Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic

Dark Messiah of Might and Magic - by mana84


- now you can increase depth and convergence without messing up hud and menus
- moved hud a little further into the screen
- bow's crosshair is eliminated (by it's texture crc)
- blur shader fixed (i.e. burning hands don't double anymore)
- projection shader fixed (i.e screen don't split up anymore in open areas)
- transition screens fixed (full screen effects such as i.e. darkening transitions don't split up anymore)
- some minor doubling flares/glowing lights are removed

I strongly recommend to increase the convergence (otherwise the game appears to be almost flat) watching in 3d without glasses until the sword images are almost aligned. Press ctrl+F7 to save it when you've found the best value.

notice that this fix doesn't remove crosshair completely because its texture is shared with hud, but I think it's not so bad because the crosshair is pushed a little further and although is almost invisible by default.

How to install:
extract "" archive in the main directory you installed the game. Notice that if you have steam version of the game the path is: steam/steamapps/yournickname/dark messiah might and magic single player



  1. The game crash after the loading screen. evga and steam overlay are off!

    1. go to installation folder.
      open your existing dx9settings.ini
      after the top line [general]
      Paste following


      change game.exe to match dark messiash's exe [I dont know it]
      Now delete your existing d3d9.dll

      download this file
      inside the file go to dllsinjection/release/
      drag both helixmod files. DO NOT drag the dx9settings
      Launch helixmodlauncher.exe . then start game.

    2. My game is also crashing... It goes along fine with the opening segments, and I can tell it is working because the title screen is in 3d, unlike the original. But once the title screen comes up and it starts loading, it minimizes and locks up.

      I tried changing the dx9settings.ini as well, here as you suggested, and still have the same issue. thanks!

    3. Thanks for reporting. When one person says something you never know. It has to do with a 600/700 series card issue.


    4. I am the "unknown" poster and can confirm it's fixed now! thanks!

    5. oh, and I do have 600 series card FYI.

    6. NP, Yeah. I knew as soon as I opened the files. Friggin nvidia broke all out old fixes at one point.

      Ty for confirming.

  2. I am loving the job you did too.... so much better with your fix.

  3. The game crash at lunch, some error about instruction 0x0591e645 cant be read, if anyone have an idea, thank!


      If your not a 3D user.. your in wrong place though.

    2. Found the solution: its the movies intro who crash the game when the fix is installed, add "-novid" to the steam shortcut and the game no more crash, thank for the fix.

    3. the problem that it crash on all vid... its seem that the video are .bik format, anyone have an idea ?

    4. Similar sort of crash happens in Psychonauts on .bik files. Solution there was to set compatibility mode to Win95. Worth a try.

  4. it not worked with Win95 mode (game even start) but when i come back to normal mode everything working fine! (video no more crashing the game), thank you!

  5. So trying this game again, as I never got around to playing it originally :(

    Without fix the game starts fine.

    With fix, the game launches to 90% progress bar, then the message "application has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware" comes up on screen, before the game crashes out.

    Tried the Large Address Aware mod, compatability to other OS etc; even tried the Helix injector that eqzitara suggested above - no luck.

    Any more suggestions? :)

  6. I also can't run the game in 3d (windows 10) It happens sometimes with older games. I own the Steam version. If anyone can help with this, it would be great!

    1. Try using 3DFM, top left on this page. It automatically fixes a bunch of stuff that can be hard to track down.

      Best guess here is that this is the Win10 "disable full screen optimizations" problem. Game exe properties, set that checkbox.