Saturday, July 15, 2017

How To Survive 2

3D Vision fix for How To Survive 2

 - Halos, shadows, fog, blood decals, lights, HUD, etc

 Not fixed - Water ripples (disabled)

 - Copy the content of the zip file in C:\.......\How to Survive\Exe

 - "z" key cycles between two Separation and Convergence settings, (nice 3D feeling)
 - "x" key cycles HUD depth. Added the constant 0.50 very deeper hud needed for companios health bar.
 - "c" key cycles crosshair depth. (For gamepad playing)
 Notes - This games is much better played with gamepad.

This fix was made with the help of more shaderhackers (4everawake, masterotaku, DJ-RK...)

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