Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Black The Fall

3D Vision fix Black The Fall

 - Halos, shadows,  lights, beam lights, crosshair, etc

 - Copy the content of the zip file in c:\.......BlackTheFall 

-In your Steam library, right click on "Black the Fall" and select "Properties"
Click "Set Launch Options"
In the box, type "-window-mode exclusive" without the ""

- "Y button from XBOX game pad" cycles crosshair depth between three values.
- "q" cycles crosshair depth between three values.
Notes - This games is much better played with gamepad.
- "F2 key" set separation 45 and convergence 4. Very nice 3D.

Thanks to all the comunity of 3D. And of course to DDS for all his great tools.


  1. This is awesome! Great job on those red spotlights. Thanks for putting in the effort for this fix, I'm going to pick this game up.

  2. Thanks Bo3b!!! I was working in a wrong shader... a VS connected to all beams (sunposition) but there were another shader that was connected to the all beams too and "the magic code" made the magic...

  3. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!