Saturday, October 18, 2014

Montague's Mount [UPDATED 05/2015]

Download the fix: 3Dfix-Montague's


  1. Extract the zip file under ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Montague's Mount

  2. IMPORTANT: Open the DX9Settings.ini file and change the DepthForceWidth and DepthForceHeight lines to match the resolution you intend to play the game.

Skipping this step may result in missing shadows and the stereo crosshair not working!

Update v5 (2015-05-20)

This update adds an automatic stereo crosshair, which replaces the manual UI depth adjustment. Be sure to remove the old ShaderOverride folder before installing, and follow the new installation instructions.

Update v4 (2014-12-16):

This is a major update that removes the need for the profile change, fixes shadows correctly and can work with any FOV. If you have previously assigned this game to the Aion or Harry Potter profiles with nVidia inspector, you should remove it from any profiles it is in.

  • Fixed all Unity surface shaders, removing the need for the profile change. This drastically improves the stability of the fix and should eliminate the flickering issues (except those present in 2D).
  • Added my Unity lighting shader fix, which correctly fixes shadow alignment issues and will work with any FOV. This also fixes some lighting related rendering issues noticable in the water.
  • Forced shadow maps to mono, which fixes some shadow alignment issues on the spot lights on the dock.
  • Fixed minor halo in water near rocks
  • Added two convergence presets on [ and ] keys for convenience.

I have checked most areas, but haven't replayed the entire game with this update, so please let me know if you see any surfaces rendering incorrectly.

Update v3 (2014-10-18):

  • Fixed halo around lights once electricity has been turned on
  • Approximate fix for interior and spot light shadows
  • Inventory text depth fixed

Update v2 (2014-10-16):

  • Shadows fixed thanks to 4everAwake
  • Lens flare fixed
  • Switched to use the Harry Potter profile by default, which seems a little more stable than the Aion profile (still sometimes see flickering - alt+tab out and in until it goes away).

v1 (2014-10-14):

  • Surfaces fixed by profile (unstable)
  • Disabled shadows


  • Two convergence presets are provided on the [ and ] keys for convienience.
  • If the FOV is set very high the lens flare may look a bit off when it is near the side of the screen.

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  1. Hi guys! I am sorry to post it here but I don't know where to put requests. Is it possible for you to fix THE SECRET WORLD? It is a great MMORPG (same eninge as Guild Wars 2). It is rated good but many things are still to be fixed (e.g. -> names on characters, health bars, etc..). It would be just WONDERFUL. Thanks a lot! NVIDIA should have hired you several years ago! Best regards. Goodbye.

    1. We don't do requests. We are all just enthusiasts spending our personal time on stuff. If you might want to join us, you can learn how to fix stuff too. It's not that hard. Start here:

      Also, as of August people said it was working:

      Your best bet for getting attention is in the NVidia forums.

  2. I've just posted a pretty major update to this fix which should significantly improve it's stability by removing the need for the driver profile switch and fixes shadows correctly (interior shadows are aligned correctly and now works with any FOV)

  3. Thank you for this fix, DarkStarSword! I played your updated fix (v4) from beginning to end and the 3D looks great.

    I should mention that the Steam desktop shortcut for this game seems to be messed up (the game wouldn't save, some menu items didn't work, walking speed is very slow). But when I ran it from my games library within the Steam interface, the game worked perfectly. Just thought I'd give anyone having similar issues a heads-up.

  4. I've just updated the fix to automatically adjust the crosshair depth to whatever you are looking at (this replaces the manual UI depth adjustment). There's new installation instructions - you will need to set your resolution in the DX9Settings.ini to make the stereo crosshair work and not break shadows!

  5. If anyone here enjoyed this game they have launched a kickstarter for the second episode: