Sunday, July 26, 2015

IL2 Battle Of Stalingrad (updated for 3.002) : 3Dvision and SteamVR

IL2BOS is nearly perfect in either 3Dvision or VR. But I found some little problems, so this  mod allows the following features in VR and 3Dvision:
  • Icon/labels masked by cockpit frame (toggled off/on by CTRL+"U" key")
  • Waypoint icon can be hided (toggled off/on by "shift+U" key")
  • More usable Sight can be used or  disabled (toggled off/on by ALT+"k" key")
  • Useful for VR only : Propeller can be disabled to avoid ASW problems (toggled off/on by "shift+k" key")
  • Useful for VR only : Instantaneous X1.5, X5 and X10 zoom (activated  by "Lalt+DownArrow", "Lalt+RightArrow","Lalt+UpArrow")
  • Useful for VR only : Possibility to modify game rendering colors (1 multiplication factor and 1 addition factor). (toggled off/on by "Lalt+u")
  • Useful for VR only : "IPD modifier like" that shift display to the outside and so enlarge the cockpit (toggled off/on by "Lalt+Left Arrow" key"). It seems to me more realistic with my OSVR HDK2. 
  • Useful for VR only : map can be temporarily replaced by one of 5 custom images. Press once F10 to load the image, LSHIFT+F3 to toggle map and LCTRL+F3 to cylce image.
It works very well for my config (OSVR HDK2 then Pimax 4K) and users have validated all settings for the Rift and Vive. See for examples of Vive settings.
The zoom settings d3dx.ini are tuned for Rift by default, but it include values for Vive and Pimax. just uncomment the desired values and comment the unwanted ones.

It may have a strong impact on fps of some configuration/ game settings. You have to try...I tested and found only 2 fps loss on my config,...Some Rift users reported also no fps loss with no AA.
Some Steam IL2BOS users may have to launch at first IL2BOS from its installation directory in admin mode in order to make it works (otherwise an DX error may occured)

How to install it:
  1. unzip the IL2BoS part and copy the directory "" contains into IL2BoS install dir
     Or (best practice) use JSGME or OvGME

How to uninstall it:
  • execute  "uninstall.bat" scripts in [IL2BOS]\bin\game , with [IL2BOS]  the install directory
      Or (best practice) use JSGME or OvGME

    The d3dx.ini file in game/bin allows you to change defaults settings by modiying variables values:
  • Zooms and re inforcement factors for sight can be changed for each sight family by modifying variables x1 to x5 and y5 to y5 in "sight settings" section (See the comment in d3dx.ini)
  • Changes on colours are made by modifying z6 and w6 values in "color fix" section. New color = old color*w6+z6.  By default there is no colour change.
  • Default value for icon masking or filtering can be defined with w7 and z7 value on "label filtering" section
  • Value for "IPD modifier like" can be modified in the line "x6 = 0.02, 0.0" in [key8] section. You can increase of decrease the first value.
  • Zoom factors can be modified in [Key1] to [Key3] section (w value)
  • You can modify specific shift for each Zoom  by modifying lines "y6 =  .."  in the [key1] to [key3] section and also add a vertical shift by y7 value
  • Radius of masked zone around zoomed area can be changed with variable x in "zoom setting" section. . Mask Xoffset (symetrical) can be defined with x7 value. The masked area can be shifted by modifying value in [Key1] to [Key3] section 
  • Images are stored in ReplacementTextures directory, they must me named image1.jpg to image5.jpg and must be 1024x1024.

2018/04/22 : Version 8.5 :fix a bug for trees in moscow maps
2018/04/20 : Version 8.4 : 3.002 compatibility, add of custom image replacing temporarily map
2018/03/24 : Verson 8.2 : fix YOffset ignored for smoke and labels
2018/03/24 : Verson 8.1 : fix problem with mirror, more robust way to handle eye computation and label masking
2018/03/17 : Version 8.0 : compatibility with V3.001 version, new way of handling zoom to remove black area when shifting zooming view
2018/01/13 : Version 6.0 : usage of last 3Dmigoto  1.2.69 dll
2018/01/05 : Version 5.4 : new zoom by using VS intead of PS, zoom parameter tuned for Rift,  fix for shore in BoK map, optimization.
2017/10/20 : version 4.1 : icon and labels masked when zooming, depth increase should work with all cases


  1. Just looked at the 3D pics you've posted here- Damn, that looks good! Great job!

  2. Hi. Thanks a lot for your work. I dreamed about playing it in 3D (as I did with FB), but I have a steam version (bought in DVD case) and Il2BOS crashes at launch... Is there some solution to that ? (I can't download a steam-free version -if that exists- from il2sturmovik page. Thanks!

  3. Hi. I have been able to download a steam-free version form il2sturmovik site, and it works. It¡s wonderful! Thanks a lot. I use the F1 stereo preset with maximum separation, but I always used a bigger convergence which feels better for a confined space as a cockpit. The problem is the ironsight which becames not useful. I guess you hardcoded the position of ironsight to be useful for each preset. It is possible to adjust it in DX9settings.ini in order to be coherent with a different convergence setting? Could this option be added? Thanks a lot, then it would be top !

  4. Thanks again for your great work on this sim!

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