Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dark Souls 2 SotFS (DX11)

- Shadows
- Lighting
- Fog
- HUD pushed into depth
- Fire Distortion
- Light Shafts

  1. Copy the contents from the zip file into the "Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin\Game" directory.
  2. Make sure that "Enable advanced in-game settings" is enabled in the NVIDIA control panel under Set Up Stereoscopic 3D -> Set keyboard shortcuts.
  3. In game
    1. (Optional) Disable Motion Blur, Camera Motion Blur, and Depth of Field.
    2. Disable compatibility mode with Ctrl+Alt+F11 (check the green text to confirm that it is disabled - you should only need to do this once).
  4. Controls: (Note: 85% depth is required for the fire effects to work)
    1. F1: hotkey for multiple convergence presets (0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5)
    2. F2: HUD depth cycle (0.16667, 0.33333, 0.5, 0.66667, 0)
    3. F3: bloom toggle (on by default)
    4. F4: depth 100%, convergence 2.4
    5. F5: depth 85%, convergence 2.4
    6. F6: Weapon attack blur toggle (on by default)
    7. F8: FXAA edge detect cycle (0.2, 0.05, 0.1, 0.15)

Version History:
2.0: masterotaku updated the following:
- F1 hotkey for multiple convergence presets.
- All lighting clipping fixed.
- Lighting fixed in a completely accurate way, with realistic specular reflections. Just like in my recent RE7/RE2/DMC5 fixes. No more inaccuracies.
- Light shafts fixed, instead of disabled.
- Green fog accurately fixed, instead of the previous approximate fix.
- Removed useless shaders from the ShaderFixes folder.
1.8: masterotaku updated to 3DMigoto 1.2.50
1.7: masterotaku made the following updates:
- Importing a Nvidia profile isn't needed anymore thanks to the 3Dmigoto 1.2.49 version.
- Disabled the convergence 1 and convergence 0 hotkeys (F6 and F7).
- Did a "more or less" fix for the green fog. It doesn't look bad now.
- Fixed shadows and lighting from the "Shadows Low" setting, mostly. I had to disable certain shadows that I didn't know how to fix. Everyone should use shadows on High anyway.
1.5: masterotaku fixed lighting and shadows and added several controls for settings.
1.2: masterotaku added a fix for the fire distortion and improved lighting more as well as adding a HUD depth toggle.
1.1: Improved lighting and shadows thanks to masterotaku!
1.0: Initial Release



  1. thanks for this fix.. looks amazing!!

  2. Thank you! Amazing fix!
    Could you please provide config with HUD at screen depth? I tryed changing x constant - doesn't work for me.

    1. If you go into the ShaderFixes directory and delete 124d2f85c6b5e527-vs_replace.txt 42b004bb65f3db4d-vs_replace.txt and 7eebf82f2f51fcee-vs_replace.txt the HUD will be 2D again.

    2. Too late, I'm used to HUD in the depth now :)
      But I checked this solution - it works! Thank you!

  3. Is this a SLI only fix ?

    1. I did create this with SLI. Is it not working in non-SLI?

  4. In case you don't see my forum post:

    There I uploaded the "0b9a4f4bd9c5b45a-vs_replace.txt" shader, that makes some good improvements (but it isn't perfect).

    1. I've incorporated your fix into version 1.1.

  5. Will this get me banned? I've heard of people getting placed in the cheater pool for having the dark souls 2 fix. Apparently if you modify your game files to any degree "From" bans your character to the cheater pool. Has anyone had this happen to them?

  6. Not working for non SLI. Screen comes up light blue with hud overlay. Switching 3d off shows 2d image rendered but hud goes crazy and all over the place when moving around. Also artifacts in 2d mode.Any ideas? -drastic00 from Geforce forums.

    1. needed to load witcher II profile with inspector, apparently. Works ok now.

    2. Did you replace the Dark Souls 2 profile?

    3. @OneUp03
      Thank you for your response on 01.28.16. Had not checked in here myself since 12.24.15. ... I've really been enjoying the game since then (SOTFS version, Win 7 x64, non-SLI), but I'm checking back here now, as I have been having an issue with the HUD.

      I'm not sure whether this is a common issue with the game in 2D, so sorry if I haven't researched enough first... What is happening is when I face the character in certain directions, the HUD will vanish; face it another way and the HUD reappears. As this has not been a constant issue so far, I have dealt with it (the game is otherwise fantastic in 3D!). However, I have recently played into areas where I can't seem to get the thing to appear at all. It seems to occur/disappear most in tight corridors, which can make for difficult fighting, when the stamina and health bars cannot be monitored.

      As far as my installation of the fix, as I now recollect, I'm pretty sure I did import the modified profile with Geforce 3D Profile Manager, even though I am on a non-SLI setup (after reviewing the install instructions again today, I do remember exporting and copying/pasting the text file from here, with the nonstandard characters therein.)

      At any rate, after the fix install I did have the previously mentioned issues until I changed the Dark Souls II profile to those of Witcher III, using Nvidia Inspector 'as usual.' I assume the fix did take, as the hotkeys for HUD depth, for example, are working properly (playing around with HUD depth does not appear to affect the disappearing issue BTW).

      Any ideas? I hesitate to reinstall the fix, as everything otherwise is working quite well. The HUD vanishing is now affecting game play a bit too much though, and I still have A LOT of game content to go through after 52+ hours of recorded game time. Great game.

      Thanks! -drastic00

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hey OneUp03,

    Thanks for the fix and your response on 1.28.16. Somehow my post from yesterday is missing, so I'll try and summarize the issue. The HUD disappears and reappears for me like a slow strobe light, or disappears entirely when the character is in narrow corridors, seemingly. HUD is set to **always on** in game.

    When I originally installed the fix (I am on single GPU) I had rendering issues as described on December 24. Once I replaced the DS2 profile with Witcher 3's profile using Inspector, after modifying the profile using Geforce 3D Profile Manager as described above, the fix seems to have worked (I THINK, please see below); hotkeys such as changing HUD depth using F4 are functioning.

    Might this be install error on my end? Just to see what would happen, I tried today to again export, modify (using notepad), and import the profile using GeForce 3D Settings Profile Manager, but I get the error "There was a problem importing the settings from disk." Also, I find the DS2 profile in the exported file NOT to have been modified. So, frankly, I'm not sure what I did in December to get the game playable... Maybe changing (using Inspector) the Dark Souls II profile to Witcher 3 simply did a straight swap of profiles without Helifax's modifications, but at this point, I'm not sure what is causing the HUD problem.

    Thanks for your help, '-drastic'

    1. Hey again OneUp03-
      I am answering my own question(s) here... Even though I am admin for all programs on this PC, in order for Geforce 3D Profile Manager to properly import the modified profile, I found I had to run the program as admin (EVEN THOUGH, like I stated, I am already admin on my PC). It's always something minor and obvious, it seems. At any rate, once I did this, the profile imported OK, and all HUD weirdness appears to be gone. BTW, I had updated the Nvidia driver recently, so the changes I had previously made with Inspector (i.e. adding DS2 SOTFS to the Witcher 3 profile) were 'undone' (and were never needed for your fix to take). Thanks All for your work,

  8. Hi, thanks for the fix!
    Everything is working perfectly, except that when I enable 3d, blue and orange colors are inverted - even beginning with the namco bandai logo at the start. If 3d is enabled it's bright blue.

    Anyone else having this issue, or know what might be the cause?

    Thanks again :)

  9. Update... the fix for my inverted colors problem was to run it windowed instead of fullscreen. The sun is now orange again!

  10. Replies
    1. No. It's a different game and on top of that it uses a different engine. The fix is still in very early stages. You can follow its development in this thread:

  11. SO much better in 3D - thank you!! But also even more scary :-)

  12. Just re-visited this game after ages - 2D works fine, but activating 3D seems to freeze the game.

    GTX 970

    Windows 10 latest version 1909

    1. EDIT - this happens with both the 3D Fix installed and uninstalled...

    2. Just tested this here, and it was working. Perfect 3D, no crashes. Win10 1903, Driver 425.31.

    3. Thanks Bob - will try a reinstall (of the game) later - or wait for the next 3DFM update

    4. He's got a Beta out, probably worth trying. Check threads.

  13. Replies
    1. That's right, it fixes glitches that are seen when running in stereoscopic 3D. The 3Dmigoto tool used to do the mod works for any modding purpose however.

  14. Hello there! I'm stuck in getting it work. I'm using 3D Fix Manager and tried alot of variations to run game in 3D like: press "Play 3D" button without patching the driver, with patching the driver, without fixes, with CMU enabled and etc. None of thoose does not work. Did i miss something?

    My OS: win10 2004 (build 19041.388)
    Current nVidia driver: 451.67 (also i've tried 425.31 and this does not helped)
    DS2 SoTFS: 1.02

    1. Since this is DX11, you'll definitely want the driver patch. Otherwise it will crash.
      I just tested this and it was working fine here, Win10 1903, Driver 446.14.

      Driver 425.31 is by far the most reliable way to use 3D, especially with older games.

      But... you didn't say what happens. No 3D, crash? Game and fix are both working as expected.

    2. Yes, no crash at all. Game works as usually, but my monitor says that it switched to 3D Mode.
      Maybe i did something wrong? I had followed instructions but nothing...

    3. There is no crash at all with or without patch. And as I said i had tried 425.31 and it didnt help.

      In all ways game is running in 2D without crashes or anything.