Monday, October 10, 2022

Nioh: Complete Edition

3D Vision fix for Nioh: Complete Edition.

Update (2022-10-11): geo-11 fix added, with build v0.6.64. Radial blur fixed. Temporal effect of volumetric fog fixes. HUD tweaks. Autoconvergence configured and enabled by default.

Update (2021-01-24): accurate fix for volumetric fog. Correct profile settings for some shadows problems. Perfect fix for haloing problems. Vignette toggle. Perfect parallax occlusion mapping. Fixed the screen borders of screen space reflections. Other minor things.

Update (2019-06-10): completely fixed shadows (including cutscenes and everything), decals, water, realistic specular reflections, and sun/moon lighting (you can check that by tilting the camera with Nvidia Ansel). 3Dmigoto updated to 1.3.16. The screenshots above as of this date don't show this update.

Update (2018-12-01): fixed screen space reflections (see third screenshot). To appreciate the effect better, remember to use the "8" hotkey.

- All haloing problems (smoke, water, refraction effects, etc).
- Shadows, decals, and lighting.
- Volumetric lighting and fog.
- Clipping of lighting and decals.
- Water reflections.
- Light shafts.
- Sun/moon lighting in the sky.
- Screen space reflections.
- Stereoized parallax occlusion mapping.
- Some geometry that was double stereoized.
- Radial blur.
- Tweakable HUD depth and toggling. Crosshair is at more depth than the rest and isn't affected by the HUD depth hotkey.
- Autoconvergence configured for slow transitions, with an automatic preset for cutscenes that changes how autoconvergence is configured (lower max limit and faster transitions). This preset also makes HUD be at screen depth for better subtitle readability, and also screen depth for the monster list and equipment in the world map, for safety measures.

geo-11, with build v0.6.64: download this file and extract its contents in the "Nioh" folder, where "nioh.exe" is. Remember to edit "d3dxdm.ini" to change your "direct_mode" to the output you need.

For 3D Vision monitors there are two ways to make it work, and these settings aren't enabled by default:
1- "direct_mode = nvidia_dx11" + "upscaling = 1" + "swap_effect = 4" + using borderless in the game options.
2- "direct_mode = nvidia_dx9" + "upscaling = 1" + using borderless in the game options. 2D videos won't play, mentioning an error at the top left corner.

- 3D Vision (old): download this file and extract its contents in the "Nioh" folder, where "nioh.exe" is.
- Launch the game and let it overwrite the profile (in the case of 3D Vision).
- Do not use 1366x768 resolution specifically.

F1: convergence presets. Useless with autoconvergence, which is enabled by default.
F2: HUD depth presets. 40% depth in gameplay and 20% in cutscenes by default.
F3: HUD toggle. Not disabled by default.
F4: depth of field toggle (it only appears in cutscenes). Not disabled by default.
F5: protagonist beard toggle when you use the default or long beard. Not disabled by default.
F6: it disables one compute shader in charge of some lighting spots (like shrines). Just in case you want to increase performance a bit. Not disabled by default.
5 (not the numpad): bloom toggle. Not disabled by default.
6 (not the numpad): vignette toggle. Disabled by default.
- 8 (not the numpad): screen space reflections quality multiplier presets (2, 4, 8, 16, 0, 1). x1 by default. This doesn't control resolution. It increases the amount of geometry reflected. There is a performance cost when you increase this, but it isn't too bad. Examples: ssr x1, ssr x8.
9 (not the numpad): SSAO toggle, in case you want to disable it without going to the settings menu. It can be useful for cutscenes, because it looks uglier and unfiltered there.

Performance mode (for the old 3D Vision fix, outdated)
If you need more GPU performance and you don't mind losing some accuracy, open "d3dx.ini", go to the line that says "y10=0" and change it to "y10=1". Then go near the bottom and change "StereoFlagsDX10 = 0x00005008" to "StereoFlagsDX10 = 0x00000008".
This will make volumetric effects worse (sticking to surfaces instead of floating in the air as they should) but you may see 15-20% GPU performance gains when those effects are used.
Press the F6 hotkey to get even more performance when Kodama shrines are nearby (it disables their lighting).

If you liked the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account:
Or you can join my Patreon:


  1. Huge thanks for all the great fixes and update`s Masterotaku :)
    You made 3D vision so mutch more awesome
    Kind regards, frank

  2. Oh shit Xmast got here earlier!!!

  3. Thanks so much for this mod! I'd donate if I had the cash.
    I was getting very little fps until I downloaded this mod and disabled some options.
    Now my game is almost steady 60fps where as before I was barely getting 30.

    1. 60fps in 3D? I thought the game is capped at 60 in 2D.

  4. Hi, I tried downloading the mod just as the instructions said, but it seems to cause my game to crash. Is here something I'm doing wrong or does the mod just need to be updated?

    1. Always possible that a game update broke it, but that almost never results in crashes, just broken effects.

      Make sure you can run the game without the fix (uninstall.bat) and make sure that it is working with 3D turned on but with no fix installed.

    2. hm, i did what you said and it seems the game only crashes if i have the mod installed. now that i think about it i think i may have extracted it to the wrong place, its supposed to go in steam/steamapps/common/nioh right?

    3. Easiest and best way to install is using 3D Fix Manager, top left navbar of this page.

  5. What does "Lighting at depth" mean in the configuration file?

    1. Ignore that. That's a remnant from an older fix version (from more than 1.5 years ago), before I knew how to properly stereoize specular reflections. The "7" hotkey, even if it's defined in d3dx.ini, serves no purpose anymore.

  6. Is there any chance of having the 60 fps cap removed?

  7. Is there gonna be a similar mod for Nioh 2? I loved being able to disable bloom in the first game. Cheers.

  8. Would you be able to make something similar to this on Nioh 2? Just having a toggle HUD would be perfect. Thank you for your work.

  9. Hey Paul, just to let you know, trying to install this fix with the latest version of 3DFM gives an error "extraction failed". Installing manually still works, and after restarting 3DFM, it sees the fix as installed.
    I also noticed that when I unzipped the 7z archive I got a message "Warning: the archive is open with offset" which I don't remember ever seeing before. Could be a hint.

    1. Thx for the hint. I have two extractors in 3DFM (7zip and sharpcompress). By default the fix profile extrackts the file with sharpcompress which no longer works. I've just changed it to extract with 7zip - works again. You can expect a profile update very soon.

    2. You're welcome. Thank you for your awesome program that makes our gaming lives so easy!

      While we're at it, I've discovered another little "housecleaning" issue. The fix for Dark Souls Remastered is showing the webpage preview of a fix by Losti, and the "HelixMod Blog" button links to a page which does not exist. However, 3DFM properly installs Masterotaku's fix, and the correct link should be

  10. I kinda want just the disable hud button for screenshots. Might give this a dl just for that!

  11. Are the hotkeys customisable?

  12. I am getting some flickering issues with the latest download on the latest version of the game. Revenant fog and Barrier Talisman for example have flickering effects now.

  13. How do i know what 'direct mode' to put in d3dxdm.ini??

    1. read the geo11 page:

  14. Which hashes would I set "handling = skip" to disable fog?

  15. Screen is doubled with red warning saying failed to created direct mode mUpdateiniParamCS shared, main menu flickers can't see what I am doing. Any solution?

    1. it looks like this any help please?

    2. How'd you fix it?