Thursday, November 23, 2017

Legacy of Kain: Defiance

This is a guide to play Legacy of Kain: Defiance properly in 3D. The fix included here isn't necessary. It's just for convergence hotkeys.

This is a DX9 game that mostly only suffers from HUD stereoization problems (it goes out of the screen after certain convergence levels). This can be fixed by modifying the game profile in Nvidia Inspector. Here are the settings that you must use (in bolder font):

In text format, just in case the image disappears someday:

Profile nameLegacy of Kain: DefianceNot a setting, but just for your information.
StereoCutoff0x00000002Necessary to enable the following tweak.
StereoCutoffDepthNear0x430C0000This makes the HUD 2D, in collaboration with the previous setting. In some cutscenes, if something is too close to the camera, some geometry elements may become 2D. It's unavoidable.
StereoMemoEnabledNoJust to disable the green text information.
StereoProfileYesNecessary to use non default configurations.
StereoTextureEnable0x00000001The default value of 0x00000023 is fine too, but it will stereoize the render target associated with the sword attack (a transparency effect), which can't be fixed by normal means apparently.

IMPORTANT: disable Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode in the game "defiance.exe" file.

To use three convergence presets (F1, F2, F3, that can be overwritten with F7), use this fix and unzip it in the "Legacy of Kain Defiance" folder, where "defiance.exe" is. However, you'll surely want to use the 16:9 mod that also has a "d3d9.dll". To make both work at the same time, you'll need Ultimate ASI Loader used as "dsound.dll" instead of "dinput8.dll". Then rename the "d3d9.dll" from the aspect ratio mod to "d3d9.asi" and set your resolution in "sr3.ini".

I took the liberty of putting all these mods together in the same file. I don't take responsibility for how those mods may affect your game. Change the resolution in "sr3.ini" if you need it (it's 2560x1440 in my file).

If you are wondering why I didn't fix the HUD using shaders, it's because the game only has 3 vertex shaders, and none of them seemed to be the HUD nor the sword transparency effect, so my hands were tied.

If you liked the guide and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account:


  1. Classic masterpiece, will be great fun to play in S3D after so many years. Thanks a lot for reviving the classics masterotaku.

  2. I spent a lot of time not being able to launch the game in 3D, but I finally managed to do it.

    Ingame,go to "Options" -> "Graphics Options" -> "FX Options" -> "Fullscreen Effects Disabled". I had them enabled and as soon as I disabled them, the game ran in 3D.

    Be well folks!