Saturday, July 18, 2015

Lichdom: Battlemage

More 3D Screenshots

Download the fix:


  • First ever CryEngine 3 Shadow fix!!!
  • Forced nVidia 3D Vision Automatic mode
  • Unlocked separation
  • "Pulsating" translucent effects
  • Disappearing / flickering objects
  • Specular highlights
  • Environmental reflections
  • Decals
  • Light shafts
  • Skybox (starfield, moon, moon glow, lightning glow)
  • Water & reflections
  • Halos on all surfaces
  • Clipping on certain shadows and wet rocks


  1. Extract zip file to game directory. If done correctly there should be a d3d11.dll in both the Bin32 and Bin64 directories.

  2. Launch the game. If 3D does not engage, press alt+enter to change full screen modes

  3. Press backslash to load the recommended convergence preset, and adjust as desired.

Damage indicators

Press x to move the UI in the top half of the screen to depth to make damage indicators comfortable to see. This will break the menus, so press x again to return the UI to screen depth.


  • If the 3D does not engage, try pressing alt+enter. If that doesn't work, change the screen mode to windowed then back to full screen.

  • If you notice the UI adjustment only partially works (i.e. text pushed back, but the background remains at screen depth), change the resolution and then change it back.

  • Some Windows 8.1 users may have to use the 32bit version of the game.

  • If your framerate is abnormally low, try changing the resolution and then changing it back.

  • If the framerate is abnormally low only when facing certain directions you may be able to regain some fps at the cost of objects disappearing when they shouldn't. Edit the d3dx.ini and change deny_cpu_read to 0 at the bottom. You can edit this while the game is running - press F10 to reload the config.

  • Driver bugs can cause numerous rendering issues after playing for a while. If you see a stuck image, moving shadows, one eye brighter than the other, the whole screen blanking out, or some other weird glitch it's a sign you should probably save and restart the game soon. Disabling the shader cache in the control panel may help.

  • If you find a broken effect please let me know where to find it. Be sure to mention what graphics settings you are using (especially water and "visual quality"). For reference, I have most settings set to either High or Very High.

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This mod is created with 3DMigoto (by Bo3b, Chiri & myself) and uses Flugan's assembler


  1. Many thanks DarkStarSword for this fix including all the stuff you have contributed to the 3D community. Stryker66.

  2. Thank you so much DarkStarSword for yet another contribution. This is a remarkable achievement, due to the engine being CryEngine 3. I'm going to continue with the shaderhacking courses and experimentation, and hopefully one day I'll be able to tackle the actual fixing (shadows in particular) on the more challenging games. Or even any titles for that matter. Again, thank you so much. I actually just bought the game, since I was "on the fence" from the beginning, this totally made me close the deal. ;)

  3. I can't possibly thank you enough for all the hard work put into these fixes.

  4. You rock man! I might have to go replay this game now that it will work in 3D. Thank you for keeping 3D gaming alive!!!!

  5. I'm playing Lichdom in 3d. Just passing by to say: AWESOME. Thanks for the fix. This is being an amazing game experience!