Tuesday, February 5, 2013

GUIDE: How to make custom depth/convergence presets on mouse buttons.

This is a great feature for games with cinematics/story scenes like rpg's. Helix fortunately includes this feature in his new dll's and is great for people with middle mouse button[I hope all of us by now], mouse button 4 or, mouse button 5.

Step 1:
Download this file. HERE.
Step 2: 
Move the dx9settings.ini's in labeled folder.
This will let you bind 3 settings to Middle Mouse Button[cycle]
This will let you bind 3 settings to Mouse Button 4[cycle].
This will let you bind 3 settings to Mouse button 5[cycle].
Step 3:
Install extracted files to game folder[where exe is located]. Move the dx9settings.ini you need depending on mouse button. I recommend installing one level up as well just in case also in any folders labeled BIN.
Step 4:
Test. If it does not its either not DX9, not installed right, or incompatible.
Step 5:
In game find your "Preset 1" situation. Click mouse button and screen should change depth/convergence. IF it does now adjust to your liking and save using F7. Repeat up to three times.
If you want to use only 2 keys. Open your dx9settings.ini
Presets = 12;13;14;
Presets = 12;13;


THIS IS FOR ADVANCED USERS ONLY[Do not ask for help it is time consuming]

Continue Reading IF you want to add this feature to an already existing "HELIX MODDED" game. Make sure the d3d9.dll included with helix patch is larger then 600kb. If it is not then the feature can not be added. Do not try it, new version is written in special format. IF it is, open existing DX9SETTINGS.INI
Look for top line PresetsKeysList =
If this line doesn't exist add it. Now you want 10 on the list. So it will look like either look something like this PresetsKeysList = 10; or [EXAMPLE] PresetsKeysList = 0;1;2;3;10;
Now we want these lines after all the general section if no keys existing already. IF other keys exist on list already. You want these line after the LAST KEY.
Key = 502
Presets = 12;13;14;
Type = 1

UseSepSettings = true
SaveSepSettings = true
Convergence = 0x423a7070
Separation = 0x42a00001

UseSepSettings = true
SaveSepSettings = true
UseByDef = true
Convergence = 0x425a7153
Separation = 0x42a00001

UseSepSettings = true
SaveSepSettings = true
Convergence = 0x4276009f
Separation = 0x42a00001

Now SAVE and start game. Test Middle mouse button to confirm it changes. If it does and you want different key. Mouse button 4 is 503, Mouse button 5 is 504.


  1. Hello,

    Thank you for this tip. However how to use a keyboard instead of a mouse button? I guess we need to change the key 50x?

    1. http://helixmod.blogspot.com/2013/04/guide-how-to-bind-custom_28.html