose any progress. 
Additional Info and discussion at INSIDE 3D Vision Forum

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  1. thank you so much. i waited to play this game for this fix! finally ready to play

  2. Best news since the game came out! I even contacted the devs to ask for official 3dvision support, but they were busy with other stuff back then (working on the playstation version). So thanks a LOT for your effort :D

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  4. Excellent job on this! Just picked the game up on a Steam sale and I'm loving every minute of it in beautiful 3D!

  5. Hello, does your fix run with windows7?I can't fix the game.Thank you anyway for all your great work.(I patch the game as you recommend,but i have 2 datas folder,should i merge them?)

  6. Awasome. very good game and very good fix, thanks Sgrules

  7. Thank you so much for fixing this game, sgsrules! The 3D in this game really is beautiful. IMHO, this should be a 3Dvision showcase game.

  8. I also wanted to thank you for this great S3D Fix! I ran into the problem with the 4 cables you mentioned. It was really helpful to know it's a bug. I don't know if it's related, but soon after this section I wasn't able to pick up a wooden plank. After 20 min trying, I decided to load and then it worked.

  9. I'd played through in 2D earlier, and just played through again in 3D. Straight through, including all secrets. This game is truly stunning in 3D. Thank you for posting this version.

  10. Just wanted to mention, this fix can be played in SBS/TaB mode by updating to the newest version of 3DMigoto. Playing in native 4K really helps with the aliasing!