Friday, October 4, 2013

Instructions for the Automatically Updated Game List

This page contains instructions for posters to influence how their post shows up on the game list.

Post Titles

In general you should just use the name of the game you are fixing in the title, but the script can cope with some additional notes after the title, such as the examples below. The original title can be displayed by hovering the mouse over the link for a few seconds.

"Awesome Game (DirectX 9 only)" --> "Awesome Game [DX9]"

"Kickass Game - 3D Vision Fix" --> "Kickass Game"

"Sweet Game (NEW VERSION)" --> "Sweet Game"

"Super Cool Game by DarkStarSword" --> "Super Cool Game"

"Nice Game (UPDATED 10/14)" --> "Nice Game"

The script can cope with some variations and combinations of these - if you want to use a title that is not getting transformed properly send me a note and I'll adapt the regular expressions or add an override.

In the event that multiple posts exist for the same game (see below), these transformations will not be performed on the individual posts to allow the different posts to more easily be distinguished. The group heading will still have the transformations applied.

Grouping Posts for the Same Game

If you make a new post for a fix to a game that is already in the list, try to give it the same title and spelling as the original game and the script will automatically group them together.

In some cases you may not want to use the existing spelling for whatever reason (e.g. "TESV: Skyrim" vs. "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim") - in that case send me a note and I'll add a pattern to the script so it knows to treat them as the same game.

The published date according to Blogger will be added next to each version with the most recent at the top. The group heading will also link to the most recent post. Note that Blogger allows you to set a custom published date if you wanted to override this order (be aware that doing so will also affect where your post appears on the main site).

Guide and Misc Posts

Add a "guide" or "misc" label to your post in Blogger and it will automatically show up under the correct section.

Incomplete Fixes, Disabled Effects, etc.

To indicate that a game has only been partially fixed by disabling effects or is otherwise rated less than excellent, add a "disabled" label to the post. This will automatically tag the game with [Disabled Effects] in the list.

Web Developers

If you want to adapt and use the script for your own purposes feel free to do so. It is released under the terms of the General Public Licence version 3 (or later), but I'm flexible with licensing so if that doesn't suit you please get in touch.

You can find the source for the script on github.

You will need to get your own API key to use the Blogger v3 API.

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