Saturday, June 11, 2016

Totalwar Rome 2 [DX11]

Special thanks to Mikear69 for its help and support with the previous release,
Helix of course and all the team of 3dmigoto/flugan  
Bobs, Eqzitara, Darkstarsword,Chiri, Flugan...  and the community
that without them, this would not be posible.

thank you

Update Release 1.1 2016-07-01

Main news Fixes
- More lights shadows, halos
- Campaign Map, war fog, sea
- Fog !!!!! in battle and fire scenes, you can see it around fire, or Teotoburgo
- Bug in shader that didn't show good colormetry in some scenes, eg Alexia, 
- Bug in campaign map,  when you move cam the soldiers was black & white

i think it is almost 3dvision fix, you say me


Update Release 1.0 2016-06-15

- main Shadows, Trees, Buildings, soldiers
- Lights Effect's, fire, smoke,..
- Rain, Snow, 
- Campaign Map Selector Units, Clouds, Fog, Circle,...
- Sun almost fix, 

Release 0.99 2016-06-10
Two years laters, lol, have been very difficult to me after shogun dx9 fix, use 3dmigoto trial and error
No totally fix, but now i think that it is very playable in DX11. 
I would need some help for testing.

1. Replace old version. Delete files in folder ./ShaderFixes and d3dx.ini

Unpack new version rar  this version 1.1
 to XXX:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Total War Rome II or similar

2. Disable Vegetation Alpha, depth of field, ssao

2. I have been testing 

- with medium, high, ultra, extreme Shadows 
- AA, if you have problem disable it in options
- Windows 10, last drivers from nvidia 
- Anisotropic Filter 16x, 
- No mods, last update from steam
- No dlcs

Known Issues

- Shaft light Effect, in the sun ( disabled )
- Small light in ships ( disabled )
- HUD objetive Icons,  are similar in Compatible mode at screen depth
- HUD General, not fix yet
- ssao it is not completely fixed, i recomment disable it for now.


  1. Not specific to this game but would you say it's OK to upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10 in terms of 3D Vision?

    1. There's a couple of thread talking about this on the geforce forums for 3D Vision. Lots of detail.

      I recommend against doing a full conversion, because there are still some occasional glitches that take extra time to work out. As a general idea though, they are both at parity now. Not better, not worse. Dual boot is the way to give yourself the most flexibility.

  2. i was testing with windows 10 and last drivers from nvidia 368.39

  3. Keep up the good work, I love this series in 3D!

  4. thanks for testing north, i hope i can fix the sun and the hud general in next updates

  5. I must be doing something wrong because I am trying both fixes for directX11 of Total War Rome 2 and Stranded deep but none of them seem to work for me. It all looks pretty much as before the fix. What am I doing wrong? The fixes installations are pretty straight forward. I don't have a "force DX9" launch option in steam neither. Any idea?

    1. For this fix, you'll want to be using DX11.

    2. You mean by using shadermodel5 or there is something else I should do?

  6. hi manuel go to graphical option and see if you can see shadermodel 5 instead of shader model 3, if not you continue in dx9 version.

    if not then go to usually

    C:\Users\xxxxxxx\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Rome2 rome2 profile and rename it with a backup name, and relaunch the game.

    the game will create a new one profile, after go to graphical options and see if you can see shadermodel 5

    1. Thanks for the tip, unfortunately my shadermodel5 was already active and working.

  7. look at C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Rome2\scripts preference_script.txt and see this line too

    0 DX0, 1 DX11

    gfx_device_type 1; # gfx_device_type , Set device type, 0-D3D9, 1-D3D11, 2-GL3

  8. That was like the most advanced thing I've ever done in my life! It didn't work.
    I opened the file preference_script.txt and searched for the line you gave me but it wasn't there, I then added it manually like this:
    gfx_device_type 1; # gfx_device_type , Set device type, 0-D3D9, 1-D3D11, 2-GL3 #

    Saved and closed but when I start the game it automatically recompiles it and when I open the file next time the line is gone. No signs of 3D improvement.

    Ps: Should I have added the "0 DX0, 1 DX11" bit too?

    1. try to rename this folder C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Rome2 to
      C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\BACKUP_Rome2

      in try again, the game will generate a new one

  9. Oh dear... No Luck. I've deleted that folder and it did create a new one when I ran it but the 3D is still broken. I have also tried to add that line gfx_device_type 1; # gfx_device_type , Set device type, 0-D3D9, 1-D3D11, 2-GL3 and started it again but... nothing.

    Basically shadows, rivers, borders and smoke are 2D, weird thing is that when I zoom in and out the country borders slide on the terrain but in a 3D way, I mean that they slide on the mountains, for instance, and change shape according to the terrain below, they slide ON the terrain. Like a 3d brush on a mesh in any normal 3d package.

    I think I am starting to lose my hopes... how disappointing.

    1. what operating system, version game and nvidia drivers do you have?

    2. another question, you are not in conpatibility mode no?

  10. Oh my god... it's working now! You are never going to believe this, I deleted another game and now the mod works on total war, ahahah. How could anyone on the planet know how to fix such a random thing.
    Thanks guys.

    1. ))) nice manuel, i updated the fix to 1.1, dont loose the previous version, and try it if you want.

  11. I just tested the mega beta "Ancestral" qi arrives very soon in update
    in 3d vision all the shadows are broken again
    I hope that Mikear69 and Helix of course and all the team of 3dmigoto / flugan
    Bobs, Eqzitara, Darkstarsword, Chiri, Flugan ... and the community can deliver a compatible 3D vision fix for this fascinating game

  12. A big thank you to the latest update that breaks new shadows in true 3D vision! pfffffff
    I hope people can fix this to allow them to play it

    1. Unlikely to be fixed again. The Ancestral update seems like lesser value to me than 3D, so if that's true for you too, you can still run the old version by downloading the prior version from Steam.

  13. Many thanks for your reply BO3B
    Thank you for being interested in my message and a little my dessaroi to see and disappear one of my favorite games
    The problem is rivers and border lines that have broken shadows
    Thank you for your link, but it's too complicated for me and especially tedious.
    I had got used to putting fix 3d vision
    Have a good day
    good to you

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  16. Hey guys, I guess this game is never going to be fixed again, right?
    I love it so much but playing it 2D really is a bummer. I wish I could do it myself.