Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Lords of the Fallen : 3DMigoto 3D Vision DX11 Fix - Updated(25/10/2017)

3D Vision Fix by Mike_ar69, Helifax, Bo3b, Masterotaku, Kaimasta

(Sadly, I cannot edit the page of the previous fix as it wasn't me that made the post.)

1. Shadows.
2. Lights.
3. Fog.
4. Smoke.
5. Fire.
7. Special effects.
8. HUD.
9. Skybox.
10. SLI and non-SLI problems from the previous fix


This is a full 3D Vision fix for Lords of the Fallen.  It supersedes the initial fix by Helifax - if you installed that one please uninstall it completely before installing this one.

 It supersedes the previous fix from here:
 - if you installed that one please uninstall it completely before installing this one.



1. Download the fix from here: Lords Of The Fallen - 3D Vision Fix
2. Unzip it into the games .exe directory e.g. for me this is "J:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Lords Of The Fallen\bin"
3. Start game

Setup & Configuration

  1. [Constants]
  2. y = 1.0 ; Surround Shadows. If set to 1.0 is Enabled.


1. Run the "uninstall.bat" file.


  1. Thank you so mutch for all the hard work and fixes!

  2. Thanks, but sbs crashes for me. Any ideas?

  3. Thanks the previous fix worked great, but you always had to do a lot to get it work. Is that not the case anymore with this fix? Do I just download and drop on the directory and am I good to go?

    thanks Helifax.

  4. Yes,
    This should be a drop and play fix:)

  5. Thank you for the fix!

    Could you suggest something for the following please:

    If I uncomment the custom side by side line in order to be able to switch to T/B the game doesn't boot. I have to start it with the line commented then alt-tab out of the game, uncomment the line, sync it with f10, then cycling to the required mode with f11.
    And have to to this every time I start the gamae, or it just doesn't boot.

    I'm I missing something here or just have to keep rolling with this?

    Thanks again!