Monday, September 11, 2017

Turok 2008

What this mod does:

-Removes 2D Crosshair

-Removes broken Shader (white line in certain levels)


1) Download this Zip-File

2) Extract into the folder where the games exe is located

3) Use Nvidias Crosshair (STRG+F12). You can pre-configure the shape of this in your Nvidia 3D-Vision Control Panel


The main purpose of this fix is removĂ­ng the annoying 2D Crosshair.

When heading further in the game a broken shader might appear as a big white line running permanently across the screen. This has also been disabled with the fix. Delete folder -VertexShaders - in case you want to see if that broken shader appears on your machine or you experience any crashes after using the fix.

RJKole 2017

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