Friday, October 3, 2014

Crysis [DX9]

3D Vision fix by bo3b

Simple disabled effects fix, taking it from unplayable to acceptable.
No shaders are fixed here, and in fact, only config file settings are changed here, as described in Lesson 0.5 - quick fix.

Part of the motivation for creating this fix is to demonstrate the value of the quick-fix as a good starting point, and simple disabled effects.
The game is still really good.

Before            After


Crysis is very well known, but never played well in 3D.  Water, sky, and shadows made for a bad experience, not worth playing in 3D.
The NVidia profile suggestion is marginal, and still makes for a poor experience.

This fix is a WIP, and is starting with the technique of tweaking the config files to disable most of the broken effects.  As such, it's a less than optimal fix, because the effects are presently disabled, not fixed.  Still- this takes it from completely broken to playable.

Skies and clouds are removed.  Shadows are disabled.
Motionblur is disabled. Water reflections are disabled.
Shader quality is lowered one step from High to Medium for General, Terrain, & Vegetation, to fix shadowing glitches.
The green flickering water is fixed by enabling the fft water.
Performance is good, 90 fps average in 3D with 760 SLI.

How to install:

1) Use the standard Crysis profile.

2) Create a launcher so that it will start in DX9, not DX10.
   Add -dx9 to Steam game properties,
   or use Game Explorer and right click for DX9,
   or create a shortcut with -dx9 as an input parameter.
   This fix also includes the most valuable image improvements found in the DX10 version.

3) Go to Settings and set all game settings to High. It's 2014, your computer can run Crysis. :-)

4) Set the in game cursor to the blank one.  Use laser attachments on guns or use iron sights.  NVidia laser-sight will also work but breaks the immersion.

5) Copy this system.cfg file into your game directory.
   Like: T:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Crysis\
   It will automatically be run at game launch.

Steam version was used, but this should work on the demo, as well as the retail and Origin versions.

I plan to improve this fix as we go through other Lessons.

Screenshot Gallery

Special thanks to for an awesome writeup on Crysis configurations.


  1. The game look pretty nice now ! Can't waint for you to improve it :)

  2. I've played the game a lot in 2D and even made my own maps. So I was very sad that I had to abandon the game in S3D. This config tweak is a good beginning :)

  3. Thanks! Also, you can replace the Nvidia 3d sight with a less ugly one (have done it for Skyrim before).

  4. Thanks, but i can't get it to work in 3D. I followed yours instructions and the only things who work in 3d is the crosshair from 3d vision, evrything else is flat.
    Any one have an idea what i doing wrong, thanks.

    1. No idea, but most likely candidate for this sort of problem is recent NVidia drivers. If you can roll back to older, more compatible drivers that might work. Also worth a try is to delete the profile for Crysis byusing NVidia Inspector.

  5. I asked EA to put my Retail disc version of Crysis on "Origin" (as the Retail version kept asking me to have the disc inserted) - and that worked fine - although I still couldn't make it run in 3DFM (and I then made a real hash of the 3DFM Crysis profile when trying to amend the relative paths, so deleted it...)

    I've now managed to make a short-cut -

    F:\GAMES\Origin\Crysis\Bin32\Crysis.exe -dx9

    - and Crysis does now start in DX9 (as the "Very high" graphic settings are now non-selectable) - but it doesn't start in 3D. Even "Alt + Enter" doesn't work.

    Do you think it's because it's Origin rather than Steam?

  6. P.S. - I noticed in 3DFM that alongside the "Crysis" name in "Game info" field - alongside it, it did not say Crysis but "Crysis WARHEAD" - is this possibly why it's not working?

    On which note - how can I get the Crysis profile back in 3DFM? Or will it automatically be added back when I donwload the next 3DFM update?

    And speaking of Warhead - will your fix also work on Crysis Warhead too?

  7. Edit - I meant "in Game TITLE" field - not "in Game info" field -

    >>> alongside the "Crysis" name in "Game info" field - alongside it, it did not say Crysis but "Crysis WARHEAD" <<<

  8. It works under Windows 7, but not under Windows 11. I want to use it under Windows 11. Anyone can help?
    AMD 5600x processor
    Geforce 1070

    1. I ran this recently on Win10 which is nearly identical to Win11. No reason it wouldn't run I think. Steam version or Origin version? Might be worth trying to set compatibility to Win7 in game.exe properties.

    2. Thx 4 reply. Origin and it's the Crysis Trilogy version. Compatibility tried. I forgot I can't also start the game with parallax effect (3d vision) without 3d fix manager. The demo of crysis has the effect.
      How it worked for you? Do you click on Play 3D or with a shortcut to the exe and to which exe? (Crysis has many "*crysis*".exe files)

    3. Ah, the Trilogy version is the remaster, right? That means it switched from DX9 to DX11, and so nothing here will really match that version. You could experiment with 3Dmigoto on that version, and try the DHR CryEngine Universal Fix.

    4. No, it's not the remastered version. It's a version with all Crysis games till the remastered things: