Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sniper Elite 3

After fixing Sniper Elite V2 and Zombie Army Trilogy it only made sense that I would eventually fix this game as well. Originally I was much more interested in this title than V2, but a colleague urged me to work on V2 first, claiming it was far superior and that this one "sucked." After finally working on and playing this game, I have to say that person and I have WAY different opinions. Quite frankly, I didn't like V2 that much and thought this was a much better game (way better stealth gameplay and open-ended mission design) and a MUCH better 3D experience (those god rays look so awesome in 3D, and don't even get me started on the more graphic X-ray killcam!). Anyone who is a fan of the series needs to play/replay this in 3D.


  • Lighting & shadows
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • God Rays
  • Skyboxes
  • Bloom effects
  • Adjustable HUD depth & 3D crosshair implemented


1. Download fix: Version 1.0
2. Extract fix contents to ..\Sniper Elite 3\bin folder

Keys / Presets
\ key: Toggles HUD on/off
] key: Cycles static HUD items depth
[ key: Toggles crosshair/HUD auto-depth on/off. Good to disable when looking at map screen

Tools used for this fix:
-3DMigoto version 1.2.51
-DarkStarSword's auto-depth 3D crosshair technique

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  1. No, should work for every weapon. I always change my bindings where I set "aim" to be on the right mouse button, and then I set scope to another button, and then I only use the scope view when I'm actually using a sniper. Try doing that and see if it helps.

  2. A great thank you from Hungary!!! :D

    1. And a big "you're welcome" from a part Hungarian from Canada! ;)

    2. What a nice surprise! :)) Köszönöm szépen! ;)
      I've just finished the main campaign, and I was sad when I realized that there are four additional dlc maps, so show must go on! :P
      Anyway I'm eagarly waiting for part 4 next month. I hope you will fix that one too. I also hope my machine will able to handle it under 3D. I won't play the game until 3D will be an option...

    3. A comma was left out: "I was sad, then I've relaized ..." I meant that way. ;)

    4. I don't have the DLC for this game, so I don't know whether they will be ok (might have bad skyboxes). Would you mind reporting back to let us know if they have any issues?

      As for Sniper Elite 4, I definitely have interest in fixing that, but due to financial reasons probably won't be able to look at it immediately. Once it comes down in price substantially, I'll most certainly pick it up and fix it then, if no one else does before me.

    5. I report: DLCs are working just perfectly! :)
      I have financial issues currently myself, so part 4 is a later buy for me too. :S

  3. And now, dear Sir, please get your hands on Sniper Elite 4... ;P

  4. Any chance in the near future?

    1. Actually, someone else beat me to it: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/994037/3d-vision/sniper-elite-4/post/5135969/#5135969

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. does mods of infinite life and infinite bullet please

  6. We need a update. Graphics in 3D now is so dark.

  7. It seems that the fix is broken (the shadows). I've tried two separate systems, monitor vs 3DTV, and several graphics options. Anyone tried this recently and can confirm?