Sunday, October 9, 2022

God of War

3D Vision and geo-11 fix for God of War, the 2018 game.

Update (2022-01-29): geo-11 updated to build v0.6.109. It should fix some stability issues in "nvidia_dx11" mode.

Update (2022-12-04): geo-11 updated to build v0.6.90. TAA is now perfect during separation and convergence transitions (good for autoconvergence). Fixed one HUD problem in menus.

Update (2022-10-10): geo-11 updated to build v0.6.64. Added dynamic crosshairs and lock-on, fixed highlighted objects, geometry "spikes", configured autoconvergence, and more.

Update (2022-06-23): geo-11 fix added. I have more plans for it, but for now the basics.

Update (2022-06-01): after checking game update 1.0.12, I have added all my cached shaders to the fix and also did the vignette disabling and toggle for the new shader that appears when FSR 2.0 is enabled. Still, DO NOT use FSR 2.0, because it breaks (at least partially) the geometry culling fix (it isn't a new shader) and something about it looks bad in general. Better just use resolution scaling.

Update (2022-03-24): fix updated after the game version 1.09 added geometry culling, with new compute shaders to fix. Also fixed two small haloing issues.

- Game stereoized after fixing profile settings and other configurations.
- Shadows.
- Lighting.
- Lighting clipping.
- Water.
- Sky and its lighting.
- Volumetric lighting.
- Screen space reflections.
- Realistic specular reflections.
- Temporal anti-aliasing and all other temporal effects.
- Tessellation, with real depth.
- Stereoized HUD elements that have real depth (like map elements and some submenus).
- Dynamic depth for crosshairs and lock-on icon.
- Motion blur.
- Haloing problems.
- Lens flares at full depth, and fixed their occlusion.
- Geometry culling.
- Geometry "spikes" that occurred when objects had a depth of 1.
- Highlighted objects.
- A lof of other small effects.
- Autoconvergence configured and enabled by default.

Known issues
- The reflections setting is imperfect when set as "Original", but anything higher is fixed.
- The ambient occlusion setting is imperfect when set as "High" (even after trying to fix it for hours). I recommend using "Original" unless you don't mind some small imperfections.
- DLSS is totally broken, and FSR not recommended because of small issues.

- geo-11, with build v0.6.109: download this file and extract its contents in the "GodOfWar" folder, where "GoW.exe" is. Remember to edit "d3dxdm.ini" to change your "direct_mode" to the output you need. For 3D Vision monitors, use "nvidia_dx11" and set "upscaling = 1" in "d3dxdm.ini".
- 3D Vision (outdated): download this file and extract its contents in the "GodOfWar" folder, where "GoW.exe" is.
- Run the game. The first time, Windows will ask for permission to modify the Nvidia profile.
- Use borderless fullscreen. The game uses flip model, so it will trigger 3D Vision.

About the geo-11 fix version, as of build v0.6.6, "direct_mode = nvidia_dx9" is what works for 3D Vision monitors, but somehow forces 1920x1080 resolution in the game and desktop. "direct_mode = sbs" is unaffected by this, for example.

F1: four convergence presets (0.5, 1, 1.75, 2.5). 1.75 by default, which I recommend for gameplay. Shift+F1 cycles them backwards. This hotkey doesn't do anything when autoconvergence is enabled (which is default).
F2 (3D Vision fix) or 9 (not the numpad, for the geo-11 fix): HUD depth presets (x0, x0.2, x0.4, x0.6, x0.8, x1). 40% depth by default. This doesn't affect the crosshair (dynamic) or menu elements that have their own depth. Subtitles always remain at screen depth for better readability.
F4: depth of field toggle. Not disabled by default. It also disables motion blur as a side effect, if you enable motion blur. And it also disables some small effects on some enemies, so I don't recommend using this hotkey much.
F5: vignette toggle. Disabled by default. I recommend leaving it disabled, because the effect is annoying in 3D.

- The reflections setting becomes very demanding when set above "High". If you are GPU limited, I recommend staying at "High". But not using "Original" nor disabled.
- (Old 3D Vision fix) If you see some effects flickering on and off, that means your GPU is maxed out. Usually it can be fixed by entering photo mode, tabbing out, tabbing in, and resuming the game. Once it's fixed, it won't happen for the rest of the session.
- Resolution scaling is OK to use. FSR produces some small defects.
- Mods that modify the FOV are OK to use.

If you liked the fix and want to contribute for more future fixes, you can donate to this PayPal account:
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  1. Great work! Thanks for this fix - I am looking forward playing God of War in S3D.

  2. Thank you Master, you are a great shaderhacker - one day ppl will talk about your contributions when all is said and done. If the game is good I'll donate once again to you!

  3. Thank you Master!! Have it setup in 3d surround (3 3d monitors) using flawless widescreen and your fix.. Your dev work makes this game a must for a 2nd play through.. This time the way it should be done, in 3D.

  4. Thank you Master !!
    Great Work !!

    Is the game also playable with Helixvision in VR ??

    I also have a 65-inch 3D TV and a 4K Sony 3D projector...but I prefer the large FOV of the Pimax 8KX or the sharpness of the HP-Reverb G2 if possible.

    1. I don't have a VR headset so I can't say if it will work fine with HelixVision or not. But be careful with it because the game is very demanding, and for HelixVision you have to leave some GPU usage free.

    2. Since it's DX11, should work I think. Make a new profile from lower left corner and specify DX11 and it will install the right dll. Let it do the auto-half frame rate limiter to up your odds of getting good enough performance.

    3. just a question: what model is your "4K Sony 3D projector" and does it 120hz above 1080p? or can you enter 3d sbs/top,bottom with a higher resolution than 1080p? as far as i know, the best you can get with 3d projectors is native 1080p @ 3d60hz (native 120). But if there is a projector, which is able to refresh 120hz above 1080p (and of cause its 3d implmentation supports frame sequential at the specific resolution) it would be a hugh impact of sharpness for the very large projection area...

  5. Doesn't work for me at all. Black screen and 3D not kicking in. 3D enabled via 3D fix manager, also tried with "driver modified" button toggled. Most games work as intended though. Any hint please?

    1. hi, did you manage to solve this? I have the same problem, other games working :-(

  6. Thank You so much Masterotaku :-)
    Incredible! Thank you for the tip re Tabbing for flickering, and other tips.
    And the "anonymous" reminder on Flawless.
    Messing with all the in game settings, OC my 2080ti to 2070mhz, have 3 monitors, 5850x1080 @ an avg about 58 fps, early in the game, perfect. Haven't done surround in a loooonnng time!!
    Win10/21H2/12700k-Asus AI 47% OC/3dfm w/452.05 global hack
    Playing in surround like the good 'ol days! :-)
    What a treat :-)

    1. Correction to above driver - 452.06, not 452.05.

      I should add also, I tried GOW on the Exact Same hardware, separate ssd/different OS - 1809 LTSC/425.31.
      Surround would work, same settings as above, but fps was about 10%-15% lower. For some reason, I was only getting about 82-85% usage on the GPU, OC or No OC.

      On the OS above, I get a constant 99% Usage on GPU, OC or No OC, so playing on OS above. Both clean installs of everything. I have a clone of clean installs for when I decide to play. Thanks bob3, Macrium works great :-)

      Why the difference? OS or Driver? I don't have a clue, and never will, as can't get 425.31 stand alone to run correctly on current Win10. Anyway, moving on. ;-) fyi.

  7. Well, I have 452.06 GPU driver as installed by 3d fix manager and WIN 10 PRO 64 bit 1909. I'll need to keep fiddling with settings I guess.

  8. big thanks! I do have this game on PS4 pro, but never even gotten to fight the firtst mini boss troll. Now fianlly I will play the game in the best way 3D Surround (flawless widescreen being treated as cheats tarnished the experience a bit but it's not you guy's concern~) incredible job, thanks again

  9. The game just updated, hope to not broke something. Thanks again for this magnifique fix.

  10. You are indedd a master. thank you so much. i will donate for sure.!

  11. Doesn't work for me at all. Black screen. 3D enabled via 3D fix manager. Other games like Sekiro works for me.
    God of war v1.08

    1. Hello everyone! I have solved my problem. In my case, I had the main 3D monitor connected to the NVIDIA GPU, and the secondary one to the Intel iGPU. By disabling multi-GPU and both monitors connected to NVIDIA GPU the game works for me.
      I use the 3D fix manager to run the game. I created a new game profile, adding this Helix Blog URL and installing "3D fix" with 3D fix manager.


    2. Thanks Masterotaku for your work. I'll buy you a few beers, by paypal ;-)

  12. fyi, today, game was crashing after 50 hours! Imagine I'm half way through. "D3D Device Crash", do clean driver install, don't overclock error, GPU too hot etc. (gpu not too hot, btw) Tried ddu, etc, all the normal stuff. After doing a clean OS from backup and installing game again, finally figured it out -

    I had to underclock my gpu by just -25 Mhz and it works fine. same specs as above except now Underclock - Now to finish! Thank You again Masterotaku!

  13. the update for 1.09 patch just makes the game look even better, thanks.

  14. great fix thank you

  15. I cant get this to work at all, i am no stranger to 3d, am playing games fine using 452.6 and works on all other fixed games, i extracted fix to god of war folder as instructed, but it never kicks in 3d, is it broken now? tried on both borderless and windowed 3d never kicks in

    1. What Windows version? I hope it is NOT Windows 7. Give more details if you can.

    2. I am on windows 10 build 19042, using 452.6 and 3d tv play to play on my projector, i exclusively play in 3d all my pc games (I ignore games that are not 3d fixed) and have a working 3d fix installed and am playing 3d games now eg tropico 6, but GOW will not boot in 3d at all, i have copied the fix into the main folder in steam and extracted contents to folder with the .exe (which is the first folder i.e steam apps/common/god of war. am i doing something wrong seems to be a mystery why its not working :(

    3. you're using 452.06 driver? I know nothing about 3d tv play, but 425.31 (installed via 3dvsion changer) is the one that I use, perfect 3d Surround gaming ensured.

    4. It's started working now, i have made absolutely zero changes, must be just one of those wierd things. all seems to be working fine???

      very odd (genuinely made no changes)

  16. @masterotaku, thank you for your hard work and updates. 3D not kicking in for me, windows is not asking for permission to modify Nvidia profile. Is the profile something I could modify easily in Nvidia Profile Inspector? thanks

    1. For geo-11, profile changes aren't needed (for 3D purposes). It just so happens that "direct_mode" values "nvidia_dx9" and "nvidia_dx11" still ask for permission to change them.

      3D should be work with 3D Vision monitors if you're using 452.06 drivers and "direct_mode = nvidia_dx11". As of the latest geo-11 update, "direct_mode = nvidia_dx9" doesn't work properly for me anymore. And there's nothing I can do about it.

    2. Also remember to set "upscaling = 1" in "d3dxdm.ini" when using "direct_mode = nvidia_dx11".

  17. Thanks, that explains it, I am using nvidia_dx9.

  18. I can confirm, on a setup nvidia > 452.06 and for e.g. 3090 the new geo version 0.6.64 and "direct_mode = nvidia_dx9" did not kick in 3d. With the old geo version 0.6.56 it kick in 3d, but only if the screen has set 1080p (NO DSR) and the game has set 1080p.

  19. geo-11 fix, latest Nvidia driver and a RTX card, nothing else: just perfect 3D in Big Screen VR. incredible!

  20. Thank u. Amazing fix. Does anyone know how to temporarily disable geo11 fix and enable it when we want to play it in 3d. Sometimes i like play games in 3D, sometimes in 2d (dsr 4k). thanks in advance !

  21. I reduced/decreased a separation from 100 to 25 - otherwise it was unwatchable (tab mode, 3D projector + very big screen)

  22. a videos for show:

  23. Hi, first of all thank you for your work. I'm trying to make this geo-11 fix work on my system but I keep getting just a white screen as I launch the game. I copied the geo11-fix folder in the same folder of the game launcher. Edited the d3dxdm.ini as instructed, both dx11 and upscaling=1. Also tried older version of geo-11, dx9 instead of dx11 etc. Nothing. Always the same white screen, sometimes black screen. I got geo-11 working with w3 and Jedi Fallen Order, no problem. Played several games in the past with basic 3d vision fixes and 3DFM. I don't know what to try next. Any ideas what could be worng? Thank you

    my sistem: nvidia 2080ti, intel i7-12700, windows 10, drivers 452.06, 3d vision drivers and emitter installed and working, ASUS PG278QR

    1. I forgot to mention that I wasn't asked from windows to change nvidia profile, don't know if this matters

  24. Update: i tried with SBS on my projector and It worked straight away, on the same system, so i think It must be something concerning 3d vision drivers/emitter/monitor PG278Q, right? Could It be the upscaling setting? I changed it to 1 on the d3dxdm.ini, serached for It with CTR+f and found only one, so it must be that one i have to change, right?

  25. Hi thanks so much for this. I’m wondering how can i get full SBS like in the screenshots? Usually i set my screen resolution to 3840x1080 and the game output resolution to 1920x1080. However with God Of War it won’t let me change the output resolution and is set to my desktop resolution leading to a squished image. Thanks.

  26. Anyone knows a config to let it render internaly in for e.g. 4k but still have output 1080p? The slider in the game inside just ends by 100% I like to set it to 200% to get something like nvidia dsr (which does not work with this game and geo
    mode directx9) so currently I stick with my projectors native resolution 1080p, which is more or less pixelart if also rendered in 1080p (taa off of cause)

  27. sorry to interrupt you, but the old patch seems to work perfectly on my Epic Games copy, but all those new geo-11 fixes seems not to work made the game crash, and i can be sure that when the exact moment Epic overlay hint appears the game stopped working. Can you probably fix this?