Thursday, July 14, 2016

Darksiders (new 2016 fix)

New 3D Vision fix for Darksiders. The previous fix ( was an HUD improvement that didn't fix many broken effects, so this new fix covers that.


- All haloing issues (portals, water, fire effects, weapons, mist walls, fog, etc).
- Skybox and similar things now at 100% depth (they were too near the camera).

Not fixed:

- Some light clipping in cathedrals (some window lights in the floor).
- The image inside portals is flat.


- Convergence presets in keys "1" and "2" (not in the numpad). You can save new separation and convergence presets with ctrl+F7.
- Key "3" (not in the numpad) cycles through HUD depth presets. By default, it's at screen depth.
- HUD improvements from the previous fix are included too, in the "HUD shaders folder". If you don't use them, HUD will always be at screen depth.

Download link:

Instructions on how to get it working and also avoid judder (this has bothered me for years and now there is a solution):

1- Unzip the contents of the fix in the "Darksiders" folder (root folder of the game).
2- Copy the "DarksidersPC.exe" file and name the copy as "MassEffect.exe" (if you force AA in Nvidia Inspector, you will have to do it in the Mass Effect profile).
3- Add "MassEffect.exe" to Steam as a non Steam game (Steam will keep tracking time and achievements for the game, although achievements were always buggy).
4- Enter Big Picture mode in Steam.
5- Boot the game through the shortcut that directs to your "MassEffect.exe" (using Big Picture is what fixes the judder).

IMPORTANT: if you alt+tab out of the game and then go back, you will get judder.

How to have HUD depth:

As with the old fix, you will probably need HUD shaders with different filenames. Here are the names of my files ("HUD shaders" folder) and what they control:

- "B2CCF413.txt": health bar.
- "DDED89F5.txt": weapon XP bar.
- "E229F6B7.txt": main HUD shader, which also contains the crosshairs.
- "118229BB.txt": text in the HUD.
- "A21C2D79.txt": minimap. You won't need to change the name of this one.
- "53A2EE26.txt": map. You won't need to change the name of this one.

Place the map and minimap files into the "shaderoverride/vertexshaders" folder. If you place the other files and the HUD hotkey doesn't work or you don't see crosshairs at depth, you will need to use the debug dll to know the name of the files you need.

- Rename the "d3d9.dll" to something else.
- Rename the "debugd3d9.dll" to "d3d9.dll".
- Boot the game (following the previously mentioned instructions).
- You will see a line of red text at the top of the screen.
- Load into the game, and enter the equipment menu.
- Now, use the debugger's hotkeys to search for the shaders we need. Use NUM5 to advance and NUM4 to decrease. Start increasing the number.
- Look for the following elements to turn off: [1] texts, [2] menu art, [3] sword XP progress bar, and [4] green part of the health bar.
- Each time you select a VS that turns off one of these elements, write a note with what that element is, and the eight-digit CRC. The CRC is the characters after the "0x" part.
- When you find all four, exit the game and go into the "shaderoverride/vertexshaders" directory and find the following text files: [1] 118229BB.txt, [2] E229F6B7.txt, [3] DDED89F5.txt, [4] B2CCF413.txt.
- Rename each of these filenames to the corresponding CRC you wrote down.
- Important: open the "DX9Settings.txt" that is located in the root folder of the game, and find the "[VSE229F6B7]" line. Change that to "[VSXXXXXXXX]", where "XXXXXXXX" must be the name of your main HUD shader (which previously was "E229F6B7").
- Now, when you relaunch the game you should find that these four interface elements render with depth if you press the "3" key, or crosshairs if you make them appear. If not, double check that you have properly located each of your personal CRCs and matched them to the fixed CRCs.
- When all is working, delete or rename the debugging "d3d9.dll", and rename the release version to "d3d9.dll".


  1. Game works much better in 3D now (and it already looked great)! Thanks for this awesome fix.

    Sidenote for AA: make sure to set AA compatibility in nVidia Inspector to 0x00001201. Took me a second to figure that out!

  2. Gods among men... I was thinking about replaying DS, and now I will! You guys are amazing! Thank you =)

  3. Will this fix work with Darksiders Warmastered Edition?

    Thank you for your work!!!

    1. No, a remastered version typically changes from DX9 to DX11, it's completely different, and the fix has to be redone from scratch. Usually that's a waste of time, because the 'remastered' versions are generally nothing more than a money-grab for the publisher for XBone and PS4. Sometimes they make nice additions, but the motivation is to sell the same game again.

      Some ShaderHackers are motivated to re-fix 'remaster' versions, but as a general rule their time would be better spent fixing an unfixed game, not redoing one that has a working fix.

  4. hm....The fix did not work for some black rendered ... things on one eye. Game seems completely broken...whats wrong here .-(

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