Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series

Last Updated:  January 29, 2017

What this mod does:
- Fixes various haloing & screen depth effects (smoke, fire, ..etc)
- Removes some shadows 
- Fixes various HUD & UI elements that had too much depth. Press the 'Z' key to toggle the HUD & UI to screen depth.
- Adds two convergence presets on the 'Caps Lock' key.
- Adds a special convergence preset on the 'Tab' key.  Some transitional cutscenes have textures that are prematurely culled at the edges. Pressing this key should help alleviate this.

Known Issue:
- Some occasional flickering textures

Download this ZIP file and extract the contents into the game directory.


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  2. Thank you very much!

    I was looking for this fix, i even asked you in the forum, i don't know if you saw it or not lol.

    Glad to finally be able to enjoy it in true 3D.

    Thanks again!

  3. Now I can play it, thank you so much 4everAwake.

  4. am i missing something here it doesnt work in 3d at all, i have downloaded and added into the same directory the exe is just like all the other working fixes i have (which work) but when i start it i get no nvidia splash screen or anything and game is all 2d, have downloaded and redownloaded several times, has it stopped working?

    1. Should still be working. No 3D means that the game is not kicking in properly. Make sure that you are running in fullscreen, not windowed, and not borderless fullscreen. 3D only works in fullscreen, unless you use specific profiles.

    2. yeah I've checked and double checked all those, have been using 3d vision since 2010 am no stranger to helix fixes, but this will not run in 3d vision, and i have no idea why.

      its the steam version, and following the same process as others working???

  5. Fix is working great with the Steam version. Thanks a lot 4everAwake.

  6. UI is in 3d, but the game is just not. So it starts up as 3d, but the game itself is not, just the UI with this patch. Prior this patch nothing was 3d.

    1. Typically that sort of problem happens because of a bad profile. Would be worth experimenting with other Telltale game profiles to see if they help. Wouldn't hurt to try a clean driver install with DDU.