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Stranded Deep (DX11)

Download the fix: 3Dfix-Stranded+Deep+(DX11)

Update 2016-12-10

  • Updated to 3DMigoto 1.2.51
  • Fix updated for version 0.19.01 of the game.
  • Profile is installed on first launch to set the default convergence.
  • Removed full screen override (as it has been fixed in the game/engine once again... hopefully they won't break it again).
  • 3D sand is back
  • Should reduce flickering of the fixed effects (noticeable on water, shadows, sand, reflections and grass). It may not be entirely eliminated, but should be quite acceptable now. If you are still getting severe flickering please let me know.
  • New variation of the halo pattern fixed
  • Fixed watch display and tweaked convergence preset timing.

Update 2016-07-18

Fix is updated to work with version 0.14 of the game. The fix will now force exclusive mode full screen since this was broken in the 0.14 update.

Update 2016-07-14

The fix has been updated to work with the latest version of the game (0.13.H1). This update switches many shaders to assembly to fix certain rendering issues - be sure to remove the old version of the fix with the provided uninstall.bat before installing this version.

Update 2016-05-22

The entire fix has been redone from scratch after an engine update to Unity 5.3 completely broke the previous version of the fix along with my unity scripts due to major changes to the shader file format in Unity.

This version also updates the fix to use DirectX11 - be sure to select it when launching the game, and remove the -force-d3d9 launch option if you previously added it.

Various issues with Ceto water have been fixed - the waves behave correctly (calm near the shore, rough further out) and it no longer misalignes when the the camera is tilted while side stepping.

The HUD depth adjustment now automatically disabled whenever the mouse cursor is shown in a menu, removing the need to do this manually.


  • Halos
  • Water refraction
  • Underwater shadows
  • Moved highlights on ocean floor to correct depth
  • Sun shafts
  • Underwater crepuscular rays
  • Automatically adjust the crosshair depth
  • Automatically remove the crosshair when it is faded out
  • HUD depth adjustment is disabled when in a menu.
  • Parallax sand is now 3D
  • SSAO artefacts on rocky surfaces
  • Ocean misalignment when camera is tilted


  1. Extract the zip file to the game directory

    ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\Stranded Deep

  2. If your Stranded Deep executable is named Stranded_Deep_x86.exe (as opposed to Stranded_Deep_x64.exe), replace the DLLs from the fix with those in the 32bit directory.

  3. Select "Play Stranded Deep with DirectX 11.0" and "Exclusive" full screen mode when launching the game from Steam (if you previously added any launch options, remove them)

  4. The first time you launch the game (and again after any driver update) you will get a UAC prompt for Rundll32 to install the driver profile - choose yes.


  • L: Activate recommended convergence preset.

  • F: Holding sets a convergence suitable for use with the watch, and will return to the L preset on release.

  • V: Cycles crosshair modes between automatic, always enabled and always disabled (crosshair must be enabled in the settings).

Known Issues

  • The vignette for damage / out of breath is misaligned.


If the game launches in the background and can't be restored try killing it through task manager and trying again. If it continues to do this, try hitting show desktop immediately after launching the game and before it's window has appeared. You should then be able to restore the game. You may need to use Alt+Enter to switch to full screen mode after this procedure.

Do not Alt+Tab out of the game as it will hang (a long standing Unity bug). If you are desperate, use Alt+Enter to switch to windowed mode first, but note that the game may be glitched after returning to it.


  • This is an early access game and the fix is likely to be broken by updates, so be sure to check back regularly, and report any broken effects.

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This mod is created with 3DMigoto (by Bo3b, Chiri & myself) and uses Flugan's assembler


  1. i didn't know about this game. Your fix decided me to buy it. i'm currently downloading it, and i just can't wait to test your fix. Thank you for your work !

  2. Game was black when opened after installing

    1. Nevermind. Managed to fix the problem. Put the files in the wrong folder.

  3. thanks a ton! I have been totally obsessed with SD and then decided to put my Asus 3D and Titan to the test and "nada." Glad to see you pumping out shader fixes for this game.

  4. thank you for your update, Darkstarsword ! it's nice you follow games without forget them after a new release :)

  5. I've updated the fix to work with the latest update, and added an automatic depth adjustment to the crosshair & UI (which for now replaces the manual adjustment).

  6. ver 0.0.4 E3 Problem with shadows

    1. I'm aware of the breakages in the experimental version and have an update prepared and just about ready to go (which was not easy - Unity 5 made a few things quite a bit harder). I was planning to wait until it came out of experimental before releasing it since last I heard some of the shaders in the game are broken even in 2D, but if you're keen on the experimental version I can do that sooner.

  7. I've just updated the fix for the new 0.04 stable release using Unity 5.

  8. Yes, there is a new 0.05.E2 Experimental build out, but this doesn't work yet for that version....

    Please can you provide us with a new version for 0.05.E2 Experimental


    1. I haven't had a chance to check out the update yet (day job pretty busy right now). You will have to run the game in DX9 mode for the fix to engage at all, but I understand they are using a new Ocean shader in this update, so it will likely be pretty broken visually. I'll update the fix when I get some time, but right now my priority is bringing some new features to 3DMigoto which will be necessary if I want to do a fix for the DX11 version (either that or sacrifice the stereo crosshair).

    2. I've had a quick look at the experimental build and as expected the Ocean is broken, as are shadows and the crosshair (which is actually due to the Ocean shader - don't ask, it's complicated). The caustics appear to still be fine which is a relief (that was the hardest effect to fix *by far*), but the dev blog mentioned they will be adapting them to work with the new ocean system so they might get broken in the next update or two. The good news is that nothing currently looks severely broken - assuming there are no surprises it should only take me an afternoon or two to update the DX9 fix (just need to find a spare afternoon...). The DX11 fix will take longer - it will be have to be fixed completely from scratch (again) and the tools aren't quite ready yet, but given that some effects are only enabled in DX11 it's probably worth it.

    3. I've uploaded a fix for the experimental version - be sure to start the game in DX9 mode for it to work. Everything should be fixed again, though I think the new Ceto waves might be acting a little weird in 3D - flowing over land where I don't think they are supposed to go. It's quite playable, so I'll hold off on investigating that until they have finished integrating Ceto and until I have a DX11 fix.

    4. Thanks for your time

      When i have a new fresh game install and try to put the fix in there, it doesn't work when i try to turn on 3D
      My steam overlay is turned off

      Let me know thanks

    5. The game may have been assigned to a profile that doesn't allow 3D in borderless windowed mode. Try using nvidia inspector to assign the game to the "3D Hub Player" profile (the fix tries to do this automatically, but it won't work if the game is already in another profile).

    6. That didn't work eighter... Looks like the game doesn't see the 3D.
      No green text from 3D at right bottom of screen, can't even turn on 3D on the emitter, and also not the hotkey :(

    7. ok, just to check - which version of the game are you running? If you are using the experimental 0.05.E2 build you will need to launch the game in DirectX 9 mode otherwise it won't be in 3D. You won't ever see the green text on games that use borderless windowed mode - that only shows up in exclusive mode full screen (I don't actually recall offhand which this game uses - it changed several times IIRC).

    8. I use 0.05 E2 Experimental version...
      And i never use borderless windowed when gaming,,,, so annoying

      But i don't see an option to set the game as DX

    9. Steam should ask you which DX version you want to use when you launch the game through Steam - if it isn't doing that there might be something amiss with the install (try verifying the game cache or reinstalling it). You can alternatively force DX9 mode by right clicking on the game in steam -> set launch options -> type -force-d3d9 in the box

    10. Ok starting the game in steam as DX9 works but to be honest.... Stranded Deep is not really made for this..... The menu with ESC key won't come up and more of that stuff but thats because there are only 2 people working on the game so prolly they can not do all... i have to wait for that, but it works... thanks again:)

    11. Well, steam never asked me how to start a game, some games have that in the menu which DX to use.. some have even DX9 DX10 DX11 and DX12 but steam never asked me that by default.... but yea, rightclick the game in steam is indeed the way to go for DX9....... I guess steam is also still "Alpha" state of mind :P

  9. Coowl:) thanks for your time

  10. There is a new update out 0.05 E8 and it looks very nice.
    Only issue i see here is when we turn on the flashlight.
    Its very clear that the issue has to do with the water effect, the light goes from left to roght and back the whole time...
    I hope the light can be fixed cause at night its really usefull. The issue makes it really hurt the eyes...

    But the crosshair is fixed. It also changes depth so that's very cool.

  11. I tried to fix it myself but if i use the debug version of the d3d9.dll then in game i cant use my mouse.
    Also it seems with that d3d9.dll that the light dont seems to go left and right.
    I assume something got mixed up here

  12. Ok i found the issue, it has to do with the new crafting guide.
    In game if you hit C to open the craft book you can see a book, well, if you turn on the flashlight, the light will move left and right in that area of the craft book. I guess the transparant layer of that book causes this issue.

  13. ok nevermind, it keeps crashing all the time when scrolling through the shaders.... i did delete the GameOverLayRenderer.dll and GameOverLayRenderer64.dll from the steam folder but still crashing. There is no time to scroll through the shaders as it keeps crashing.
    There are 108 shaders at that time in the scene but when half way, BOOM it crashed the game. Sometimes it says 3000 shaders, then suddenly 108. Cant keep track on it.

  14. Thanks for taking a look at the problem yourself - I'm out travelling for the next few days (plus my priority right now is on re-fixing Dreamfall Chapters since they just broke the whole fix with an update and are about to release a new chapter), so it will be a little while before I can update this one. Can you provide a 3D screenshot (Alt+F1) of the problem?

    Helix Mod is particularly crashy when hunting vertex shaders (esp if also moving the camera), whereas hunting pixel shaders is rock solid. There's a couple of tips on the helix mod page on bo3b's wiki that can help with this - numpad minus resets disabled shaders, and there's a technique to identify a vertex shader from the matching pixel shader (not crash-proof, but it can mean you can point the camera at the sky/ground while vertex shader hunting to minimise the risk of crashing). I also use scripts (all in my 3d-fixes repo) to extract the shaders (and reattach headers) from the game directly and can sometimes guess as to which shaders may be relevant for a given effect.

    You should know, that since the devs switched to using DX11 (and they actually are using DX11 specific effects), I do have a long term plan to replace this fix with one based using 3DMigoto, so further work on the DX9 version will be thrown away if/when that happens. It's a bit lower on my priority list though, and won't happen until I first complete all the pieces I need to script the majority of the fix rather than do it all by hand again.

  15. no problem, thanks for your information :)

  16. Ok, there is a new "stable" version available now and that is 0.06 00 (or just 0.06)
    This version is i guess both 32 and 64 bit but i am not sure. The experimental is 64 bit and they put all stuff from experimental over to the "stable"version which was 32 bit. So could be that it has both now atm.
    Hope to see a fix soon:) The in-game crosshair did change to the depth by default so thats perfect.

    I assume that the latest fix dont work very good with the 0.06 but i wait happily for a fix:)
    The only issue i had with 0.05 E8 was the flashlight goes from left to right all the time. I saw that there was a transparent plane as HUD for what i think it is the crafting book when you press "C" which become visible when hit that key. Now when you have a flashlight attached, and turn it on, this will have a conflict with .png images and in this case i guess also the oceanwaves as the light goes left to right in the transparant plane of the crafting book (the transparant plane)

  17. Yea, i tested the 0.06 with the fix and it needs indeed tweakings.
    I also think they switched to DX11 and the fix have to be re-write.
    Most of the time its the ocean, and on the left eye i see double.
    The flashlight still the same

  18. I forgot to mention that the crosshair don't work anymore :(
    I was so perfect.

  19. You'll need to use the DX9 option in the launcher (DX11 version of the fix is planned, but probably at least a couple of months off and fairly low priority since the DX9 version is working and can be kept up to date very easily). Regarding the 32bit/64bit - they have started using a feature in Steam to only download the appropriate one that matches the OS. I've put the 64bit DLL in the zip root since I figure most people are on 64bit these days, but if you are on a 32bit OS you will need to replace it with the 32bit version found in the 32bit folder in the zip file.

    I'll try to find some time on the weekend to update the fix once I've got Dreamfall Chapters out of the way. I took a very brief look and it should be pretty straight forward - the Ocean surface is broken again (which is a fairly simple halo fix, but needs to be done in the pixel shader since some of the ocean vertex shaders don't have any free sampler registers) and the HUD shaders have changed again. I haven't checked the flashlight yet.

    Since you've mentioned the auto crosshair a few times you might be interested in the code responsible for that - in the current fix it's in ShaderOverride/FE267E35.txt (plus there's a few things in the DX9Settings.ini necessary to make it work, and some other shaders for other HUD elements besides the crosshair). Getting it to work again should just be a matter of finding the new crosshair shader and dropping the same code in (it has been that simple for the last few updates anyway). The trick I use to hide the crosshair when it fades out depends on the texture coordinates, which also keep changing in each update - these currently need trial and error to find, but when/if I switch this fix to DX11 I have a much better way to do that in 3DMigoto.

    1. Yes yes, i know i must use dx9, i start the game by rightclick it in steam and launch as dx9.
      I am going to try to fix it myself again since now i know that i have to change some in the fixed shaders and with the debug dll i can easely see what shader.

      Also i read that they already implemented some of the DX11 like:
      - Added DirectX 11 Support!
      - Added new DirectX 9 starting option!
      - Added new Reflection Probes for DX11!
      - Added new HDR Tone Mapping effect!
      - Added new HDR Eye Adaptation effect!
      - Added new Motion Blur effect!
      - Added new Depth of Field effect!

      1 question about 3Dmigoto.

      Can i try to hunt myself in 3Dmigoto for this game in DX11?
      or do we have to wait for a debugger?
      Personally i like to script myself and do some tweaking here and there, playing around a bit with it and stuff so im good with that.
      Let me know, again thanks for your response

    2. Latest version of 3DMigoto should work fine with this game so you're welcome to start looking at it if you wanted. I'm not sure what your skill level is - if you haven't fixed a game before I'd strongly suggest you do the lessons in bo3b's school for shaderhackers first. It's focused on Helix Mod, but the concepts carry over to 3DMigoto:

      There's nothing particularly unusual here compared to other Unity games (the sun shafts and underwater rays are not standard, but they are also fairly easy. In the Unity 4 version the water caustic highlights and underwater shadows were the mother of hard fixes - but since they moved to Unity 5 the highlights just work and the underwater shadows now follow the usual Unity pattern).

      You can use my Unity 5 DX11 template (in my 3d-fixes github repository) as a starting point, then fix halos in vertex shaders and apply the pattern to fix lighting pixel shaders (which might be changing a bit soon based on some new breakthroughs I made fixing reflections in Dreamfall Chapters). I have a working implementation of the auto stereo crosshair in DX11 games as well (and it's better than it ever could hope to be in DX9 ;-) - I'll be releasing an update to Far Cry 4 in the next week or two showcasing that and other new 3DMigoto features.

    3. Oh, one more thing - if you use my Unity 5 DX11 template it won't fix physical lighting effects (specular highlights, environmental reflections). The version in the World of Diving folder in my 3d-fixes repository (not released on the blog yet) has a basic fix for this that moves them to surface depth, which is acceptable, but we will need the new pattern I came up with in Dreamfall to move them to correct depth.

      This part of the fix was not possible until very recent versions of 3DMigoto - Stranded Deep moving to DX11 was one of many motivations for the work I've been doing on 3DMigoto recently to make this possible.

  20. Just remembered a quirk I used for the auto crosshair in this game - early on I had to use the Ocean shaders to get access to the depth buffer (Search the DX9Settings.ini for _CameraDepthTexture and _ZBufferParams), and I never changed that - so if the Ocean surface is broken, that will stop the crosshair working as well.

  21. Ah i see:) Didn't know that the crosshair came from the fix. It almost fooled me that it came from the developpers.... I was like "seriously, finally someone got it working" but it was the fix :)

    Thanks for letting me know

  22. I've updated the fix for the stable 0.06 version - be sure to opt out of the experimental beta if you have not already done so. When launching the game you must select DirectX 9 for the fix to work - if you do not see this option, add -force-d3d9 to the launch options in Steam.

    Ocean and crosshair has been refixed. Deferred reflections are now also fixed, but I have not fixed the forward pass reflections yet (refer to Dreamfall Chapters update for info).

    @Anonymous - I have not looked at the flashlight issue, but I did fix a couple of other additional problems in shaders so it's worth checking if this still occurs.

    1. Yoo thanks for that:) I will check it out now.
      I see that you updated the fix today so i will test the flashlight right now:)

  23. I've just updated the fix again:
    - Fixed non-directional lighting accidentally using the waves for their position (@Anonymous, this should fix the flashlight issue you mentioned)
    - Fixed halos on water under non-directional lighting
    - Parallax sand is now 3D (subtle, may make some things look a little misaligned)
    - Fixed a halo on the full screen suffocation effect

    1. Awesome fix. The crosshair is perfect, the flashlight is perfect, more things are good.
      The only thing i noticed till now is when i hit TAB to enter my inventory, the hardware mouse :(
      For now i am still looking and wondering around a bit...
      I let you know:) thanks man, really many thanks for this.

  24. Yea, it's okay.
    But honestly i quit the game because of the hardware mouse, not your fault tho.
    What you fixed IS perfect so:)
    Thanks for that

  25. I asked the developpers IF they could add an in-game mouse so let's hope to see that soon.
    I told them that this is the only issue i noticed at the moment so i hope to see it soon:)

    Maybe they already had that in mind, i don't know but worth to ask anyway:)
    cross fingers

  26. I've just updated the fix to add a hotkey to bring the menus to screen depth. I can almost certainly use scene detection to do this automatically, but I don't want to spend too much time tracking down texture hashes when I know the devs still intend to tweak the menus in future updates. I might revisit this once the game is out of early access.

    This update also fixes some artefacts SSAO has on rocky surfaces, and fixes the watch display wandering to the right.

  27. Yea, it's broken again with the 0.07

    No need to fix them. I gonna put the game aside for a few months.

  28. Fix is updated for 0.07 - I've scripted it so as long as they don't make too many changes to the shaders it's fairly quick to update now.

  29. Ohh? I have a look :)
    thanks for that very fast action. WOW

  30. Yeaaaa:)
    I have 1 question though about the flashlight. I know the flashlight was broken because it was because of the ocean shader, it looks good now except if turning on the flashlight, the whole ocean lights up a bit (gets a bit brighter on contrast)

    Is this also a known issue?

  31. I think that's a game bug - it happens even if you remove Helix Mod and run the game in 2D (actually it's worse in 2D - looks like the scissor clipping they use makes the edge of the flashlight really obvious, and we disable that in 3D).

    1. Alrighty. I can live with that :) thanks for your information

  32. Replies
    1. Fix is updated again for 0.08.H1

      There is a slight misalignment issue on the Ocean in this version whenever the camera is tilted (e.g. while side strafing). I'm holding off spending any time on this until I have a DX11 version of the fix (due to the fact that the Ocean cannot be 100% fixed with Helix Mod), or the game leaves early access.

  33. Version 0.09 is there so i will look what this 3D fix will do with 0.09.
    Well, i took a look and indeed the ocean is broken a bit. Small thingy so i guess this fix does the same to 0.09 as 0.08H1. Hope to see the DX11 soon. Thanks

  34. Hello, I tried this fix with the 0.12 version of the game and some things are okay and some not.
    But i must say the game has some new textures and sky and is awesome.
    I know the game is still early access and all but hopes for a new DX11 fix.

  35. Is there a dx11 version of the fix somewhere because the game already is dx11 for a while now.
    Thank you very much.

    1. Just so it's clear - the game Upgraded to Unity 5.3, which is a major engine update and completely broke all versions of the fix, both DX9 and DX11 (unfortunately we can expect the same thing to happen to many Unity games in the coming months). I'm working on a new version of the DX11 fix, but there's a few complications in this game so it will take some time.

  36. Seems that all games made in Unity are not 3D Vision supported.
    Even third party scripts doesn't work, while the creators of those scripts/assets stated they work.
    Same as NVidia stated that it works in games.
    Also Unity stated that 3D works. I tried it and it came out very ugly so i say it again....
    3D will never work, i say this because both Unity and NVidia stated it works by just build the game and run it full screen.
    Guess what??? No 3D enabled and can not enable it eighter. It just looks like side by side and an awfull rotation on 1 camera. And ALL tutorials(and i mean ALL of them i followed, and there were more then 6 of them) did not or doesn't work anymore which tells me that stereoscopic is outdated and never will worked on in future. Unity is focusing on VR now and when they feel that developers don't use it, they will drop support aswell for VR as they did for 3D stereoscopic.

    If you can proof me wrong, i'm all open ears. But i builded a game in Unity and applied the scripts/assets to it and tried it over and over again and all failed. 3D is just money grabbing stuff

    1. If you're impatient and want to play this particular game in 3D Vision grab the work in progress from my github account - it's 99% working, but has some glitches with the shadows when the camera is rotated that I need to sort out before I update this post, but I've been busy with my day job lately.

    2. Oh no sir, i am not impatient. I just wonder why if i create an app in Unity 5.3 and turn on stereoscopic option in the Player settings upon build, that the shadow works. I changed my windows 7 to windows 8.
      Only the ghosting is a bit abnormal in there but all kinda seems to work. I guess still in early stage but if Unity stated it works without saying it´s in early state, people expect that it works. Otherwise the devs could also turn that option ON so people can play it in 3D.
      If i start Unity 5.3, make a floor, make a character and set up a couple of objects like a cube, sphere, cylinder, capsule etc etc and some lightning with soft shadows and build that (32bit or 64bit) the shadows are fine. So therefore i dont understand why developers don't use that. We don't need 2 cameras for that, just the regular camera will do, and in that camera i have seperation and and 3D depth option. It even works in windowed mode.

      This just confuses me as there is so little information about this. Not have to do with that a person is impatient. I just have a mouth to say/ask things. (in this case i have to type it:P ) anyway
      I have to wait, i can't do anything about that so being impatient is not smart here. Also if developers/NVidia or whoever wanted that 3D really kickes off and has the power to hire you to make 3D work, they already did that by now. But they did not so that tells me that it is not a priority but NVidia still sells their product like it's working like a charm. Well IF a game is made for it, then yes it works. Now Unity 5.3 on Windows 8 has stereoscopic option and i tested it and it works (fullscreen and windowed) if build, not in editor tho

      Also i tested your fix for this game and well, yea it's not only the shadows, it also has problems with objects that are too far away will only be viewable in 1 eye. But i guess you already noticed that.

    3. It's been a few versions since I last looked at the Unity player, but be wary of assuming that a test scene is representative of a full game - it used to be that Unity games that used forward lighting/shadows worked mostly fine in 3D Vision automatic out of the box, but any using deferred (nowadays physical) lighting was broken, and any that used specular/normal maps looked like a dogs breakfast.

      Unity's new built in stereo renderer might well do a better job, especially since they are using it for VR and their effects are rendering correctly in the VR games I've checked out, but it is likely that there will still be issues with custom shaders, UIs, etc that have not been altered to work in stereo, which makes it not quite as simple as flipping a switch, which leads us back to one of the main problems - developers don't care (partly because of ignorance, but also because of time & budget constraints).

      We could push for Unity to enable stereo by default in the hopes that most devs won't touch it and we might only have to fix one or two shaders (instead of 1,227 shaders in the version I just released), but if their stereo parameters aren't readily available in the broken shaders (which they may not be) we might find out only option is to disable their stereo and fix it the way we already are (case in point: Every CryEngine game).

      Unity also doesn't support 3D Vision directly - only DX11 stereo, which requires Windows 8 or above, yet Windows 7 is still generally the most recommended version of Windows for gaming which is excluded by using DX11 stereo. I have also tried forcing it in several Unity games under Windows 10 (-vrmode stereo) and it either didn't work, rendered the games unviewable or the game thought that a VR headset was in use and disabled the ability to look around with a mouse or xbox pad making it unplayable (mind you that was Unity 5.2, and perhaps it is not the right way to force it). If you wish to discuss this particular aspect further since you seem to have some good insight here, please move the conversation over to this forum thread:

      Anyway, my scripts can fix the majority of rendering issues in Unity games, so for now they seem to be the best option. Unfortunately they aren't a magic bullet - Unity tends to throw a lot of curve balls, so they do need a skilled shaderhacker to sort out the remaining mess.

  37. I've updated the fix for the Unity 5.3 update, and switched it over to DX11.

  38. Thanks for the update and your time. But i guess there is something not right.
    It looks horrible, i used the option to start the game with DX11 in steam, and i did removed the -force-d3d9 option in steam.
    I don't know if i am doing something wrong here or my pc is acting weird, but other games looks good in 3D.
    Do i have to start a new game? or even re-install the game over again and then apply the fix? i am on 64 bit system with the newest drivers from NVidia on a GTX 960 DCIIOC.
    It looks almost the same as the fix before this one, even worse, objects in distance only viewable for 1 eye, shadow is off when i look at the raft, also the key L don't respond.
    I hope i am doing something wrong here. I try to re-install the game and re-apply the fix.
    I will let you know... thanks

  39. Well, i think there is something wrong.
    It crashes my pc and it restarted the pc.
    Also the 3D will not kick in, only if i disconnect and reconnect the emitter.
    And when it kicks in it's horrible. I think i've had it with 3D.

    1. Seems that it works now.
      dunno what was wrong. I didnt change a thing. 2016 and technology dont go hand in hand. Anyway. Looks good ... thanks for the fix.

    2. sorry but i have to get back to this.
      Is this correct? those are the volumetric clouds when i look at a particular angle at it in 2D when the fix is installed. If i remove the fix this wil not happen.
      Also with the fix sometimes the game freezes. and i have to restart the game.
      I don't know what your settings in the game are but i have all settings to very high.
      The rest is okay, looks good if i don't look at particular angles.
      Also the emitter wont turn on if i start the game, i can not even turn it on.
      Normal the emitter has a green light, but its not on now, even when i start the game its black, not green. When i unplug it and put cable back in it will have a green light.

      I really don't know what is happening all the time to me and my pc.

      Maybe you recognize some of these issues?

    3. I will switch back to windows 7.
      This Windows 8 just is sooo bad. And i am glad i didn't bought any of them. I really be a mad guy if i did.
      So guys at helix mod, you did good job fixing it.
      It just that others will screw this everytime.

    4. Something is definitely off if those screenshots are what you are seeing in game. My best guess here is that might be a decompiler bug that has affected a shader that isn't being used on my system. I'll try a few different graphics settings to see if I missed anything, but I already checked a few different settings and they seemed ok...

      For the hangs & emitter issue, you might try doing a clean driver reinstall using DDU to see if that resolves anything.

    5. Well the hang and emitter issue were Win 8.1 related.
      I am now back on Win 7 and emitter seems okay now.
      The in game black screenshots i showed you still happens on Win 7
      I am sure it has something to do with a shader in the fix.
      It only happens if i look at the clouds at some angles. Further then that. looks awesome.
      Hope that you will find the issue:)

    6. Maybe it is also good to know that the issue with the volumetric clouds only happens at daytime, when it is night time i didn't see any of those black screens. Looks like that the shader of the volumetric clouds at daytime has a hole and there i can see some clouds but around that is all black. Something is blocking it somehow.
      Just wanted to update you with this :)

    7. Can you send me a save when the cloud glitch is happening?

  40. save? you mean saving the game? i see what i can do, im on it now.

    1. I think i see what causes it. The lighter when holding it it happens. I will make a save game anywayz. Must build shelter first. Brb

    2. When holding a rock in hand it wont happen. Looks like it acts on movement and position of the hands. And i know that we always have things in our hands even if we dont see it. Remember the crafting menu transparant plane? It will become visible when pressing C key. My guess is that it has to do with something like that. And as it only shows the volumetric clouds surrounded by all black color says me that something that is attached to the player causes this.

  41. Guys I'm not sure I've installed it correctly because it doesn't work, the game runs but the stereo is broken. In order to install the fix on a clean install do I only need to copy all files from the zip into the -...\Program Files (x86)\steamapps\common\Stranded Deep- folder? How about the folder "ShaderFixes"? Do I just drop it in next to ShaderOverride, Stranded_Deep_Data and Stranded_Deep_x64_Data?

    1. OK, Its working and it looks amazing but I had to switch shadows off because they are still broken.

    2. The shadows were probably broken by the latest update. I've been meaning to port my DX11 Unity scripts to use assembly before I update this one again to avoid the decompiler bugs that took too much of my time the last time I updated it. At least in the meantime you can disable shadows.

    3. I'm finishing up my contract this week, which means I'll have more free time. If you point me toward the shaders with Decompile problems, I can look into fixing those in the Decompiler.

    4. I don't think it's worth spending too much time on them unless you want to try to perfect the decompiler - the script adjusts a lot of shaders that aren't necessarily broken (especially for the reflection fix) and in most cases it's just a matter of identifying which ones are causing rendering issues and removing them. Any files in the current fix that end in ~failed had a decompile bug that prevented them from compiling again, but that's not a big deal. IIRC 07847191b2132a8f-ps_replace.txt~bad and 43449940177def81-ps_replace.txt~bad had decompile bugs that resulted in rendering issues, and I think based on Anonymous' report that there must be at least one more that did not show up on my system (which is one of the main reasons I want to switch to assembly). The other ~bad files were to disable an autofix that caused a new issue that I'll probably just need to blacklist in my script. I've uploaded the shader binaries extracted from the game files here:

    5. One thing that would probably help more is switching to a new ini processing API that only reads the file on initial load and config reload. The current API we are using has a lot of overhead every time we look something up, and that adds up to a huge amount of time spent reading the ini file everytime I need to reload it (you'll see why if you look at the d3dx.ini that my scripts produced for this one).

    6. It is actually the right-eye shadow to be wrong.

      I wish I could help you guys even if it doesn't sound fun at all as every update seems to destroy some your good efforts, every time, thank you a lot for your work guys, it almost upsets me that it has to be a bunch of angels, NO PAID by anyone, fixing what n-vidia and game producers ignore.

    7. OK, good. I'll take a look at those next week. My goal is to improve the Decompiler over time by hitting the pain points for anybody using it. Not necessarily trying to make it perfect. If it seems like a bug fix will require too much work, I'll let you know. (Like making it handle the nested structs. The Decompiler is not really setup with recursion in mind.)

      For the ini reading, maybe make a new Issue for that. Looks like approximately 1000 overrides there. If that's common for Unity 5.3 games, that'll be happening more often.

    8. You guys sound like aliens, you should consider adding some tongue clicks to your language, it would sound even better.

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. I've just updated the fix. In addition to working with the latest version of the game, this update switches 843 shaders to assembly, which should resolve some of the rendering issues people reported.

  44. Fix updated again for 0.14, and now forces full screen to workaround the fact it is broken in the game.

  45. Hey guys, the last updates crashes the game with this fix.
    Is there some spare time for you to make a new fix for this game?
    I know you made it like automatically so i hope there can be a new fix for this game.
    The shaders didn't change that much lately. It's more that they change the style of the menu and just added 2 or 3 new things a month so it's not like Ark Survival that keep updating every week 4 times or so.

    I hope to see a fix for this game soon. Thanks in advanced.

    1. Oh, and it's good to mention that the game starts without the fix but also when i turn on 3D it will turn on, but some shaders are off while some shaders still look good.
      I think it's not a big change but some minor changes.

    2. Please, never predict that something will be a small or easy update - it *might* be, or it might be that they just updated to an entirely new Unity version and broke everything (which they did, but fortunately I've already dealt with most of the Unity 5.4 breakages in Firewatch so hopefully most of that will carry over). You really can't tell just by looking at it. I'm not saying that you shouldn't post if a fix is broken - you absolutely should because we might not know otherwise (and I use these posts to gauge if there is still interest in a game to work out where to spend my time). I'm just saying you can't know how much or little work it is going to take to update the fix.

    3. FYI - my scriped Unity fixes wouldn't even be possible without more than 8,000 lines of code that I have personally written and continue to update to cope with newer versions of Unity and any games that do things a little special, along with almost 100,000 lines of code in 3DMigoto written by myself, Bo3b, Chiri and Flugan. There's nothing easy about any of this.

    4. Definitely not going to be a quick fix this time :(

    5. Fix is updated for 0.19.01, and for reference that took about 5 hours according to my git history, and involved redoing most of the fix, adding a new halo pattern to the scripts, redoing the water camera tilt misalignment fix by hand, redoing the crosshair adjustment by hand, debugging an issue causing severe flickering and releasing a new version of 3DMigoto. So, no - there is no such thing as "minor changes" when it comes to modding games. I haven't tried it with 0.20 - it might work or it might not. I spend too much time on EA titles as it is and the last thing I want to do is spend time on an Early Access release of an Early Access release.

    6. Well, good news is 0.20 looks fine with the updated fix :)

    7. Just re-uploaded with a few small tweaks to the watch.

  46. I think my last comment did not go through... the game is now at version 0.20 experimental.
    But both the normal and the experimental crash at startup with the fix. So i hope that there can be a new fix in the future. It's not needed to wait till this game is out of early access as that will be in 8 years.
    0.01 was in Januari 2015 and now in almost 2017 (so 2 years) it's at 0.20 so 0.10 versions every year.
    And as i know that you gys almost made it automatically to make a fix for unity games i guess this time it's not that much work for you.

    So thanks in advanced.

    1. That is not how version numbers work. The small number just increments by 1 every update until the devs feel it is ready it increment the large number and reset the small number to 0 - it could go from 0.21 to 1.0, or it could end going all the way to 0.99, 0.100, 0.101 and so on - they aren't fractions, so you can't use that as a predictor as to when the game will come out of EA.

  47. weird that my last 2 posts got deleted right away...... I think the API may be have an issue again.

    1. Blogger spam filter is not as good as we'd like. No idea why it tagged your posts.

      It helps a lot if you don't post as anonymous. If you use a real sign in, they never get tagged.

  48. Would it be possible to update the game please, the latest version are obsoletes ?

  49. +1 for update the game it would be great !

    1. Difficult to justify time to fix Early Access games, they tend to break all the time.

      Try using DHR's Universal Unity Fix here, might be good enough to play at least.